Box Spring vs Platform Bed

If you have ever been in the search the right bed product, you must be aware of the great confusion about choosing the right bed product. There are many companies and bed types in the market, but mostly it comes down to the conflict, “Box spring bed vs Platform beds”. One must consider different aspects such as sleeping preferences, bed height, to select the right product.


Box Spring

Now let’s consider about the advantages of box spring beds. The box spring beds are characterized by their heights which makes them appropriate for being used for sitting like a couch. The mattresses that are used on the box spring beds have a long life time as the bed supports the mattress properly by dispersing the weight equally across the surface, also this prevents the mattress from sagging. The traditional box spring beds have a warm and artistic look which is preferred by some people over the modern look of other bed products.

Box spring beds also have some disadvantages when compared with platform beds. There is very little to no room for storage under the box spring beds because the platform takes up nearly all the space that could have been used to keep different stuff under it. Box spring often lose support over the course of time thus need to be turned regularly, further more if the springs weaken, the mattress can form soft spots and can sag. Box spring beds can be very expensive because they have other expenses attached to them such as frame, rail, headboard, foot board and mattress.

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Platform Bed

Platform bed can be money saver because there is no need of purchasing a box spring, a platform bed is perfect for memory foam. Mattresses but any type of mattress can be used on it. A platform bed can provide good air circulation and reduce the chances of mold and mildew when used with slats. Their sleek design and high aesthetic value attracts the costumer because it makes the space feel less cramped. The solid and flat surface maintains the right posture resulting in a firm night’s sleep. Moreover the storage drawers provide space for extra stuff and helps to keep the room organized.

Now, let’s go through the disadvantages of both the bed products. First, we will have a look at the disadvantages of platform bed. Platform beds are be very difficult to move, thus, can prove to be a problem while maneuvering around tight corners, doors and stairs. They have a low height and therefore do not suit many people such as with knee and back problems. If their is a lot of clutter kept underneath the bed it can be easily visible. Platform beds do not provide the right support to the mattress therefore can be the cause of the short life of mattress used and sagging.

Box SpringPlatform Bed
- Box spring beds can be very expensive- Platform bed can be money saver
- Has a warm and artistic look- Their sleek design and high aesthetic value
- No room for storage under the box spring beds- There is a drawers provide space for extra stuff


In a nutshell, in the battle of box spring bed vs platform bed we conclude, platform bed can save money at various steps but can not suit many people with disabilities unlike the box spring bed. The platform bed can be relatively cheap and provides storage while box spring bed provides better sleep for the people with back and knee problems but can not provide storage and support.

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