Lucid Vs Casper

Back again to the mattress battle, and now between the affordable and pricey one. Previously we have the Ghostbed and Purple, which serve their purpose for different markets. This time it’s gonna be the same, on the cheaper side we have the Lucid, whereas the more expensive contender is Casper. The price clearly shows what kind of market they’re into, but what are the actual differences that they have?

Lucid – $ 375

When choosing a correct mattress for you, you might have stumbled upon the name of Lucid. In the industry, Ludic is already famous for its bed-in-a-box uniqueness. Coming at reachable price, it promises to give satisfaction to all sleepers needs. But let’s see, whether they’re actually succeded in keeping those premises or not.

To keep the price affordable as it is, Lucid uses the 10 inches memory foam with amazing pressure-relief. The simple construction does make the price lower, but Lucid doesn’t want to cut-off anything special about comfortable bed. They use Tencel as the cover, which is an eco-friendly material that’s made out of wood cellulose that has this character of breathable, which then result in cooler temperature.

Sandwiched in the middle is the comfort layer, a three inches gel memory foam that works for balancing the “heating” of memory foam by providing enough airflows and cooling to the mattress. Right below the memory foam is foundation layer, the base of mattress. This part of the bed should be strong and firm to support the overall mattress’s structure. And that’s why Lucid uses the high-density poly foam that should able to give the expected results.

About the firmness, based on several tests on various sites,  Lucid receives 7.6 firmness rating. The industry standard is around 6.5, which clearly shows that Lucid has slightly better firmness over all beds in the same level of market. The firmness that it can give could result in a more balanced feel, that’s as expected, would satisfy wide range of sleepers.

While it’s being form and comfortable, motion transfer factor is what this mattress lacks. According to several tests, Lucid still not able to give the expected motion canceling feature, it’s not satisfactory. Due to its very simple design, it’s likely that the bed lacks of fabrications that function to contain movement. This means that when sleeping with your partner, you’ll feel a movement and motion when your partner is turning around or getting out of the bed.

Thankfully, the motion cancelling feature is compromised with edge support, which pretty useful if you tend to sleep near the edge of the mattress. As expected from all-foam mattress like this one, you would feel a gentle pressure around top areas of your body, protecting your from rolling out of your bed.

About the warranty, Lucid provides 10 year warranty for all the mattresses, which is interesting. With this kind of price, the offering is too good to be missed.

Casper – $ 1,095


Another choice of a luxury mattress, Casper has been known for long as one of the top brands in the market. Since the first launch in 2014, Casper has successfully grown into a big gigantic brand with varieties of mattresses, pillows, bed frames, sleep accessories, and many others. What’s more interesting of them is surely the mattresses.

As mentioned above, Casper does have some variants of their own mattress. These are the Casper Nova Hybrid, Wave Hybrid, and the Original version. While all of them seem interesting to talk about, we’re gonna make the scope smaller for the Casper Original.

Casper Original has three layers of foam that consists of top layer foam that’s breathable, middle section for providing zoned support, and lastly the bottom zone foam for sturdier support toward lower body parts that consists of high-density poly foam. With all this present, you can expect a gentle medium-firmness mattress.

About the construction, the cover is made of knit polyester blend, it’s soft and a bit stretchy. Comfort layer is aerated foam, a material that’s designed for slow response towards pressure. Whit this around, the sleepers can expect a gentle pressure against their shoulders and hips. Thanks to the “aerated” feature, this layer can provide some soft of breathability cooling system to pushing down the heat.

Transition layer is nicely constructed with the idea of zoned support. That means that it has three different zones to support all areas of the body, and each of them has different firmness. Top side is softer than the others, while the lower zone is more firm. High-density foam used for the base, providing the durability and stability at the same time.

According to several tests, the Casper received 7.0 point on firmness scale which shows that this bed is actually firmer than others (6.5). It’s firmly supportive thanks to the zoned support that could give a gentle pressure to some sides and parts of the body, including hips and shoulders. Due to nice pressure reliefs, Casper is mostly suitable for back or combo sleepers.

Motion cancelling is actually really well in this mattress. It does have a capability to isolate motion thanks to its firm structure. You’d feel like little to no motion at all when your partner is doing a movement on the mattress.

For a more better user experience, Casper also includes the sleep trial, which can be used by the buyers to test whether they are actually comfortable with the mattress or not. Also, Casper offers 10 years warranty for all its mattresses, just like Lucid. Read also: Ghostbed Vs Purple.

Lucid Vs Casper

- Pretty affordable- Good mattress for all sleeping positions
- Decent Air Circulation- Better airflow for more coolness
- Firmness reaches the optimum level
- Size is a bit bulkier
- Doesn’t have sleep trial- Doesn’t have edge support


Deciding which one is the winner of this battle seems to be near impossible, because both mattresses have their own kind of market. Casper is more suitable for people who are looking for better sleep quality for any kind of position, while Lucid is able to provide comfort despite it being much cheaper than the other competitors.

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