Brooklyn Bedding vs Nest

From ape like mas to the modern upright standing man, the search for comfort has been endless. It doesn’t need a genius to tell that one of the most comfortable moments are experienced during sleep. This has led to man searching for better ways to make the sleeping experience more enjoyable this is often done by improving the bedding. Better bedding hence more comfort is what Brooklyn Bedding and Nest Bedding promise to offer. It’s normally difficult to choose between the amazing products of this two firms. So how do the two compare?

The similarity between the two bedding is astonishing, that is actually if one doesn’t realize that the Nest’s famous love bed is made up of 3” of talalay latex while the famous Brooklyn best mattress ever comprises of 2” of talalay latex and 2” of Dunlap. All the latex in the two mattresses are Oeko-tex certified. In Brooklyn bedding the Dunlap layer is firmer than the talalay latex hence its placed at the bottom. The layers of latex make the best mattress ever bouncy. The Dunlap latex rest on a foam core that gives more space to breath due to its hill like projections and a great touch too.

On the other hand the Nest love bed is all organic, this is good news tho the lovers of natural product. The 3” latex of the love bed gives it the bouncy, comfort, responsiveness and its cooling capabilities. Though bouncy it lacks the nagging of the springy feel. This quality makes it attractive for any other bed activity besides sleeping. After all as its name goes its a love bed.

Brooklyn Bedding vs Nest

Brooklyn BeddingNest
- Compressed and rolled into a 19" x 19" x 45" box your mattress is able to be shipped parcel directly to your door- Nest Bedding is one of the leading sources for affordable latex mattresses and CertiPUR-US Certified Foam mattresses
- 2 inches of comfy Talalay Latex certified by Oeko-Tex 2015 - 1.5 density Soft Quilted Foam covered in cool sleeping stretch fabric
- 2 inches of Dunlop Latex acting as a perfect transition from latex to the core layer- All products are hand-selected by our CEO with over 20 years of direct consumer and industry experience


Brooklyn bedding vs nest bedding would be a tight competition with the similarities of their products intriguing. Their specific characteristic provide almost similar levels of satisfaction. Whichever choice one made their would be going wrong with this two brands. After all they both good risk less period. The results of the competition would be a draw.

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