Ghostbed Vs Molecule

Sleeping is very important for your body to regain its energy back and to maintain bodily function but not all of us can have a good night sleep everyday which one of the causes is the mattress itself. If you have the same problem, changing them with the Ghostbed Vs Molecule may help to improve comfort but, do check which of them will be your best option here before making a decision because the two may be very different to each other.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Improve Sleep Quality
  • What are Ghostbed and Molecule
  • What Ghostbed and Molecule Look Like
  • How are the Layers of Ghostbed and Molecule
  • How are the Firmness of Ghostbed and Molecule
  • Are Ghostbed and Molecule Comfortable
  • Ghostbed Vs Molecule

Sleep Quality

Getting enough sleep plays a huge role in your life and mostly health both physically and mental as it is well-known that lack of sleep causes one to not only find it difficult to concentrate but also moody throughout the day. However, increasing your sleep quality is not impossible because we can put some effort into making a difference and while it is not an instant remedy, our sleep quality will get better over time. If you are also struggling with sleep, here are some tips to follow:

  1. It is probably still a mystery why we sleep at night but probably our body evolves to do this so then we can be active during the day. This is probably why we are having this natural sleep-wake cycle or circadian rhythm and the first step to improve sleep quality is to make a regular sleep-wake schedule as well. Try to go to sleep at the same hour every night and wake up at the same time as well by maintaining how much time we spent sleeping.

On the weekend we often stay awake very late to watch movies/shows or just socializing but this can actually damage your sleeping schedule if you are paying it off by sleeping in, so it is better to make up by napping during the daytime.

  1. Nowadays we can’t leave without a smartphone in our pocket and this habit continues as we head to bed as well hence it can disturb your sleeping quality. Exposure to light affects your sleep because the brain secrete more melatonin when it’s dark which is meant to make you sleepy so it is just logical to prevent much light exposure when you go to bed and it is better to not prolong your time scrolling the feed while trying to sleep.

To make sure our body is reacting properly to light, it is good to try these methods of exposing our body to sunlight in the morning or spend some time outdoors to enjoy the sunlight for a while along with exercising or stay away from devices that use backlit like tablets before sleeping.

  1. It is a well-known fact that exercise helps a lot in terms of improving health and exercising during the day is also great to improve symptoms of insomnia and sleep apnea. Exercising also consumes your energy and this can help you to rest better as it needs to recharge just like how we sleep faster after being very active through the day yet, do not exercise near your bed time as it can do the opposite.

About Ghostbed and Molecule 

Those are few efforts we can try to improve sleep quality if you have been struggling to get enough rest during the night but, there are also various other factors that may hinder you from getting a good night rest. For those who have tried these tips but still find it difficult to get comfortable when sleeping, you may want to check the mattress as well. We spend so much time here but it seems not all bother to pay attention to their mattress.

Besides frequent vacuuming and changing sheets for hygiene, a mattress is not something that can last forever so the more time we spend sleeping on them, the faster they wear out and getting uncomfortable. If you found out that the mattress is not completely flat anymore at the surface, it is probably good to start considering a new one. We can shop at stores or order one from home nowadays but make sure to choose the one that fits you the most.

Bed-in-box is very convenient because you can get a new mattress without having to shop directly and nowadays there are an abundance of manufacturers offering to ship their products right to your home which in most cases will be more cost effective than buying from display. Two of them are Ghostbed and Molecule which are fairly new in the market but seem to bring much attention due to how good these mattresses are. However, your tastes are probably different as well so it is not a fixed answer.

The two are pretty much the same to each other and to typical memory foam mattresses out there so in general they are going to provide quite firm support but still pretty contouring for most sleepers. Ghostbed and Molecule are affordable as a bed-in-box mattress but not the cheapest out there yet, many people love their comfort and while it is never a guarantee, they probably will do amazing for your good night sleep as well.

Ghostbed and Molecule Design

Typical to most mattresses in this price range, the two are fairly simple when it comes to fashion because they are not coming with any ornamental details and as you can see from the sample picture above, they come with this prominently white and grey fashion. The Molecule however, is looking more expensive because this one comes with a textured cover. They are very thick at 11 and 12-1/4 inches tall for this Queen size which should be able to provide quite a support.

The covers they are coming with are actually comfortable and soft to touch with Ghostbed uses a blend of polyester or  viscose which may look thin but it is meant to be breathable. The cover of Molecule is thicker in comparison and similarly still made from polyester yet for those who like this type of cover or material it does feel plush to touch. Read also: Tuft and Needle Vs Purple here.

Ghostbed and Molecule Layers

Moving further, what you may want to know about these mattresses is probably their layers because this will decide how well they can support your body while still being comfortable. Starting with Ghostbed, the base is made of 7.5 inches of high density poly foam which is very sturdy to give the support. The top of it is memory foam which is infused with gel to provide the pressure-relief and deep body contouring. The top layer is made from 1.5 inches of aerated latex which is very bouncy for best mobility.

On the other hand the Molecule is also made of a very tall base of high-density poly foam to make the shape of this mattress and support sleepers. At the top of its there is a 3 inches of poly foam as well with a softer texture to prevent sleeper from directly reaching the base foam while also cradling them and the important feature is there will be zones designed for pressure relief with different firmness for different regions of the body.

At the very top just below the cover, the last layer is a 2 inches memory foam with its slow response to pressure in order to let the user sleep comfortably while contouring the body and allowing it to sink and relieving pressure in typical troublesome areas.

Ghostbed and Molecule Firmness

The next part we want to talk about is their firmness because this is very necessary to fit with your typical sleeping position and personal preference. In general most bed-in-box are medium in firmness but comparing the Ghostbed and Molecule, it is also noticeable that the latter is just a shy softer in terms of firmness. Most common mattresses are usually about the same as well and this can be very subjective to your sleeping habit or type of mattress you are used to.

Ghostbed and Molecule Comfort

Last but not least is comfort but we also want to mention that it is very personal so we may have different opinions. As a mattress with medium firmness, both Ghostbed and Molecule are amazing when it comes to back sleeper because they are able to provide both support for your body but still provide some contouring to fill the lumbar area to prevent back pain. Moving to the side, the bounce of Ghostbed feels good but not for long as the mattress will become too stiff.

But, in Molecule the side sleeper can get a different impression and if we may say the level of comfort is the same as when you lay on the back, probably because it is softer and doesn’t cause that much of pressure points. For stomach sleepers the two won’t feel the best but manageable if you only move around or change position during the sleep.

Ghostbed Vs Molecule

These mattresses are amazing for those who want to shop on a budget and they are also about the same to each other. They are medium to firm in terms of firmness but in comparison the latter will be slightly softer as well. They are comfortable for strict back sleepers but for side sleepers the Molecule mattress will be the better choice as it doesn’t produce that much of pressure, making it a good option for hybrid positions.

- Thinner- Taller
- Thin cover- Thicker cover
- Firmer- Softer
- Good for back sleeper- Good for back and side sleeper


You should go for the one that seems to fit you the most but in comparison if you prefer a softer mattress then we highly recommend the Molecule mattress especially if you also sleep on the side as this position feels more comfortable on this mattress.

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