Nectar Sleep vs Purple

A good sleep means a healthy body and a refreshed mind which is why it is important to have a good sleep every day. Apparently, there are so many people struggling to have a nice and comfortable sleep and one of the cause is their sleeping mattress. To promote a good sleep, you may want to try changing for quality mattress like Nectar Sleep vs Purple. Both of them are equally popular and good, so go check our article below to see which mattress is the better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do you need a new Sleeping Mattress?
  • What are Nectar Sleep and Purple?
  • How many variants do Nectar Sleep and Purple have?
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  • Nectar Sleep vs Purple

Sleeping Mattress

Almost all of us know the importance of having a good sleep, moreover, in this fast-paced society where we have so much things to do and not enough time to have a rest but our body still need the sufficient sleep they deserve for keeping up with all those activities. Having a good sleep means a lot, our body will feel refreshed after waking up, the tiredness gone and our mood becomes better even after a long day at work dealing with so many tasks.

Of course not all people are able to sleep comfortably and waking up feeling refreshed because of so many problems, sometime we don’t even know why our eyes just won’t shut in even when our body is already tired. Some people make their body more relax by drinking warm beverage or taking a warm shower to relieve the stress on their body and it can work for many people. But, there are cases when the cause is our uncomfortable mattress that making it hard to have a nice rest.

Among those many causes, uncomfortable mattress is probably the easiest to fix because we clearly know the source and if we want to change the feeling, we only need to find another mattress in the market.

However, just like everything else, there are so many mattresses available from different brands and models with different feeling as well and it can get confusing sometime when we try to pick one of them for our bedroom for the broad options.

People can have different problems and different preference which is why our choice of mattress is not always the same and if you consider to pick the most expensive one out there to provide the best feeling, it is not always the case. For example, those people who have neck pain may want to pick the one mattress that not too soft and not too hard either because too soft mattress will make your body sink down while hard mattress will put too much pressure on your sacrum and shoulders.

About Nectar Sleep

There are numerous mattress out there and you can always pick whichever unit or brand that suit your preference the most but if you are having a problem like the aforementioned neck pain or love a mattress that have a firmness in between then you have to check on Nectar Sleep mattress. This brand is one of the best bed in a box in the market because their mattress is able to give what the customers is looking for and without a high price to pay, making it the option of many people. (Read also : Nectar vs Sleep Number)

In present day, there are so many manufacturers who offer mattress in a box that will be sent to you directly without through the middleman which is of course making the product more affordable for they don’t have to pay for the people and display.

Nectar Sleep itself belief that to have a good sleep one’s shouldn’t pay much on it because we all deserve the rest, after all we spent 1/3 of our life sleeping and it is actually important to promote a healthier body and mind.

Since Nectar’s mattress is affordable, probably there are many of us who doubt whether it is good enough or made with high quality material or not. You don’t have to worry because their mattress is made from premium materials by working close with all of their manufacturing facilities around the world to make sure you will get a high quality mattress made from premium materials as well. They also employed professional in their game who are there to design the best mattress for better rest.

Nectar Sleep Mattress Variant

Unlike many other manufacturers, Nectar Sleep only have one mattress in their collection which can be a good or bad news for different people. The one option will ease choosing if you are looking for a mattress with Goldilocks firmness but it can be a problem when you are not sure yet about what kind of mattress you want to have because there is no other option here and for those who love luxury mattress, this one probably won’t satisfy your taste.

However, for those who just want to have a quality mattress and a good sleep but don’t want to spend much, then this mattress will be a great option to pick. Nectar’s mattress is made consisting of several layers while as for the firmness, they are medium and if we used scale from 1 to 10, the mattress will be around 5.5 to 7.5 with 1 being too soft and 10 being too firm. You can add the base or cover into the mattress and they also provide these accessories if you prefer.

Nectar Sleep Features

Nectar’s mattress is consisting of 4 layers and featured with removable cover. The first upper layer is the quilted gel memory foam which is intend to contour your body perfectly while still able to provide loft and air circulation. This material need a super-premium process to made and most brands avoid it for the high cost but you can get it in this mattress to promote the kind of comfort you wish to have in your sleeping mattress. The second layer below is the gel memory foam and it is used to distribute weight evenly.

This memory gel foam also offer cool and contouring support and actually the key of their “just right” firmness, thanks to the semi-open Lush Foam which is holding 5 patents and is the most premium gel foam available.

This special gel foam is commonly only used for medical uses because of the ability to instantly absorbs and distributes heat while recovers perfectly to its original state. The third layer is adaptive Hi Core memory foam, used to provide support for your body and that bouncy feeling.

Since this layer is dense and bouncy, this part is crucial to make your body stay at the top level and prevent sinking onto the mattress while you sleeping that may cause some aches and pain when you woke up. Just like many other mattresses, the last layer is the base and this is the thickest layer present on this mattress which is used for support and reinforce the upper layer while making the mattress more stable as well as breathable.

To finish the mattress, Nectar Sleep use the TENCEL cooling cover which is famous for the ability to help circulating air and prevent your body to gather too much heat, making your body cooler while sleeping.

Additionally, this cover is removable, so you can always wash them when needed to prevent and unpleasant smell and keep your mattress clean for healthier sleeping environment.

The high quality mattress seems not the only thing Nectar Sleep is good at because for their customer, the company even offer 365 night home trial to make sure the mattress have what you have been looking for while the warranty is forever with this brand.

About Purple

As it has been mentioned above, there are so many options out there when we are looking for a bed in a box that will give our body the nice rest it deserve and it is always good to have another option since we can compare them to see which brand will give the best benefit or give the best value for our money. Besides Nectar Sleep, other popular mattress in the market is Purple, now with their two options of mattress as opposed to only one in the past.

What makes Purple special is their no-pressure technology which is claimed to provide the best comfort for the body when used and the founders of the brand itself is indeed professional with numerous patents. Imagining the high technology also mean that we have to pay much for the product but it is the opposite because their mattress not only provide a good comfort but available in a price range that can be afforded by many people as well, making it the choice of many users.

Purple Mattress Variant

Initially, Purple only have one mattress and it is the Purple mattress like we all knew but not long ago, they also offer the new upgrade to the already good mattress and calling it the New Purple Mattress. Both of them are rather similar to each other and you may prefer the one over the other but in term of options, the new mattress is able to be personalized because you can pick whether to put the thickness of some of the layer in the mattress to make sure you can get the firmness as you prefer.

Generally, the difference between the Original Purple mattress and the New mattress is one the layers because the original only have 3 layers while the new one have 4 layers with some customizable layers and thicker cover, making it more personalized compared to the regular and due to the addition of these customizable layer, the new version will be able to provide an enhanced pressure relief and spinal alignment for your body compared to the original one. But of course, the new version will be more expensive; almost two times of the original.

Purple Features

The first layer is called Smart Comfort Grid and is the prominent different of Purple mattress to other mattresses because this is the key of their comfortable pressure relief.

In the original version, this layer is only 2-inch thick but with the new version, you can custom this layer to be 2, 3, or 4 inches. The layer will intelligently flexes to gently cradle your pressure points and give you that pleasing zero-gravity-like for better sleep because you’re hip and shoulders are put on the proper position.

As the base layer, original version use both comfort layer and support layer which each have 3.5-inch and 4-inch thickness to support comfort and motion isolation and in the new version, this part is upgraded to be much better. In the new mattress they swapped these layers with responsive support coils for better comfort and superior motion isolation.

There is a coil layer here and you can custom this 7.5-inch thickness to provide the best feeling for the overall mattress including the responsiveness and support.

One of the important upgrade from these new layers is the motion isolation because if we sleep with a partner, there are many chances they will move when sleeping and it can disturb our peace and sleep which is why this additional new layers is important to minimize the feeling even when you sleep with other people. The last upgrade is on the cover because the original only use the old cover and in the new version, they use the new StretchMax Cover.

This new cover have custom softness and circular knit to provide the maximum stretch. The new cover is also highly-breathable to prevent your body becomes too hot while sleeping while the top material itself is 98% polyester and 2% spandex but the side is quilted, woven fabric from 99% polyester and 1% spandex.


Now, let’s compare Nectar Sleep with Purple. As you may already know, the prominent difference between their mattresses is because they use different layers for their products. While Nectar have 4 layers or foam, Purple have two options now and one have 4 layers that some of them you can personalized by customizing the thickness. In price wise, the Nectar Sleep mattress is far more affordable than Purple.

Nectar Sleep vs Purple

Nectar SleepPurple
- More affordable- More expensive
- Just right firmness- Various firmness
- Only offer one option- Offer 2 mattresses


All in all, both of them are a good option for a comfortable and affordable mattress. However, we prefer Nectar Sleep mattress better because they are coming with the right level of firmness to promote a good sleep and available at more affordable price.

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