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Casper vs Purple

Nowadays you can purchase a mattress from your home without having to go to their galleries or shops. In the online mattress industry the name Casper and Purple is sure popular, they are two among the best out there. If you are currently looking for a good memory foam mattress, here in this article we will give you some information about Casper and Purple.

In this article we will give you information about:

  • What is Casper and Purple mattress
  • What Casper and Purple mattress can offer to you
  • Casper vs Purple

About Casper

Casper mattress just recently released their newer version of its popular mattress. Casper is without doubt one of the most popular mattress in this industry. They produced good quality mattress and sell them in pretty affordable price. Their mattress is certainly one of the most comfortable mattress you ever feel. There has been many company tried to beat Casper as one leading online mattress industry. However even in this tight competition Casper still managed to stand apart at the top position, defeating all those competitors.

Casper mattress construction

The construction of Casper is made of four layers of memory foam and each one of those layers serves different purposes. The cover of this mattress are made from premium and lightweight fabric, the material is stretchy and breathable, so you will be comfortable and stay cool when sleeping. The first layer is a 1.5 inch thick specialty polyfoam, which the company calls it comfort foam. The material is pretty similar to latex, it has a good bounce and also breathable. The second layer is made of 1.5 inch thick density base foam. This layer purpose is to allow the mattress to conform well of your body and contour it, placing your back area in its proper place to provide you pressure relief. You can read our previous Casper review here.

The third layer of Casper mattress is made of 1.5 inch thick polyfoam that has a density about 2.5 lb., this transition layer is meant to provide you the good transition between the soft layer and the dense layer of the mattress. The fourth layer is made from 5 inches polyfoam with 1.8 lb. density. This layer is the base support, which you also can find in typical memory foam mattress.

The bounciness of Casper mattress is said to be pretty good, the mattress is not as bouncy as latex mattress but it is quite resilient. The motion transfer is also good, so it is suitable for couple who worried about being disturbed by their partner’s movement when sleeping.

This mattress is suitable for stomach sleeper, since they are slightly firmer than average mattress, the Casper mattress also provide a good relive to your front side while sleeping. Back sleepers are also provided with a good conforming to curves the body and provide pressure relief. Side sleepers with average weight are also suitable with the mattress, however side sleepers who are too thin or too heavy might felt some discomfort. For thin side sleepers this mattress will be too firm but for heavy side sleepers the mattress will be too soft.

About Purple Mattress

Purple mattress is also one of the big name in the online mattress industry. They succeed their marketing with a successful Kickstarter campaign. Taken from their site, they made their mattress from a very unique material, which is a hyper-elastic polymer to make the comfort layer of the mattress. The material is quite interesting and the design is also unique.

Purple mattress construction

Purple mattress is made up with three layers and the comfort layer was made of hyper elastic polymer that was formed into a grid structure. The cover of Purple mattress is made with blending polyester, viscose and lycra. It feel pretty soft and the material is thin enough to allow airflow into the mattress. The material is also stretchy, because of the lycra, this will made the cover able to regulate temperature by absorbing the moisture from the body.

The first layer is the comfort layer that we mentioned earlier that was made from hyper elastic polymer.This layer is 2 inches thick and response quickly to pressure. This part will give you bounce and allow you changing position while sleeping without interference. This layer is made into a grin structure to allow better weight distribution and pressure relief. The formation also creates air pockets in the comfort layer, so you will be defend from overheating. The second layer is the transition layer that has thickness for about 3.2 inches and 1.8 lb. density that will give you some compression support from the mattress. The third layer is the 4 inches base poly foam, this firm layer act as the foundation to overall the mattress and you when sleeping on it.

The Purple mattress is very bouncy and responds quickly to pressure. Heavy sleepers might feel the transition layer beneath the comfort layer, but the polymer smart grid does a good job with weight distribution, so the most prominent feeling is still the comfort layer.

Casper vs Purple

- Is more affordable than Purple- Is pricier than Casper
- Is softer than Purple- Is firmer than Casper
- Has more layers than Purple- Has lesser layers than Casper


As you might already guessed, here is some difference between Casper and Purple mattress. From the firmness, purple is bouncier or has a more resilient top layer, while Casper is softer and most people will able to sink into the mattress further than with Purple. From the price side, Casper is more affordable, their price gap is about $50. If you want a softer mattress that will let you sink into the mattress, we recommend you to try Casper mattress.

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