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Casper Mattress vs Tuft And Needle

The recent trend has changed the mattress industry quite a lot. Today, many bed manufacturers seem to be very eager to sell their products solely through online methods rather than supplying and distributing to local retailers. There are several reasons to this trend. Of course, purchasing a mattress online can be much more practical and convenient than having to drive to the nearest store. For the producer’s side, online transactions allow them to reduce expenses, thus lowering the prices of the products. They can also have better control over the marketing and distribution.

Casper Mattress and Tuft And Needle are two of the most popular mattresses sold online right now. Both are foam mattresses that are sold solely online. They both offer great qualities at reasonable prices. So, how do these two mattresses? Should you choose Casper Mattress or Tuft And Needle? Read the comparisons below to find out!

Casper Mattress vs. Tuft And Needle: Construction

Casper Mattress is a hybrid foam mattress. Casper Mattress has a thickness of 9.5”, and features four different foam layers.
– The first layer, the uppermost layer, is 1.5” thick. It is made from responsive poly foam. It is soft yet cushy. It is responsible for providing the comfort, cooling, and bounce of the mattress.
– The second layer is also 1.5” thick. It is made from memory foam with 4.0 PCF density (PCF stands for pounds per cubic foot). The memory foam layer is put right under the comfort layer in order to help reduce heat retention issues. Additionally, the memory foam layer also helps to improve contouring and pressure relief.
– The third layer, also with 1.5” thickness, is made from poly foam with 2.5 PCF density. Despite the lower density, it is actually firm and solid, almost like the base foam. However, it is still somewhat softer than the base foam, as it acts as a transitional support layer.
– The fourth layer, the lowermost layer, is 5” thick. It is the base support foam. The layer functions as the foundational base for the mattress, providing support to the sleeper.

Tuft And Needle is quite simpler. It has a total thickness of 10”, which means that it is somewhat taller than Casper Mattress. However, it only has two foam layers.
– The top layer functions as the comfort layer. It is 3” thick, made from custom poly foam developed specially by the company. The exact formulation is the company’s secret, but it uses 100% polyurethane to reduce heat retention and enhance cooling. It has a density of 2.9 PCF. It has been designed to breathe well while at the same time being responsive.
– The bottom layer is 7” thick. It is made from poly foam, with a density of 1.8 PCF. It is there to provide the much needed support to the sleeper, at the same time acting as the foundational base of the mattress.

Casper Mattress vs. Tuft And Needle: Cover

The covers of Casper Mattress and Tuft And Needle are quite similar to each other. They both feature simple colors. They are somewhat stretchy, thin, and soft. The thinness of the cover helps a lot in breathability and airflow, allowing for excellent heat retention and cooling. Due to the similarity, in terms of breathability, neither is significantly better or worse. However, keep in mind that a thin cover is prone to damage. So, with either Casper Mattress or Tuft And Needle, you want to be careful when moving the mattress to avoid damage.

Nevertheless, Casper Mattress looks elegant with the two-tone design. The top surface is white, whereas the sides are gray. This looks cool; unfortunately, there have been several other products using a similar color scheme and thus Casper Mattress may appear too conventional now. Tuft And Needle’s cover is entirely white, but is somewhat transparent that it can let you see through it to see the foam layers. That is not a big issue, but still something considerable.

Casper Mattress vs. Tuft And Needle: Performance

Casper Mattress and Tuft And Needle have similar firmness. The firmness range of the two mattresses is resulted by the relatively thin comfort layers. With just a 3” comfort layer, a heavy sleeper may sink deep into the mattress and get in contact with the firm base. All in all, heavy sleepers may find both Casper Mattress and Tuft And Needle to be firm and less supportive.

Apart from the firmness, these two mattresses have different characteristics. Casper Mattress has a more pronounced hugging. When you lie on the mattress, you will feel a little more sinkage as the poly foam and memory foam conform to your body. The second layer, the memory foam layer, ensures that the longer you lie on the mattress, the more contouring and pressure relief that you can get. It also has decent bounce and response.

On the other hand, Tuft And Needle’s is more of a floating feel. It does not produce as much sinkage and hugging; however, it is also not latex, which means that it is not very bouncy or responsive either. It is somewhere in between.

Both Casper Mattress and Tuft And Needle have very low motion transfer. That is not surprising, considering that foam mattresses are known for their minimal motion transfer. On either Casper Mattress or Tuft And Needle, you will not get woken up in the middle of the night by your partner’s movements.

As a note, both Casper Mattress and Tuft And Needle provide a 10-year warranty. Both also provide 100 days of trial period.

Casper MattressTuft And Needle
- 9.5” total thickness- 10” total thickness
- Poly foam comfort layer, memory foam, transitional poly foam, base foam- Custom poly foam comfort layer, poly foam base
- White top surface, gray sides; thin cover- Completely white, somewhat transparent; thin cover
- Softer, more sinkage, more hugging- Soft but with less hugging, more of a floating feel


Casper Mattress indeed looks better, thanks to the two-tone color scheme. It is a great choice for those of you who like a mattress that hugs you. The softer feel, pronounced hug, and sinkage allow for better contouring, pressure relief, and a nice feel. However, if you don’t like a mattress that hugs, Tuft And Needle is the way to go. Tuft And Needle does not hug or contour as much, and has a floating feel.

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