Lucid Vs Linenspa

Sleep is important to maintain health and to let our body function properly but, unfortunately not all of us are able to sleep comfortably at night for various causes which one of them is the mattress itself. If you found the mattress no longer comfortable, it is time to change into a new one such as Lucid Vs Linenspa. These mattresses are not only friendly to your pocket but also body but, do check what they can offer here before deciding the option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Human Need to Sleep
  • How to Shop for a New Mattress
  • What are Lucid and Linenspa
  • What Lucid and Linenspa Look Like
  • How are the Layers of Lucid and Linenspa
  • How are the Firmness of Lucid and Linenspa
  • Are Lucid and Linenspa Comfortable
  • Lucid Vs Linenspa

Sleeping Benefit

Our knowledge and understanding about sleep is still lacking but it is widely believed that our body needs it most likely for biological reasons. Until today scientists have found several reasons as to why sleep is needed and one of them is for energy conservation. According to this theory, sleeping allows the body to reduce caloric needs by spending some of our time functioning at a lower metabolism rate as it indeed dropped during the resting hours. Back then this is the more effective way to conserve energy as humans can’t see best at night.

Another common theory is cellular restoration which says the body needs sleep to restore itself. Sleeping is helpful to allow cells to repair and regrow that is also supported by various important processes during this time including protein synthesis, tissue growth, and hormone release. In addition there is also brain plasticity theory saying it is required for brain function or more specifically allows the neurons or nerve cells to reorganize. This is because the brain’s glymphatic system clears out waste from the central nervous system when you sleep.

Research also suggests that sleep is contributing to memory function because it converts short-term memories into long-term memories by erasing or forgetting the unneeded information which may clutter your nervous system. Sleeping itself in general affects learning, memory, problem-solving skills, creativity, decision making, focus, and concentration.

Sleeping and Mattress

While sleeping is very important, unfortunately not all of us are enjoying a good night’s sleep everyday and this can be a problem if not taken care of immediately. There are various reasons that affect your sleep quality and it can be both internal from your existing health issues or from the outside such as the mattress. Uncomfortable old mattress can be what makes you restless at night and prevents you from getting a quality sleep. You may add a topper to add comfort or change the mattress altogether.

Choosing the mattress can be very different however, based on what you prefer better. Some people like a soft and conforming mattress while some may like a thicker and firmer texture so it is best to get what seems best for you. In general the back sleeper will most likely go for a medium to firm mattress as it won’t let their body to sink too deep into the mattress while a side sleeper needs a softer one to avoid any pressure points.

Sleeping on the stomach can help with sleep apnea or snoring but it is not recommended because over time it is taxing for your back and neck and it can lead to discomfort. In many cases stomach sleepers can experience neck, back, or joint pain which may cause you to wake up often at night or prevent you from getting a good night sleep.

About Lucid and Linenspa

If you are here then you probably have some issues with the current mattress as well and want to get a new one. Mattress is a good investment to let you have a proper sleep quality at night and while they are not cheap, we should shop wisely as the unit can last for many years before you need to buy a new one again. Based on your budget and sleeping preference, our choice can vary greatly but you still can save time by going with popular options.

You can shop from a store or you can shop from an online store for convenience. The good side of buying from a store is that you can directly feel and touch the mattress while the best thing about online shopping is they are fast and cheaper. There are plenty of mattress brands that sell their products online such as Lucid and Linenspa. These brands are very popular in the market and can be your alternative for an affordable mattress with a good level of comfort.

What’s surprising for some buyers is the fact that these two are actually coming from the same place because Lucid is Linenspa’s mattress brand which is why you can find much resemblance from their products however, the mattresses themselves are different. The reason why they are very popular is their price range and this is probably what makes you here as well. Usually bed-in-box brands like Ghostbed Vs Nectar start around $500 for the twin size but these two are much cheaper.

For example we are talking about the Queen size from Lucid and Linenspa which are less than $300, far cheaper than many other brands we have compared here. Many people also seem to like these mattresses because they are very comfortable and we also think the same especially if you are a prominently back-sleeper. However, personally we like Lucid better as it is conforming but if you are used to or prefer a bouncy mattress then Linenspa probably what feels great for you.

Lucid and Linenspa Design

Just like most inexpensive mattresses out there, both of these two are looking very simple with nothing to keep them distinguished from the peers. They are also not very thick at only 10 and 8 inches respectively but in this article, we are only talking about the Plush Memory Foam and Hybrid mattress so the other variants can be different. The Linenspa combine white cover and blue list on the side to mark every layer while the Lucid is pure white with some texture on the surface.

Overall they are simple and working but talking about the cover, Linenspa seems to have made this cover from a polyester blend, feels great to touch and has just a little bit of memory foam that is quilted within the surface which is good to provide an immediate pressure relief. On the other hand Lucid is crafted with Tencel that is an eco-friendly material made from wood cellulose used as a cotton substitute. The material itself is breathable and has this cooling quality.

Lucid and Linenspa Layers

The next part we want to talk about is their layers because this will give you an idea about what you paid for and some extent to the comfort level. Starting with Lucid, this mattress is made with a very thick 7 inches high density poly foam as the base to provide both shape and stability. On top of it there is a 3 inches thick layer of gel-infused memory foam which gives the bed a gentle and comfortable surface that responds quite slowly to pressure.

Similarly, Linenspa is made of three layers but as the name suggests, this is a hybrid mattress means that the base itself is not a firm poly foam but is a steel coil measured at 6.5 inches tall to be the structure of your mattress and supporting both the layer on top as well as your body. On top of this there is a 1.5 inches thick poly foam to bridge your body and cover the coil below which offers a sinkage and has a quick response to pressure.

Lucid and Linenspa Firmness

The next part we want to talk about is their firmness because we may prefer a different level of firmness and here both Lucid and Linenspa are also different. In comparison you may be surprised that Lucid is actually the firmer one among the two despite having a thicker layer but this is what a 7 inches base and 3 inches gel memory foam do. The Linenspa hybrid mattress is quite low but feels soft probably because it uses regular memory foam and shorter springs as well.

Lucid and Linenspa Comfort

The last part we want to mention is their comfort and do note that this can be subjective based on how you feel the mattress as our experience may differ. Here both of them are very comfortable for a back sleeper but the surface of Lucid needs time to finally respond to your body shape yet when it does, the mattress feels really good. Moving onto the side you will begin to notice pressure points but is more noticeable in Linenspa than in Lucid. For a stomach sleeper, you will need a firmer option than the two.

Lucid Vs Linenspa

Lucid and Linenspa are good options for those who are currently looking to buy a new mattress, especially if you also want to save a lot or only spend less. The two are very affordable with different levels of firmness as Linenspa is softer but do note that this variant today is their hybrid variant. In comparison, Lucid is slightly firmer and made from memory foam only but still feels better for side sleepers.

Lucid Linenspa
- Memory foam- Hybrid
- Thicker- Shorter
- Slightly more expensive- Cheaper
- Firmer- Softer
- Good for back and side sleeper- Good for back sleeper


Overall both are going to save you much from buying a new expensive mattress. Personally we move a lot while sleeping and having a mattress that also feels good while you lay on the side like Lucid means more comfortable as well.

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