Ghostbed vs Tempurpedic

Choosing the right bedding is important to improve your sleeping quality. Sleeping postures some times can cause so many troubles if not supported by the good mattress. You may well get somebody’s pains if you just choose a mattress without thinking seriously.

Now, we have the two popular brands of mattresses that will help you to get the most comfortable sleeping experience. They come from the Ghostbed and Tempurpedic mattress company. Let’s take a deep closer into them so that we can decide which one of this mattress that help you to get a better sleep.


Ghostbed is kind of mattress that made from the USA that produces severals mattress type such as, GhosbedsLuxe, Ghostbed Flex, and Ghostbed 3D matrix. They come in the best way to help you get a better quality of sleep with their best materials. The company brings the slogan that you will sleep safely on the Ghostbed. Read also: Nectar vs Tuft and Needle.

The construction of the Ghostbed comes in three layers from the high-density foam and latex. The first layer comes in about 1.5 inches of width cooling and comfort layer at the top of it. The middle layers come in about 2 inches of width that support the top layers. On the bottom part, there are 7.5 inches of width foundation layers.

The cover from the Ghostbed comes in a good material of 100% polyester. It has a stretch material that will bring you into the most comfortable sleep. The materials can make a good airflow and bring the cooling aid system. You will not have any moist mattress anymore with the Ghostbed.

The substance of the Ghostbed has a substantial level of 7 out of 10. It is substantial enough to use and provide a comfortable sleep which more than enough to get you a better sleep. Since it comes to form the latex and memory foam, the combination is perfect to make a good grade substance of mattress.

The temperature of Ghostbed offers amazing temperature control which makes you more comfortable to sleep. It is designed to aid in the cooling system so it has enough breathable mattress. At the top of the layers provides a preventive heat technology so that you will not having a sweat or tacky.

The dimension of Ghostbed has great size at about 80 x 60 x 11 inches and 85 pounds of weight. The cover of the mattress has the removable cover so that you can clean up regularly to prevent the bacteria that may come to them. Besides, it has great bouncing so that it is perfect. It will bounce immediately once you press them.

The price of Ghostbed starts about US$728 on Amazon which is perfect from these features on its.


Tempur-Pedic is the kind of mattress that has an award in 2019 as the Best of What New’s award category. It has three layers with good material that is different from other kinds of mattresses in the market.  By using this mattress you can get a night of better sleep and feel fresh in the morning.

The top of the layers of Tempur-Pedic has a part that calls as Tempur-Es Breeze. It gives you the most comfortable sleep with the prevent heat technology. You will not feel any heat on it so it is safe to use. This means the mattress can avoid any sweat that may come to your body.

The second layer of the Tempur-Pedic has a Tempur-Climate which supports the top layer to get more cooling air. The last layers have a foundation that comes from solid foam to support the mattress functions.

The covers from the Tempur-Periodic comes in a cotton material which pretty durable to use. It will give you a foam memory that you will never forget. It is so soft and will make you feel like sleep in the cloud.

The dimension of the Tempur-Pedic has several choices of size. The king-size has a dimension at about 80 x 76 x 13.2 inches and 141.2 pounds of weight. It offers an adapt to cover your movements while sleep with the maximum pressure relief on it. The price starts from US$1,999 on Amazon which is amazing to pick.

Ghostbed vs Tempurpedic

- Easier to fulfill specific needs with the bedMatch app and innovative designs- Memory foam mattresses with different firmness levels and features
- The surface is incredibly smooth and quite porous- Great for pressure relief and conforming
- Made using 100% polyester- Mostly premium and expensive models

Which One Do You Prefer?

Before deciding which one of the mattresses that you take from the Ghostbed and Tempur-Pedic, let’s see the pros and cons below.

The pros from the Ghostbed, first, if you are on a budget it is better to pick this kind of mattress. The price comes at a low rate but has so many features on its. The second, if you are a heavy customer type the Ghostbed is perfect to fit in your body. It will not sink your body so that you will not have any back pain.

The third pros about Ghostbed are if you like a substance mattress with a great bounce, then the Ghostbed is the best mattress for you. It comes in two layers of latex material that will help you the most in its substance things.

The cons of Ghostbed is that it only has one substance level of firmness. This makes you have no other choices about it.

On the other hand, the pros from the Tempur-Pedic is about the softness on its. if you love to sleep in a cloud feeling then this mattress is worth choosing. Besides, the substance of level firmness on this mattress has several levels. So this is perfect for your sleeping choices.

If you are a sinking sleeping person, you need to buy the Tempur-Pedic because of its slow-moving sinking technology. And if you are a hot sleeper, this mattress is perfect for you with the 3 degrees of temperature cooling system.

The cons of the Tempur-Pedic are about the price that pretty expensive to buy. Besides, if you want an extra breathable mattress you will also need to give an extra payment.

So, our final verdict about the Ghostbed and Tempur-Pedic is about the comfortable thing in sleep to choose. So that it has to have the most suitable size and comfort for us. If you are on a budget, the Ghostbed is pretty enough to use with all of the great features on its.

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