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Loom and Leaf vs Tuft and Needle

Humans spend one third of their life sleeping and this is just how important the process is to our body. Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to have a proper sleep every night in which one of the causes is probably your mattress. For those currently looking for a new mattress, Loom and Leaf Vs Tuft and Needle are both affordable and convenient options to consider. If you are also considering these mattresses, do check what they can offer and which of them will be the better option below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Mattress Affect Sleep Quality
  • What are Loom and Leaf and Tuft and Needle
  • What Loom and Leaf and Tuft and Needle Look Like
  • How are the Layers of Loom and Leaf and Tuft and Needle
  • How are the Firmness of Loom and Leaf and Tuft and Needle
  • Are Loom and Leaf and Tuft and Needle Comfortable 
  • Loom and Leaf Vs Tuft and Needle

Mattress and Sleep Quality

We are sure many of us are actually sleeping less than we should be because there are many factors that can harm your sleep quality. This can be your unfinished task at the workplace, your small children that wake up every night, or even how the room is too hot or too cold for your preference. What some may not realize is that your mattress is actually affecting the sleep quality as well because everything is about comfort when it comes to proper goodnight rest. 

Mattress is affecting your sleeping qualities because it will conform to your body as you lay on top of it and just like your clothes, it is difficult to sleep when your surroundings or anything that is close to your skin is uncomfortable.

  1. Mattress that lack of support will result in back pain. The function of a mattress is to support your body while sleeping and they need to be firm enough to support you in order to prevent back pain. A very soft bed may feel good but they can’t provide the natural curve of your spine which will result in problems such as ligament or muscle strain in the long run. For those who are waking up with back pain, it is probably a sign that the mattress isn’t providing the support.
  2. Mattress that is too firm can result in joint pain. While it is true that your mattress needs to be firm enough to provide support, if they are too stiff it becomes uncomfortable as well or to be specific causing joint pain. This is because a hard mattress will cause excess pressure on the shoulders, knees, hips, and also back which will give you joint pain when waking up.
  3. Our body may not do anything while sleeping but, it doesn’t mean that it won’t sweat. Temperature is important to provide the best comfort and your mattress is always in contact with your body which is why they are getting warmer. Depending on the material, some mattresses can dissipate heat very well in order to help you sleep better.
  4. Mattress and Dust Mites often go hand in hand and we are sure many people ever experienced this problem before. Since we prefer the bedroom to be dark and cold, this environment is ideal for dust mites to strive. We also shed dead skin cells during sleeping and this can serve as food to those mites which is why the longer we leave this problem, the more our bed is susceptible to dust mites and other allergens.

About Loom and Leaf and Tuft and Needle

If you are here then it means a new mattress will be a good way to improve your sleeping qualities and nowadays, not only clothes or foods, we can shop for a new mattress from home. The online mattress selling system is a great method to cut prices since manufacturers don’t have to pay for the product to be displayed at stores and this is why many of us are preferring this shopping method especially if you want to save more.

What you may want to be prepared is choosing among the options because there are actually quite a lot of them out there. Several years back, there were probably only a few brands selling their mattresses through online stores but they are increasing rapidly as more people are familiar with the option. Among those that sell their mattresses online, Loom and Leaf and Tuft and Needle are two well-known brands you can rely on. They are an equally good option for your bedroom because their mattresses are always highly rated.

Usually most brands have more than one model in the catalog but Loom and Leaf only have one and, for the Tuft and Needle, we are going to talk about their original mattress as this brand have two other variants called Mint and Hybrid. These mattresses are very affordable but comparing the two, you may be surprised since the latter is about three times cheaper in comparison which is why many are interested in what it can offer in such an affordable tag.

However, at around $500 for the Queen size, we do think it is wise to not expect so much from Tuft and Needle because there must be some limitation they can pack in this mattress. On the other hand, Loom and Leaf is still affordable but slightly moving to mid-range and costs about three times the latter, it surely boasts more especially in comfort. Read also: Loom and Leaf Vs Casper.

Loom and Leaf and Tuft and Needle Design

The first time you see these mattresses they are looking like any mattresses out there with nothing special on the appearance. As you can see on the sample picture above, they are coming with this simple white finish and the cover does feel very soft to touch yet, our guess is these are different materials. The cover of Loom and Leaf and Tuft and Needle are respectively made from organic cotton while the latter is made from polyester and is quite thin probably to promote breathability.

They are also featured with different finish or texture on the surface because the Tuft and Needle is completely flat without any texture while your Loom and Leaf is coming with contour at the top section in order to create a support and a feeling of contoured surface. Overall, Loom and Leaf is more elegant in comparison and if you see closely there is the mattress name on the bottom of the bed while the Tuft and Needle do have a small label also, at the bottom.

Loom and Leaf and Tuft and Needle Layers

For a mattress, what you want to know first is probably the layers of these bedding as well and starting with Loom and Leaf, this bed is measured at 12 inches in total. The base is made of high density foam which is the thickest among all of them and the firmest as well to act as a foundation. Above it there is a transition made of poly foam which has quicker response to curbs some sinkage. There is a contour layer at the upper top to provide full body contouring and the last is a comfort layer made from gel-infused memory foam.

On the other hand, Tuft and Needle is kept simple with only two layers of different foam. The base is the thickest and firmest 7 inches of high-density poly foam to provide a very sturdy based and supportive bed. The top layer is 3 inches thick and is made from their proprietary Adaptive foam which is quick to respond and gives plenty of bounce while also cooling with cooling gel and graphite infused to the layer.

Loom and Leaf and Tuft and Needle Firmness

Next we want to talk about the firmness of these mattress and this can be very personal as we may have different perception on which is soft and which is firm but, in comparison the feeling of Loom and Leaf and Tuft and Needle are slightly different with Tuft and Needle comes a little bit firmer out of the box. They are not the firmest in the market but do fall to soft-medium firms the most. In our opinion, they are ideal for both back and side sleeper the most.

Loom and Leaf is expected to be this firm but we are actually surprised to see how Tuft and Needle is able to provide much support despite the simpler construction but, it is probably because of the extra thick base foam which feels very robust to support your body.

Loom and Leaf and Tuft and Needle Comfort

The last part we want to mention is their comfort and starting with our favorite position which is on the back, both of them feel amazing in this position and they can even fill the lumbar area once you lay down. For side sleepers only Loom and Leaf feels great or as good as sleeping on your back. For stomach sleepers none of them are as comfortable because both are too soft to properly align your hip and shoulders.

Loom and Leaf vs Tuft and Needle

These mattresses are great for your budget but they are also different and between the two Loom and Leaf is probably better in terms of comfort. This mattress is made from various different layers of foam with slightly taller form factor and better cover. It is also slightly softer than Tuft and Needle but amazing for both back and side sleeper while the latter is only great for back sleeper.

Loom and LeafTuft and Needle
- Expensive

- Very affordable

- Thicker- Thinner
- Lots of layers- Two layers
- Great for back and side sleeper- Great for back sleeper


All in all if you want the most affordable option we suggest getting Tuft and Needle, especially for those who only sleep at their back but, if you are seeking for the best comfort and willing to spend more, Loom and Leaf are both comfortable for back and side sleepers.


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