Ghostbed Vs Purple

Be ready for another battle of beds, with Ghostbed and Purple ready to head-on. Both are not new names in the industry that are often praised for quality materials, better sleeping quality, and amazing feel. What are the similarities and differences? And most importantly, is the higher price actually worth it?

Ghostbed – $ 795

Ghostbed arrives to answer the need of those people who desire a firmed bed, especially for those side sleepers. Even though the price seems to be interesting, is there something that is cut-off or left? Fortunately, Ghostbed, as it is, didn’t eliminate anything from their product. The bed is considered to be warmer now, so for those of you who are currently living in colder areas might want to consider this one.

However, Ghostbed is the 13 inches memory foam bed mattress and completed with new cooling technology that applied within and without. The cover used as a special cooling technology that’s really comforting during a hot weather. As mentioned before, this bed is actually great for side sleepers, like all the memory foam beds do. In fact, this memory foam alone makes it way more worth than its original version.

The product however, is not newly launched. It arrived in 2019 and to be the coil version of their original memory foam bed. This means that there’s a replacement of core support foams with coils, for more bouncy feel and responsiveness. While being responsive, it’s also able to deliver a good airflow through the coils, ice cover, and cooling foams.

Composition of Ghost bed is actually not that different with all the others memory foam beds. You have the polyfoam, memory foam, and all is covered with the responsive latex foam. The base is using the 7.5 inches polyfoam, a strong and dense material. Sandwiched in the middle is the memory foam, 2 inches of gel memory foam with help with temperature controlling and transition layer. 1.5 inches of latex foam offers good airflow and gives off that bouncy feel.

With a price as generous as this, we can’t actually complain since all the others latex mattresses are a bit expensive. You can still get the benefits of a latex mattress without making a hole in your pocket, which is nice.

Polyester cover on the bed is already comfortable, but we can’t find anything more special about it. If you can, don’t remove the cover at all times, since it is not actually safe to be washed with a washing machine, even though it’s removable. But the nature of polyester material is more acceptable towards dirts and spillage, which again seems to be confusing for new users.

In order to clean the cover, all you have to do is prepare some hot water covered cloth and mix it with little bit detergent. Clean the sport thoroughly, and it should be cleaned. If the problem still persists, remove the cover, and wash it gently with your hands. Yes, go for the traditional washing method.

Some people prefer to flip their bed out to get “the other cooler spot of the bed”, just like how you flip your pillow. You can’t do it with this mattress. Most mattresses today arrive with a structured composition of base, transition layer, and top side, and that’s why you should never flip this mattress.

Purple – $ 1,149

Have you ever heard about Purple mattress? Purple offers something that’s special, Purple Grid Layer that’s one of its main selling points. Purple Mattress original offers matress with medium firmness that’s mostly suitable for back and stomach sleepers. Reason behind why people love the Purple Grid Layer is because it can provide good motion isolation that’s perfect for sleepers with their couples or pets.

Purple Mattress has its own newer product that’s even better with reinforced edges that aimed for side sleepers who are sleeping close to the edge of the mattress. With this presents, you don’t need to worry about rolling out of the bed, thanks to its rigid structure. There’s also the open channels that provide nice airflows for cooler night sleep.

About the price, Purple is clearly not suitable for people who look for a budget bed. The least version of Purple costs around a thousand dollars, about 150 dollars more expensive than its competitors.

What’s good that we can get for this expensive bed is the hyper-elastic polymer which replaces the good ol’ memory foam. This recyclable material provides a better support to parts of the body, especially for the hips and body for all sleeping positions.

Aside from that reason, the polymer is also capable for creating better airflow and better support through greater pressure point relief compared to the classical memory foam. Whit the newer version arrived, the comfort aspect got better with the support from grid edges that’s preventing you from falling of the bed.

Setting it up wouldn’t require any tiresome duties. Once you open the package and put it on, the matress will expand by itself in 30 minutes or even less. You also get the cutting tool for opening the vinyl tube without providing additional damages to the soft cover or the body of the mattress. Usually, in exclusive mattresses like this, they always put the cutting tool for the user to safely open them up.

Even though the price is indeed harder to reach for some people, they also include the 10% discounts for specific kinds of market like military members, students, and first responders. Read also: Ghostbed Vs Sleep Number.

Ghostbed Vs Purple

- Perfect for buyers who desire a more firmer feel- Mattress with medium foam feel
- Want a mattress with latex and memory foam- Amazing breathability, making it one of the coolest beds in the market
- Aimed for the classic foam fans- Quicker response time (perfect for newly weds)
- Saving more money (price difference is real here)- Higher price is traded with a more unique feeling


Getting a clear image of a winner is a bit challenging on this one, since both of them are actually aimed for different kinds of markets. Sleeping experience would be very different and almost surprising. Characters of these mattresses are also different, each buyer should have different likings upon these bads. Some prefer to have firmer mattresses, and vice versa. The price’s also a deciding factor, whether the buyer is willingly pouring out some more to get a better sleeping experience, or tend to have just a decent bed that’s not making a hole their pocket. In order to get a clear perspective, here’s the conclusion about Ghostbed and Purple mattresses.

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