Brooklyn Bedding vs Tempurpedic

We all know sleep is important, but getting a good night’s sleep is a requirement for feeling energized and ready to conquer the day. If you’re going to need the energy to carry you through the day, then you’re going to need a mattress of the highest quality. We’re here to help you decide between the two best mattress brands money can buy, Brooklyn Bedding or Tempurpedic. After weighing the different pros and cons of customer reviews we were able to come to a conclusion most people would surely agree with. Reviews and ratings were similar for both brands but one did outshine the other if only in the smallest of ways.

Brooklyn Bedding uses latex foam for their mattresses giving them good support for people of all shapes and sizes. People are really satisfied with this brand and there are recommendations all around. The only common complaint about them is the heat of the mattress, latex foam absorbs your body heat making it a bit uncomfortable during the summer. Tempurpedic mattresses on the other hand, although more expensive to begin with don’t have the same problem and the company itself provides better customer service, so if there were a problem it could be dealt with in a timely manner. Foam mattresses supposedly have a certain smell to them that occurs during the vacuum sealing process that dissipates within a couple days, but that’s normal.

Brooklyn Bedding vs Tempurpedic

Brooklyn BeddingTempurpedic
- Compressed and rolled into a 19" x 19" x 45" box your mattress is able to be shipped parcel directly to your door- Super-deep, extra-soft-TEMPUR-ES material comfort layer cradles your body in a pillow-soft embrace
- 2 inches of comfy Talalay Latex certified by Oeko-Tex 2015- Minimizes pressure points to relieve discomfort, reducing tossing and turning for better quality sleep
- 2 inches of Dunlop Latex acting as a perfect transition from latex to the core layer- Optimal air flow and breathability responds to your body for more comfort


Both mattress brands are quite similar and they each have their fair share of happy customers, but Tempurpedic is the better product if only by a hair. A company that provides top notch customer service on top of a quality product that will satisfy buyers long after their purchase (like a good mattress should) will always be the better choice. Tempurpedic has a line of products to help you achieve a good night’s sleep at a price that is worth paying. After all, they say you get what you pay for.

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