BeautyRest vs Saatva

The comparison between BeautyRest vs Saatva is a battle between new school and old tradition. These two brands of mattresses come with very different designs and features. One of them has chosen to stick with the traditional methods, whereas the other offers more modern innovation. So, which one is the better mattress for the money? See the comparisons between BeautyRest and Saatva mattresses below. We are going to BeautyRest and Saatva based on several factors such as the construction, features, and mattress characteristics. Continue reading below!

BeautyRest Construction

Both BeautyRestvsSaatva mattresses are very thick. Of the two, BeautyRest is the thicker one. It has a total thickness of 15.5 inches. That is definitely thicker than many mattresses that we have ever reviewed before, such as Tempurpedic vs Loom and Leaf. Of course, the thickness is caused by the spring construction. Despite the thickness, the BeautyRest mattress actually only consists of two layers.

The topmost layer is the comfort layer, and it is constructed of multiple foams and springs. Frankly speaking, BeautyRest’s top layer is one of the most complex comfort layers ever. The top comfort layer has four different layers, which include the 2.5” memory foam (which further consists of 1” AirCool Memory Foam, 1” Micro Diamond Memory Foam, and 0.5” dynamic response memory foam), and the 1.5” comfort contouring coils. The coils are individually wrapped to allow localized responses to different body contours. All of the layers work together to provide the contouring, comfort, and pressure relief to the sleeper.

The bottom layer is the foundational layer. It boasts the Simmons BeautyRest Verifoam advanced pocketed coil system. It consists of sturdy, individually wrapped coils. It also incorporates a layer of 0.5” foam to absorb and reduce motion transfer. There are at least 850 individual coils in the Queen size mattress. These high-profile coils function to provide the deep compression support to heavy sleepers.

BeautyRest Cover

Although BeautyRest vs Saatva mattresses’ covers may look and feel similar, they are actually constructed in very different ways. BeautyRest’s cover is made from a soft modal yarn fabric, a type of rayon that is made from cellulose fibers. In other words, it is a plant-based fiber. In addition, BeautyRest’s cover also contains Tencel, a material known for the superior breathability and the cooling performance.

BeautyRest does not use a full pillow topper, but it is quilted with gel foam and soft comfort foam to create a similar feel. It is greatly soft and comfortable. It appears very aesthetically pleasing with the classical appearance. Black diamonds fill the angled lines, and three gray stripes wrap the mattress around.

BeautyRest Performance

The BeautyRest luxury hybrid mattress has a medium firmness level. You can get a moderate amount of sinkage and contouring while still receiving impressive support and feel. The coil-on-coil construction helps to enhance the support, longevity, and comfort. Heavy sleepers will love this mattress due to the superior deep compression support. The bounce is great, but the motion transfer is still quite noticeable. The trial period is 100 days, while the warranty period is 10 years.

Saatva Construction

On the other hand, Saatva is also quite a thick mattress with a total thickness of 14.5 inches. It has 1300 springs in total, ensuring the support, comfort, and durability. It has five different layers.

The top layer is designed to provide comfort to the sleeper. It is equipped with a pillow top cover. The cover is made from an organic cotton material that is soft and breathable. Under the cover, you can find the euro-style pillow top for enhanced softness and comfort.

The second layer is designed for lumbar support. It is made from memory foam to provide enhanced contouring and pressure relief. The third layer is for comfort and support, featuring foam-encased contour coils. There are 884 individually wrapped coils in this layer, wrapped up to minimize motion transfer and create localized support.

The fourth layer is the foundational layer, which consists of high-profile coils. Each of the coils is shaped like an hour glass, and the design allow the coil to be ultra-rugged and durable. There are 416 coils in total, and the thickness of this layer is 7 inches. Finally, the fifth layer is the edge layer, which is designed to provide support on the edges of the comfort layer. It helps to improve the edge layer and durability.

Saatva Cover

As mentioned above, Saatva has a cover that is entirely made from organic cotton. But unlike traditional mattresses that have their pillow tops sewn on the top, Saatva has the euro-style pillow top put under the cover. As the effect, it features a smooth aesthetic look. The midsection has also been stitched more tightly to create better support around the lower back and torso area.

Saatva Performance

One of the differences between BeautyRest vs Saatva is that Saatva provides three different firmness levels. When choosing your mattress, make sure that you choose the model with the most suitable firmness level. The firmest model is really firm, and the supportive nature can benefit people who need more support especially on the backbone and joints. The medium level is the most suitable for a wide range of people. Meanwhile, the softest model is only suitable if you like a mattress with high sinkage and contouring, and generally not suitable for stomach sleepers. The bounce is great, too. This is a great mattress for amorous activities.

Compared to BeautyRest, Saatva’s trial and warranty periods are definitely better. It provides 120 days of trial period. It also provides 15 years of warranty. You can try the mattress first in the trial period. If you think that you don’t like the Saatva mattress, you can return and refund it. So, there is virtually zero risk.

- Two layers of coil-on-coil layers- Five different layers with coil-on-coil construction
- Gel foam top- Euro-style pillow top
- Medium firmness- Three firmness choices
- Shorter trial and warranty- Longer trial and warranty


In the end, we recommend you to choose Saatva. It is definitely the better value for the money. It has a similar construction as BeautyRest, and it is also very comfortable. It provides three firmness levels to suit different users. The trial and warranty periods are longer.

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