Bed In A Box vs Amerisleep

The mattress industry has evolved quite a lot in the recent years. Many companies have opted for direct online marketing to reduce their expenses and bring quality mattresses at more affordable prices. Two of the most popular mattress brands with such approach are Bed In A Box vs Amerisleep. So, between the two, which one is better?

In this article, you can find out more information about:

  • The construction and materials of Bed In A Box and Amerisleep
  • The durability of Bed In A Box and Amerisleep
  • The comfort and health benefits of Bed In A Box and Amerisleep
  • The warranty of Bed In A Box vs Amerisleep
  • Which mattress brand that is generally more recommended


Bed In A Box’s memory foam has 3.0-lb density. The thickness of the core is usually about 6 – 8 inches. Bed In A Box claims that they use a special process that is better than other technologies in the market to produce memory foam with higher density and durability. However, the 3.0-lb density is fairly low. See also: Bed In A Box vs Casper.

On the other hand, Amerisleep’s memory foam has a higher density of 4.0-lb. The core usually has a thickness between 6 – 8 inches. The density level falls in the medium-high range, which is considered by many to have the right balance between comfort and durability. The higher density means that the mattress is more durable. It is less likely to sag over time.


The cover is also a very important part of a mattress, but it often gets overlooked. The cover may increase or compromise the comfort. Ideally, a mattress’s cover should be stretchable to allow proper contouring and made from natural, breathable fibers to prevent heat retention and irritation.

Bed In A Box has produced several mattresses with different covers. The PacBed models have synthetic knit covers that are breathable and durable, whereas the PacBamboo models have bamboo covers that are gentle yet durable. The Tranquility models have fabric covers. The Serenity models have the Outlast covers made from a durable blend. Finally, the Silk Elegance models are the most luxurious with silk covers.

Amerisleep has opted for a more environment-friendly approach. The covers of Amerisleep mattresses are made from natural bamboo fibers. Some models may have microfiber on their sides, though. The bamboo fibers are great; they have excellent breathability. You will not feel as if you are sleeping in a heat trap. Also, the bamboo fibers are surprisingly soft and comfortable on the skin.

You probably want to choose a mattress with a bamboo cover, as both brands have such options. Bamboo is a more sustainable material than other knits. Manufacturing bamboo covers have less negative impact on the environment.

Heat Retention

There is one common problem that is shared by all memory foam mattresses, which is heat retention. The memory foam material tends to maintain heat. As the effect, the body heat of the sleeper will stay in the bed rather than dissipating away. Hence, the sleeper will become sweaty and feel discomfort.

Mattress manufacturers have tried to eliminate or at least reduce the problem with innovative designs and material blends. Both Bed In A Box vs Amerisleep mattresses have some negative reviews that mention about heat retention. However, there is an interesting trend here.

Bed In A Box’s higher models use gel memory foam, which has much better breathability and coolness than traditional memory foam. Bed In A Box ‘s gel memory foam mattresses are more breathable and cooler than Amerisleep. However, the lower Bed In A Box models use traditional memory foam; they sleep hotter than Amerisleep.

Responsiveness and Pressure Relief

One reason why memory foam mattresses are popular is because of their superior contouring and pressure relief. Compared to other types of mattress, a memory foam mattress generally contours the sleeper’s body shape better. This allows for enhanced pressure relief. People who experience back pain or joint pain can benefit a lot from this.

However, people may have different preferences on the responsiveness of the mattress. Some people like slow, gradual sinkage, but most others prefer quick response. The responsiveness of a mattress is related to how quickly the foam can re-contour and spring back after getting compressed. If you often move in your sleep, you want a mattress with high responsiveness, so that it can quickly adapt to your position changes.

Nevertheless, both Bed In A Box and Amerisleep mattresses have fairly quick response. They use temperature-neutral materials, so their performance will not be altered by body heat.

Bed In A Box tends to be a little bit more responsive. The foam can adapt and contour your body within 4 – 8 seconds. On the other hand, Amerisleep is slightly slower. It tends to adapt and contour your body within 6 – 8 seconds. The difference is rather marginal. Both can provide very good contouring and pressure relief.

Warranty and Return Policy

Bed In A Box vs Amerisleep have similar warranty timeframes. Both companies provide a 10-year full warranty and a 20-year limited warranty for every mattress. This is great. The warranties are long enough to ensure that you get a quality product and a good value out of your money.

However, the details of their warranties differ slightly. Bed In A Box only covers impressions over 1” in the first five years and 1.25” from the sixth year to the tenth year. On the other hand, Amerisleep is better, as it covers impressions over 0.75” throughout the timeframe. So, if the mattress experiences a significant sagging that increases your body pain, you can claim the warranty.

Bed In A Box has a 120-day return policy, but it requires you to keep your mattress for 60 days before you can return. Amerisleep has a 90-day return policy, but kindly asks you to try the mattress for 30 days first. Both brands don’t charge any restocking fee.

Bed In A Box vs Amerisleep

Bed In A BoxTempurpedic
- Good contouring and pain relief, poor edge support- Excellent contouring, pain relief, and edge support
- Relatively cooler and more breathable- Except the Breeze models, the mattresses sleep hot
- Free shipping, may take 2 – 5 days- White glove delivery service, usually takes 5 – 7 days
- Very affordable, budget-friendly, and cost-efficient- More expensive, can easily cost twice more than other brands
- 20-year warranty- 10-year warranty


Both mattresses are quite affordable. However, in the end, Amerisleep is more recommended. Amerisleep has a higher density, so it is more durable. The cover is breathable, and the contouring is good. The warranties are better because they cover impressions of at least 0.75”.

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