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Bear Mattress vs Casper Mattress

You can found many mattress being marketed today and all of them offer various reason for you to purchase their items. Among the most popular mattress available, the name Bear and Casper might resonate in your ears, since they are very famous and offers great quality memory foam mattresses. In this article we will compare them in an attempt to help you choose between the two.

In this article we will give you information about:

  • What is Bear mattress and Casper mattress
  • What is Bear mattress and Casper mattress Specification
  • Bear mattress vs Casper mattress

About Bear mattress

Bear mattress is one brand of online mattress that focus on those with an active lifestyle. The company is aware that sleep is the very important in our daily life to recover yourself from physical activity so they brings an innovative touch to the online mattress industry. The company claims that their mattress can allow the users to have a cooler sleep and offer a fast recovery rate for athletes and people with active lifestyle. Bear Company itself is a family business that has been around for more than 25 years. The company is famous for its good customer service and highest quality materials.

Bear Mattress Features

In this article we are going to talk about the popular bear memory foam mattress. The construction of Bear mattress consists of three layers that increase in firmness as you move down through the mattress. The company claims that they have made the mattress with some unique materials to enhance the recovery process by improving blood flow and keep the user cool while sleeping. The cover of Bear mattress is thin, very soft and breathable. This cover is made from a unique material called Celliant that you can found in some kind of sporting equipment and apparel.

The first layer is the 1.5 inch graphite infused memory foam with a density of 4 lbs. the memory foam indeed does a good job as pressure relief and the graphite infusion shown great ability to keep the users sleeping in a cool mattress. The second layer is made from two 1 inch response layers. This layer is Bear’s proprietary response foam with a 3 lb. density that prevent the users from being stuck and give the mattress some bounce. The base layer is the 6.5” poly foam with a 1.8 lb. density, which is very firm to support the comfort layers above, while also give the mattress some durability.

The firmness of this mattress is more into the firm side, however the range of firmness may vary depend on the weight of the users. The initial feel of Bear mattress is the gel memory foam, so the first feeling is softness, but after the layer contours the body, you can feel the firmer layer beneath.

About Casper Mattress

Casper mattress is one of leading mattress in the online mattress industry. The brand is very famous or well known among memory foam mattress users. The mattress is known to have a great quality and ability. Moreover Casper mattress can be considered affordable and will not hurt your wallet. This mattress is many people choice when it comes to affordable good memory foam mattress. After being successful in their previous mattress, now Casper released an updated version of its popular flagship mattress.

Casper Mattress Features

The newly improved Casper mattress now has four distinctive layers and is 10 inches in width. The new improvement is the Zoned Support feature. What makes this unique that it was made with two different types of foam, one is the softer foam placed under the shoulders and the other is the former placed for the lumbar or hip region. The separated designs means to give each areas optimal comfort.

The cover of Casper mattress is made of a soft polyester blend. The material is pretty thick and snaps back quickly when grasped so it will not bunch up when you move around while sleeping. The removable zipper also worth to mention, since it will ease you when cleaning it. The first layer is comfort layer that was constructed with latex-like foam material, which will give the users an immediate bounce. Even though this layer is quick to respond, it also provides the user with some good pressure relief, because the use will still able to sink into the mattress. The cooling ability is also good to allow the users stay cool when sleeping. See here for more Casper comparison.

The second layer is the contour layer that will create a classic body contouring feeling and allow the user to sink in deeper into the mattress. The third layer is the transition layer, where the Zoned Support is located. The layer is built with softer one at the ends of the bed and the firmer one placed in the center. With these strategic placement, they can target different areas to aid pressure relief and support. The last layer is the foundation layer, which is the heavy duty poly foam, purposed to give the mattress its structure.

The firmness of Casper mattress is fall into medium firmness category. People with different body types and weight may experience the firmness differently.

Bear Mattress vs Casper Mattress

Bear MattressCasper Mattress
- They used two layer of the same foam as their middle layer- They used two foams that have different firmness as their middle layer
- The texture falls into firm side and is suitable for heavier sleeper- The texture falls into softer side and suitable for standard sleeper
- The mattress is sold at cheaper price if compare to Casper- The mattress is sold at higher price compare to Bear


As we can see above, both Bear and Casper mattress are having the same width and made with similar layer formation. We can see that Bear has two 1” middle layer, while Bear has memory foam and Zoned Support as their middle layer. Seeing form the firmness, Bear mattress is firmer if compared to Casper. When choosing between both of them, it is depending on your preference. However in our opinion, Casper mattress is more comfortable to use, since it is just right in between firm and soft.

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