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Loom & Leaf vs Casper Mattress

Choosing sleeping mattress is very important, because it is the price of your sleeping quality. When hunting for new mattress, we often find it hard about which to choose among those mattress being offered in the market today. To ease you selecting the right mattress, here in this article we will compare two mattresses that has so many good reviews from their customers. They are Loom & Leaf mattress and Casper mattress.

In this article we will give you information about:

  • What is Loom & Leaf and Casper mattress
  • What Loom & Leaf and Casper mattress Construction
  • Loom & Leaf vs Casper mattress

About Loom & Leaf

Taken from loomandleaf, Loom & Leaf is under the popular online mattress company Saatva, the brand was introduced not so long ago in 2015 and has since being one of the source for good memory foam mattress that comes in an affordable price and offer features that commonly only found in very expensive premium mattress. Saatva itself is very famous in the online market mattress industry, the company has a good reputation and has achieved more than 15.000 five stars reviews from their customers. The company also had been listed in 100 promising companies in the United States at number 68.

The Loom & Leaf Construction

The construction of Loom & Leaf mattress are consist of four different layers and overall has a thickness at 12 inches. This thickness will give the users a great deep compression support and durability. The cover is made from a combination of super soft organic cotton and flame retardant thistle, which will create a pleasant cooling sensation to the user’s skin. It also has a thin layer of foam to provide extra pressure relief. The top layer is a 2 inches thick high quality conforming gel foam. The material has a slow respond to pressure and built with a special swirl technology. This technology will ensure that the cooling gel will be evenly distributed throughout the layer. Inside the first layer there is a layer of gel laminated to the top of the material at the lumbar region, this part will provide you with extra relief to the lower back.

The second layer is the compression layer located below the memory foam that consist of a layer of high density visco elastic memory foam. This material is similar to the first layer that has a slow respond to pressure and have a main purpose to contour the curves of the body. This layer is combined with the first layer to give the user a pressure relief. The third layer is the transition layer of thick polyfoam that helps create a sense of support for the sleeper. This layer will support the weight of the top two layers and help them connect with the harder base.

The last layer is the 5.5 inch thick and dense foam, this part helps to support all layers and give them its shape. This thick layer also has a nice durability and secure the users when sleeping on top of it.

About Casper

Casper mattress is one of the best memory foam mattress you can get in the market. The company was privately held in the U.S. and already selling mattress online since 2014. The company has upgraded their mattress recently, bolstering its pressure-relieving foam construction with a brand new layer of Zoned Support that has made into targeting parts of body in different ways. There has been many companies trying to beat Casper in the online mattress industry, but Casper hold their position tight and still being one of the best today.

The Casper Construction

The new Casper mattress is built with four layers of distinct foams, the mattress itself overall has 10 inches thickness. The improvement in this new version is the interior layer of Zoned Support, what special about this layer is because it is made of two different types of foam, which are soft foam for under shoulders and a firm foam for the lumbar or hip region. This separated design intention is to optimize comfort to each of these sensitive problem areas. The cover of Casper is made of soft polyester blend, this material is very thick and will snaps back into its former shape quickly. So it will not bunch up when the user move around on top of it. It also has a zipper to ease the users when cleaning it.

The top layer is the comfort layer and made of latex-like foam that will make the mattress bouncy. Aside from the quick respond this layer also allow the sleeper to sink into the mattress to have some nice pressure relief. Similar to latex, this layer also has a nice cooling ability, so the users will stay cool while sleeping on it. The second layer is the contour layer that has made to produce a classic contouring feeling and at the same time extending the pressure relief of the top foam.

The third layer of Casper mattress is the transition layer, which is where the Zoned support mentioned above located at. Like it have been said earlier this layer consist of two types of durable polyfoam, which the softer placed at the end of the bed and the firmer that is placed in the center. The last layer is made up heavy duty polyfoam that main purpose is to gives shape into the mattress. You can check our other articles, if you are interested in Casper mattress.

Loom & Leaf vs Casper Mattress

Loom & LeafCasper Mattress
- Has an overall thicker width at 12 inches- The mattress has a thickness at 10 inches, 2 inches slimmer than Loom & Leaf
- The texture is softer and is slower when responding movement- The texture is bouncy and quick to respond to movement
- Is sold at higher prices if compare to Casper- Is sold in more affordable prices if compare to Loom & Leaf


After comparing both of Loom & Leaf and Casper mattress above, we can notice some of their differences. The noticeable part differs them is the width of these mattresses. The Loom & Leaf is 12 inches in width, while Casper is 10 inches in width. In the texture side, Casper is more bouncy than Loom & Leaf that has softer texture. The prices also has a quite gap, Twin Loom & leaf is sold at $749 while Casper Twin is sold at $595. In our opinion if you prefer bouncier mattress and has less to spend it is better to opt for Casper.

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