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Lucid Vs Tuft and Needle

Lucid mattress and Tuft and Needle mattress are the most two popular mattress brand in the market. They are promising us with comfortable use and saving money. Not only good on your sleeping position, but these mattresses also can make your sleeping quality better than before.

Whether Lucid or Tuft and Needle have their specific features that you may confuse to decide which one of them. That is why now we have a simple comparison between them. Let’s check them out below!


Lucid builts in all foam material of foam mattress so that it gives you the highest elasticity. It covers the  Tencel Lyocell that helps the foam mattress to maintain a breathable way. The Tencel comes from the natural plant that can easily remove some dust on the mattress. This will make it keep clean in fresh air circulation.

Tuft and Needle come in a transitional layer so that it makes the mattress thicker than the Nectar. It has an open-cell polyfoam so that it can reduce the heat from your body. The foam also infused by the graphite and cooling gel for the standard series. For the hybrid series, it has the pocket coils layer for its steady air circulation.


The lucid mattress comes with three layers constructions with the total size is about 12 inches that quilted into the cover at about 8 inches. The second layer consists of 10% of the Tencel lyocell and 90% polyester. The comfort layer comes in 3 inches of memory foam gel-infused and 1 inch of bamboo charcoal gel-infused on the inside.

The Tuft and Needle consist of three layers with the 12 inches profile of the total size. The top layer has about 3 inches of polyfoam, the second layer has about 2 inches of transitional layer, and the bottom of the mattress has about 7 inches of high-density polyfoam.


The Lucid foam mattress comes with the all-foam type, so that makes it hard to respond to our movements. The firmness comes in a lack of condition of elasticity, specifically on the edge area. It is so hard to bounce once you press it or just sitting over there.

Tuft and Needle come in a medium firmness of motion and support to give you free in sleeping movements. It is firmness than the Lucid so that you can sleep well during the night.  The adaptive foam helps you to get a responsive movement while sleeping.


Lucid foam mattress comes with the Tencel fabric and the open-cell infuse gell that makes it has good air circulation. Even though is not as cool as the Tuft and Needle, but it is comfortable enough to help you have a cooler night during your sleep.

The Tuft and Needle consist of graphite and cooler infused gel so that it comes cooler than the Lucid. Specifically, for the hybrid series, it has the coils system than can help the mattress to get steady air circulation. In the Mint Mattress series, you also can find the mint gel infuse on its so that it come cooler than you think.

Edge Support

Lucid has a lack of edge support since it has not contained with the coil material. This condition makes the mattress feel smaller than you think. Besides, it can be hard for your movement so that you may be shrink to the middle of the mattress.

On the Tuft and Needle, the edge support can be perfect on the hybrid series. But, on the standard series such as the mint mattress series, it comes as good as the edge support on the Lucid. You need to be careful while using them since the material not as good as from the hybrid series.

Size and Weight

The Lucid comes in 12 inches for the hybrid series, with six options standard size as the other type of mattresses, such as the twin, twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King size. These sizes are capable to hold up to 750 pounds of weight of the human body.

The Tuft and Needle come in two options size for 10 inches and 12 inches for the hybrid series. It comes with six options standard size as the other type of mattresses, such as the twin, twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King size.


Comparing the price between Lucid and Tuft and Needle can be the most important thing before deciding to buy those of the mattresses. Commonly the price comes at a lower rate at the standard size start from US$469 for Lucid’s Queen size and US$595 for Tuft and Needle’s Queen size.

The price can be higher for the Hybrid series in the Tuft and Needle hybrid that starts from US$1,800 for Queen size. Even so, the Hybrid series has the most higher feature than any other mattress in the market.

Trial and Warranty

Lucid has about 90 days of the trial night with 10 years of warranty. If you are purchase this mattress from Amazon, the policy return is valid before the 30 days of your receipt. But, in most online mattress shops, it comes for 90 days like the trial night for its.

Tuft and Needle have about 100 nights of sleeping trial and 10 years warranty. This makes you can decide to choose the mattress and can return easily once you are not into the mattress anymore within 100 nights of trial.

Lucid Vs Tuft and Needle

Lucid Tuft and Needle
- Perfect for side sleeper- Great for side sleeper
- Memory foam mattress type- Foam feel with comfort bounce
- Frimness medium soft (5)- Premium polyfoam material
- 90 night of sleep trial and 10 years warranty- 100 night of sleep trial and 10 years of warranty

Our Final Verdict

Both Lucid and Tuft and Needle are great for a couple with the side sleepers type. But, as come for the durability and movement, Tuft and Needle can be more adept with our motion in a responsive way.  Besides, if you weigh over 230 pounds, you need more support to choose the Tuft and Needle than the Lucid.

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