Nectar vs Lull

Foam mattress becomes the most important thing to support our quality sleeping. That is why we need to be patient enough before deciding the right mattress. Since there are so many brands of foam mattresses in the market, it can be hard though to choose. But, with the Nectar and Lull company, you can specifically reduce your confusing matter.

Nectar and Lull become popular brands of foam mattresses in the market. We will review the comparison part by part so you can decide which one is the most suitable for you. If you are wondering both of them can be the one for you, let’s see the comparison below!


Nectar comes in all foam material of mattress so that it gives you the most comfortable foam mattress. It covers the  Tencel Lyocell that helps the foam mattress to maintain a breathable way. These features make the Nectar mattress maintain a comfortable temperature that comes from our body. Read also: Ghostbed vs Tempurpedic.

Lull comes with the mix of the polyester and rayon on its cover and blends perfectly with the Tencel technology. These materials will keep the mattress fresh and hygiene from the best air circulation from the Tencel. The polyester makes the cover so soft when we touch.


Nectar mattress comes with four layers constructions with the total size is about 11 inches mattress. The top of the layers has about one inch of infused gel memory foam that quilted into the cover. The second layer consists of 3 inches of gel-infused memory foam.

The third layer from the Nectar has 1.75 inches of adaptive hi-core memory foam, and the bottom has about 5.25 inches of high-density polyfoam. All of these layers have a perfect combination with the Nectar medium firm. These features will give the mattress the best bounce and reduce the heat from our body.

On the other side, Lull has three construction of layers with a total size of about 10 inches. Each layer of Lull parted by 1.5 inches of gel-infused memory foam, 1.5 inch of latex-like polyfoam, and 7 inches of base polyfoam. These layers bring the mattress into the medium-firm of bounce and soften the impact from our body.


Nectar has a medium-firm for its durability with a great point of our movement sleeping. There are no issues with the durability, and our sleeping movement is so soft in motion. These things make our partner wouldn’t be awake while you move your body.

On the other hand, Lull has a little bit hard to support our motion, specifically if you are sleeping with your partner. Our movements are so easy to feel so that we can get uncomfortable sleeping..


Both Nectar and Lull provide the heat reducer with the gel infusions on these mattresses. This means that both of them can reduce the heat perfectly from our bodies. You will not be feeling too hot during your sleep so that you will get a night of better sleep.

Even so, if you feel closely into the mattress, you will feel that Lull has more cool than Nectar. The airflow from the Lull breathable perfectly on its memory foam so that makes it feel cooler than Nectar.

Edge Support

The edge support on the Nectar can be unstable if you are not careful of them. It seems like the polyester and rayon are not matching perfectly. It feels unstable to use and so difficult to bounce once you press it.

On the other hand, Lull has softer edge support with the latex-like polyfoam material on its. The material can support the stability from the edge support so that it will not move and bounce perfectly once you press it.

Size and Weight

Nectar comes in two options size at 11 inches and 12 inches. It also comes with six options standard size for the mattress, such as the twin, twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King size. Each item of these sizes can be weight at about 74 pounds. You can choose the size of your suitable size that fits you the most.

Meanwhile, Lull only has 10 inches with six options standard size mattress. It comes with the twin, twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King size. Even though it is smaller from Nectar, but it fits perfectly on your bed sheet with a standard pocket. The weigh also comes a little lighter than Nectar with only about 67 pounds.


Comparing the price between Nectar and Lull can be the most important thing before deciding to buy those of the mattresses. Commonly the price comes at a lower rate at the standard size start from US$499 for Nectar’s twin size and US$649 for Lull’s twin size.

If you comparing Lull with the Nectar mattress series, the price will come lower for Nectar than Lull. But, if you are comparing for the Nectar Lush series, Lull will have a lower price since the Lush series comes in a far expensive way start from US$1,099 on Amazon.

Trial and Warranty

Nectar comes in a limited lifetime warranty that makes you more comfortable to choose this mattress. Besides, it also has the 365 night of trial so you can turn it back after your trial days if you don’t like the mattress.

Meanwhile, on the Lull, it has 10 years of warranty with only 100 nights of trial. You can simply return the mattress if you decide don’t like to use it anymore before the trial night pass. For the returns, Lull offers a special pick up to your home with free delivery.

Nectar vs Lull

Nectar Lull
- Perfect for all sleep types- Perfect for side sleeper and mastch for back and stomach sleeper
- Classic Memory foam mattress type- Balanced foam mattress type
- Frimness medium (6) for Nectar Mattress, (5) firmness medium for Nectar Lush- Firmness in medium (6)
- 365 night of sleep trial and lifetime warranty- 100 night of sleep trial and 10 years warranty

Our Final Verdict

If you want a memory foam mattress so that both Nectar and Lull has it. But, if you want a softer and comfortable foam mattress to adapt to your sleep motion, so Lull has to be your choice.  If you are on a budget, so Nectar mattress series is the best choice for you than the Nectar Lush series and Lull.

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