Brooklyn Bedding vs Leesa

Confused in choosing between Brooklyn Bedding and Leesa? You have come to the right place! In the article below, we are going to see the differences and comparisons between those two mattresses. Of course, both are bedding options that are popular on the market. Each of them is glowing with positive reviews, with people praising how comfortable these beds are. Interestingly, both Brooklyn Bedding and Leesa also have similar online marketing strategies; by selling their products online, they have managed to cut down the prices. Now, you can get a premium quality mattress at a more affordable price!


Leesa is only available in a single firmness option. However, the firmness is moderate and suitable for most people. Brooklyn Bedding offers three firmness options (soft, medium, and firm). The medium option is generally the best for most people. The soft and firms versions are only suitable for very specific needs and conditions.


Despite both being all-foam beds (in a sense that neither has springs), Brooklyn Bedding and Leesa indeed are two different beds if we compare the layers. Brooklyn Bedding is a 10” thick mattress that features 2” comfy Talalay latex, 2” transitional Dunlop latex, and 6” convoluted high-density polyurethane foam. The cover is a quilted cotton fabric that is layered upon a 0.75” memory foam. The mattress is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew. The mattress is indeed very gentle to the skin, soft, and comfortable. The most distinctive feature of Brooklyn Bedding is that it is significantly more resilient and bouncier than Leesa. The bouncy bed is great for amorous activities, but may result in more motion transfer.

On the other hand, Leesa is also a 10” thick mattress, but it comes with the 2” Aveena foam top layer, 2” density memory foam, and 6” density polyfoam. The cover is a stretched cotton cover that is smooth and stylish. If we are to compare the looks, Brooklyn Bedding appears more of a classical bed whereas Leesa is a modern, contemporary bed. Compared to Brooklyn Bedding, Leesa has a more balanced feel. It is not as bouncy, and tends to be firmer. The thick memory foam layer also ensures reduced motion transfer, allowing you to sleep well without feeling your partner’s movements.

Trial Period and Warranty

Both Brooklyn Bedding and Leesa provides a 10-year warranty for each of their products. However, Brooklyn Bedding offers 120 nights of trial period, whereas Leesa has just recently extended the trial period to 100 nights. While in the trial period, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return the bed and get a full refund.

Brooklyn Bedding vs Leesa

Brooklyn BeddingLeesa
- Compressed and rolled into a 19" x 19" x 45" box your mattress is able to be shipped parcel directly to your door- 100% American Made with exclusive premium materials including Avena and memory foam for a cool supportive sleep
- 2 inches of comfy Talalay Latex certified by Oeko-Tex 2015- Universal feel adapts to body weight, shape and sleeping style
- 2 inches of Dunlop Latex acting as a perfect transition from latex to the core layer- Avena performs better than latex in both durability and bounce.Minimal motion transfer for limited partner disturbance


In general, Leesa is the better choice. It is more comfortable for sleeping, as it provides more support to the body of the sleeper. It also has minimal motion transfer. However, if you are looking for a bouncier bed, then Brooklyn Bedding is definitely the way to go.

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