Kingsdown vs Stearns and Foster

Believe it, choosing the right mattress is one of the most important life decisions. This is because you are going to purchase something that you will use for almost every night for several years. If the mattress is not comfy enough, you will risk not getting proper sleep, and insufficient sleep may lead to bad mood and difficulty concentrating. Two mattress brands that are famous for their great support and comfort are Kingsdown vs Stearns and Foster. Below, we will take a look at these two mattress brands to help you choose the best mattress.

About Kingsdown Mattresses
Like most of its primary competitors, Kingsdown has been around for more than a century. The company is headquartered in Mebane, North Carolina. They have many models with different advanced features, such as high coil count, additional layers, and luxurious conforming materials. Interestingly, Kingsdown mattresses are all sold through third-party retailers, so things like trial and delivery depend on the involved retailer.

So far, Kingsdown has owned at least 10 mattress collections which vary by their primary features and materials. Each collection consists of several different models.There is the bedMATCH system available online which can create a user’s personal profile to help the user in choosing the most suitable mattress.

For example, the Crown Imperial is a collection of hybrid mattresses with gel memory foam, microcoils, and damask covers. The Passions innerspring mattresses feature gel memory foam with latex and polyfoam, whereas the Diamond Royale mattresses are innersprings that can be flipped with comfort layers on their both sides. BodyPerfect and Sleep Smart are airbed mattresses. Other collections include Downtown Abbey, Sleep to Live, Sleep Haven, Vintage, and My Side.

Pros of Kingsdown Mattresses
The first advantage of Kingsdown vs Stearns and Foster is the wide range of options available. Kingsdown has five different types of mattresses that are provided through 10 lines of products, ensuring that it can accommodate all kinds of sleepers. Furthermore, the bedMATCH system is a very useful feature for customers to pinpoint individual preferences in height, firmness, and comfort layer to get the most suitable model.

Compared to the other competitors, Kingsdown models are generally more supportive. This is not only on the center area of the mattress, but also the edge. This is due to the above-average coil count. The superior support is beneficial to prevent back pain and joint pain, and it will also allow you to sleep more comfortably.

In most cases, Kingsdown mattresses are silent. They may make some noise under some conditions, but this is not common. Thanks to the individually wrapped coils, the motion isolation is surprisingly good. So, Kingsdown’s mattresses are suitable for couples. Finally, all Kingsdown mattresses except the My Side models are protected by a great 10-year limited warranty.

Cons of Kingsdown Mattresses
When choosing between Kingsdown vs Stearns and Foster, don’t forget that Kingsdown distributes their products only through third-party retailers. As a result, Kingsdown does not provide any trial or delivery service; the trial period and delivery services depend on the retailers. So, if you want to have some trial period to test the mattress, you should look for a retailer that provides it.

Next, some Kingsdown models are quite pricey. There are a few competitors that offer lower prices. We may argue that the higher pricing is due to the higher quality, but it does not change the fact that this is not really the best option if you have a limited budget.

About Stearns and Foster
Stearns and Foster is one of the primary competitors of Kingsdown. The company produces mostly mid-tier and luxury mattresses which utilizes wrapped coils or latex for support. Stearns and Foster’s mattresses are popular because they usually come with premium-quality materials, advanced designs, and up-scale appearance. In addition, the customer service is great.

Stearns and Foster has four lines of products, which are the Estate, Lux Estate, Lux Hybrid, and Reserve. The Estate collection is generally the most affordable, featuring pocketed coils and gel memory foam. The Lux Estate has a built-in pillow top. The Lux Hybrid comes with layers of standard memory foam and gel memory foam. The highest tier is the Reserve collection, which features sophisticated comfort layers.

Pros of Stearns and Foster
Stearns and Foster has multiple selections of firmness ratings, so both small and large people should be able to find the most suitable models. In addition, Stearns and Foster’s mattresses seem to be able to conform better than most innersprings and hybrids. In addition, they are generally able to minimize heat retention.

If you are on a tight budget, Stearns and Foster is probably the better choice for you. The mattresses start from a lower price point than Kingsdown. However, don’t forget that Stearns and Foster’s mattresses are mid-tier and luxury models, so don’t expect them to be incredibly affordable. Finally, Stearns and Foster does provide trial and delivery services, and there is a 10-year limited warranty as well.

Cons of Stearns and Foster
The first weakness of Stearns and Foster is the somehow lower-than-average longevity. This is probably caused by the density levels and coil counts. Stearns and Foster’s mattresses have been criticized because they don’t last long. They tend to sag after a few years. Then again, this is a common issue among many innerspring and hybrid mattresses.

Next, Stearns and Foster’s mattresses are not as supportive as Kingsdown. Again, this is apparently caused by the density levels and coil counts. If you need enhanced support, Stearns and Foster isn’t your best choice.

KingsdownStearns and Foster
- 10 collections of five different types of mattresses- 4 collections of innerspring and hybrid mattresses
- Better support, good motion isolation, good durability- Better conformability, somehow lower support and durability
- Trial and delivery depend on the retailer- Provides trial and delivery
- Options start at a higher price point- Available from a lower price point

As you can see, Kingsdown vs Stearns and Foster have different pros and cons. Kingsdown has many collections and models for all types of sleepers, and the bedMATCH system can help you find the most suitable choice. Kingsdown’s mattresses are great if you need high support and great motion isolation. On the other hand, Stearns and Fosterhas relatively more affordable models, along with trial and delivery services. Stearns and Foster’s mattresses are very comfortable with great conformability and low heat retention, but not as supportive and durable.

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