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Casper vs Saatva Mattresses

Casper and Saatva mattresses are incredibly popular on the market. They are both among the dominating powers in today’s online mattress industry. Of course, these two brands are among the very first companies that set up the trend. Saatva is the older brand of the two; you can say that it is one of the early founders of the online mattress industry. Saatva mattresses are known as hybrid coil-on-coil luxury mattresses. In general, Saatva mattresses are slightly more expensive than Casper mattresses. The difference, however, is not very large. On the other hand, Casper mattresses came into the competition shortly after Saatva. Casper mattresses are very different because these are foam mattresses. So, should you choose a Casper or Saatva mattress? Read the comparisons below to help you choose!

Mattress Construction

Let’s start our comparison from the most fundamental difference between these two mattresses, which is the construction. As briefly mentioned in the opening paragraph, the Casper mattress is a foam mattress whereas the Saatva mattress is a hybrid coil mattress. We will see more of the details.

Despite being a foam mattress, the Casper mattress has been greatly praised for the good bounce. Well, it is nowhere as bouncy as real coil mattresses, but that is still a good feat. The Casper mattress is 9.5” thick, featuring four layers of different types of foam.
• The top layer is the 1.5” thick responsive poly foam. This layer is designed to provide comfort, breathability, and highly responsive contouring.
• The second layer is the 1.5” thick memory foam. This layer is designed for contouring, pressure relief, and a degree of support. Even though memory foam is known for the bad heat retention, the placement as the second layer that is not in direct contact with the sleeper’s body virtually eliminates the problem.
• The third layer is the 1.5” thick transitional poly foam. This layer is quite firmer than the upper layers, but still softer than the foundation layer. It creates an excellent transition from the soft top layers to the firm supportive base.
• The bottom layer is the 5” support foam. It acts as the base and provides deep compression support.

On the other hand, the Saatva mattress takes a very different approach from the majority by constructing a mattress with two layers of steel coils. With a total thickness of 14.5”, this coil-on-coil mattress offers luxurious feel, comfort, and support. It is indeed heavier than the Casper mattress due to the coils inside.
• The top comfort layer features an euro-style pillow top with an organic cotton cover. This top layer is extremely soft and breathable. The pillow top is stuffed within the cover to provide enhanced comfort and softness without sacrificing the clean, tight aesthetic.
• The second layer, immediately under the top layer, is a thin (1.0”) layer of memory foam. The memory foam provides some additional lumbar support.
• The third layer features series of foam-encased contour coils. The foam-encased coils function to provide the best comfort and contouring support, all lined up in the 4” thick layer. They adapt to the curves of the body very well.
• The bottom layer features high-profile support coils. These are traditional hourglass-shaped steel coils that act as the foundation layer, providing exceptional support and shape. It is 7” thick.
• The edge support system is located between the top and bottom of coils as well as along the edge of the mattress. This foam encasement reinforces the edges, greatly improving the stability for sleeping and sitting.


The Casper mattress comes with a two-tone cover. The top surface is white, made from 100% polyester. It is very soft and breathable. Meanwhile, the sides are gray, made from a combination of polyester and polyurethane. The design looks good and modern. It is rather simple, but elegant. However, you may want to be careful when moving the mattress because the cover is pretty thin. You want to avoid excessive pulling and friction because they may damage the cover.

Due to claiming itself as a luxury mattress, the Saatva mattress has a lot to prove. But it indeed does not disappoint. The cover is exceptionally well made, made from 100% organic cotton. It is very cool, breathable, and soft. It has a very appealing look, thanks to the unconventional design that inserts the pillow top under the cotton cover so that the pillow top seamlessly aligns to the edge of the mattress. By the way, Saatva has a special quilting pattern that makes the middle area tighter and more supportive than the foot and the head. This way, it can give more support to your mid section and more neutral spinal alignment.


Saatva once again defies the common norms by providing three variants with different firmness levels. The “Firm” model is the firmest, which is perhaps a little bit too firm for most people. It is suitable for people who need extra support due to specific conditions. The “Luxury Firm” is just slightly firmer than the true medium level, making it the suitable choice for most people. The “Plush Soft” model is quite considerably soft, only suitable if you like to snug inside your bed. Saatva is generally bouncier than the Casper mattress.

The Casper mattress is just a tiny bit firmer than the “Luxury Firm” Saatva. Even so, it may experience a dramatic sinkage, especially if you are a heavy sleeper. Thus, the Casper mattress can give quite a dramatic hug, which is great if you like a bed that hugs you. The hug is not as pronounced as what you generally would expect from a typical memory foam mattress. Instead, the responsive top layer has allowed the mattress to adapt to different body positions almost instantly. It is quite bouncy, but not as much as Saatva.

Casper MattressSaatva Mattresses
- Foam mattress- Coil-on-coil mattress
- 9.5” thick, generally lighter- 14.5” thick, heavier
- Just one firmness option, slightly firmer than the true medium level- Three firmness options
- Pronounced hug- More bouncy
- Decent support- Great support


These two mattresses are better suited for different people. If you prefer a bed with a noticeable hug and medium firmness level, the Casper mattress is the way to go. It can also be your choice if you want a less expensive solution. On the other hand, the Saatva mattress can be your choice if you want different firmness levels, or if you simply want the bounce of a coil mattress. The Saatva mattress also offers exceptional support.

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