Full Size vs Queen

Choosing the right bed size can be tricky at times. Queen beds are very popular nowadays, so should you just pick what is popular right now? However, note that full size beds tend to be more affordable. Also, a bed will not last forever. A good quality bed may last for ten or fifteen years. It would be wise if you consider your needs and choose the most suitable bed size accordingly. Continue reading below to see the comparisons between full size vs queen beds based on several factors such as dimensions, frame, fit, usage, and price.


Of course, the most fundamental differences between full size vs queen beds are the differences in width and length. In short, a full size bed is always smaller than a queen bed.

The average width of full size beds is 54 inches (137 cm), whereas the average length is 75 inches (191 cm). Due to the size which is almost similar to two regular mattresses being lined side by side, a full size bed is often called as a double mattress. It is just fifteen inches wider than a single bed.

On the other hand, the average width of queen beds is 60 inches (152 cm), whilst the average length is 80 inches (203 cm). As you can see, a queen bed is wider and longer than a full size bed. Of course, the increase in volume also translates into an increase in the weight. More often than not, a queen bed is also heavier than a full size bed, but the materials and thickness also play major roles that affect the weight.


When choosing between full size vs queen beds, it is also important to consider the frame that you will need for the bed. Of course, the frame should be able to accommodate the bed, but it should also be strong enough to handle the weight of the bed along with the people that will sleep on it.

The frame required for a full size bed is much simpler. It only needs to be a rectangular box where the bed can fit into. There are various frames of different materials available, such as wood and metal.

The frame that you need for a queen bed is not as straightforward. In addition to the normal rectangular structure, the frame also needs to have center legs to support the weight in the middle of the platform. This is because the size of the bed is wider, and having supportive legs only at the edges won’t be sufficient. You can also find various wooden and metal frames on the market.


With a total width of 54 inches, a full size bed would be very convenient and comfortable for a single person. It has enough space to let you roll from side to side. This is already a decent choice if you are the type of person who always rolls around in their sleep.

However, a full size bed would be too tight for two people. Well, two people can fit on it – that leaves 27 inches of width for each person. This is roughly the standard width of a crib. You and your partner will not be able to roll around without touching each other. The 75-inch length is generally only suitable for children, teenagers, and smaller adults.

On the other hand, a queen bed is awesome for a single person and slightly better for two people. With a total width of 60 inches, it leaves a room of 30 inches for each person. The added room is not very dramatic but quite useful. Two people can sleep on it comfortably, without much heat or motion transfer. A couple may also use a queen bed to sleep with their baby on the middle, though such positioning will not allow them to move freely in their sleep. The added length makes this bed more suitable for tall people.


A full size bed makes a great choice if you are looking for something to be put in your child’s room. Full size beds are very commonly used in teenagers’ rooms. Some people also choose full size beds for their children so that the children will not outgrow the beds too quickly. However, full size beds can also be used by single people and smaller couples.

A queen bed can be your choice if you are a tall person, as the added length will be very beneficial. The extra width is never a bad thing. Queen beds are commonly found in guest rooms as well as the smaller master bedrooms.


Full size beds are always cheaper than queen beds. However, don’t forget that the prices are also determined by the materials and construction quality. For example, you can find a full size spring bed that is more expensive than a queen foam mattress. But, if we are comparing the sizes of the same league, full size is always cheaper than queen.

The accessories available for full size beds are extremely common, and they are also fairly inexpensive. You can easily find covers and pillows for full size beds on the market.

On the other hand, queen beds tend to be more expensive. But, as explained above, the materials and construction quality also play some roles. There are affordable foam mattresses, and there are expensive luxury hybrid mattresses, too.

Queen beds are also now very popular. They are even more popular than full size beds. Because of this reason, accessories for queen beds are now also very common on the market. But queen-size covers are usually a little bit more expensive.

Full Size BedQueen Bed
- 54” x 75” overall dimensions- 60” x 80” overall dimensions
- Simple rectangular box frame- The frame requires center legs to support the weight
- Suitable for children, teenagers, single people, and small couples- Suitable for single people as well as couples
- Common in children’s and teenagers’ rooms- Common in guest rooms and small master bedrooms
- Relatively cheaper- Relatively more expensive


So, full size vs queen bed, which one to choose? If you are looking for a bed for your child, a full size bed makes a decent choice. It is suitable for children, as it won’t get outgrown quickly. It is also suitable for teenagers and single people. On the other hand, a queen bed makes the better choice for a couple. A queen bed is suitable for the guest room and the smaller master bedroom.

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