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Nectar vs Sleep Number

We spend almost a third every day to sleep and it can be a good night or tossing around depend on your sleeping quality that affected by some factors which one of them is your mattress. Nectar vs Sleep Number are two great options if you want to move from your uncomfortable mattress to a better, more relieving sleeping cushion. If you also interested in them, go check our article below to see which one of them may be the best option for your need.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to choose a Sleeping Mattress?
  • What are Nectar and Sleep Number?
  • How many variants Nectar and Sleep Number have?
  • What Nectar and Sleep Number can offer to you?
  • Nectar vs Sleep Number

Sleeping Mattress

We are sure almost all people already know that our mattress can affect our sleep and there are a lot of people out there who live with some problems due to the sleeping position that caused by uncomfortable mattress.

Taken from Webmd, one way that mattress can affect our sleep is because it has to do with the network of blood vessels under the skin called the capillaries which caused us to roll over when lay for an extended time due to the reduced blood flow.

Just like what you may expect, finding the right mattress is not always looking for the highest priced or those with highest technologies out there even though you can and always have an option for them. This is because a much more expensive mattresses are not always offer a better comfort for you and not all affordable mattresses must be a bad items. So, instead of looking from the price, it is better to decide how you want the mattress to feel such as firmer or softer.

Although there is not many scientific evidence that one type of mattress will provide a better sleep than the other, people that have a similar health condition will most likely to prefer one type of mattress over another. For example, those with neck pain will benefit if choosing mattress that are not too hard nor too soft to ease the pain and promote a better sleep because soft mattress will sink your body while hard mattress can put much pressure on both sacrum and shoulders as well as the back.

If your mattress used to provide the comfort and support to your liking but recently they feels different or goes uncomfortable, it may because they are too old and needed to be replaced because just like everything else, mattress also have a lifespan which often not listed in the product information, so if your mattress start to cause problem, then it may be the perfect time to hunt a new mattress out there.  Read also: Bed in a Box vs Tempurpedic here.

About Nectar

A good sleep doesn’t mean to always expensive and it is good to find the right mattress for your need in a low price as possible if you also have a limited budget concern and the one you may want to check on those range is Nectar. This company made a mattress and foundation along with the other bedding such as sheet or bed protector but the most interesting about the brand is of course the mattress itself which is not only good but also affordable for many people.

Nectar is among the most popular mattress manufacturer in today’s market of bed in a box and since they are marketing their products online, you can save more money by ordering from the company.

What makes them popular is even though their mattress is affordable, they designed it to match the sleeper’s need by employing those who are experts on the field to make a premium mattress that will promote a good night sleep made from high quality materials.

Nectar Variant

Unlike many other bed in a box brands, Nectar unfortunately only offer one mattress in their catalogue, so we will have a very limited option here just in case you want to have an option to pick the kind of firmness or any additional features to enhance the comfort. Nectar mattress is a memory foam mattress and it can work with many types of base and have several sizes to offer starting from Twin to California King.

In the feeling, this one is on the Goldilocks of firmness because it is place in the middle and not being too soft or firm, if translated into numbers, it will be from 5.5 to 7.5 in scale of 10 with 1 being too soft and 10 being too firm.

For those who worried their memory foam mattress being harmful for our environment and our body, this one is already certified by CERTIPUR-US which mean it is free from ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP, mercury or lead.

Nectar Features

Nectar mattress is made with multilayers of materials that are designed to provide the best contour and comfort for your body. The top layer is TENCEL cooling which will help circulate air and prevent the heat from disturbing your sleep because it is custom-milled to breathe and maintain the temperature while you sleeping on it. The second layer is quilted gel memory foam that you can’t get easily from another brands due to the hard process and high cost.

This layer is meant to provide an extra loft and comfort since it can perfectly contour your body while increasing the air circulation.

The third layer is the gel memory foam and this is the key to the mattress “just right” firmness. This layer called the semi-open Lush Foam which is the most premium gel foam most used for medical uses. What makes this material unique is because it directly absorbs and distributes heat as well as instantly recover perfectly from its original state.

The fourth layer is called the Adaptive Hi Core memory foam and is the reason why you won’t sink when sleeping on a Nectar mattress. Besides providing a bouncy texture, this layer is one of the best to provide a pressure relieves points to make sure you are sleeping comfortably. The last layer is the base which is used to make the mattress more stable and last longer while supporting the contouring provided by the layers above. Since this base is very dense, it will help the mattress to stay longer compared to many other similar mattresses.

An additional feature that you may like is the dust mite protection thanks to the design that makes it hard for dust mites to inhabit your mattress. Those layers seems so interesting to promote a good sleep but you will love to know that Nectar offer 365 nights home trial to make sure you are purchasing the ideal mattress for your need while providing a forever warranty.

About Sleep Number

It is always good to have another option when looking for something because we need a comparison to make sure the mattress we are choosing is the best for our need and budget or provide us with the kind of features we want. As for sleeping mattress, the other option you may want to check on especially if you don’t have a budget concern or just want to have one of the most technologically advanced mattress in your bedroom is Sleep Number.

This brand is different from many other mattress in a box because unlike those that offer regular memory foam mattresses, Sleep Number offer more than just a mattress due to the technology they used to contour their mattress.

To put it simply, their mattresses are able to provide a various sleeping positions since it can move the bed to follow the position you prefer with a remote, making it feels and looks extra modern compared to the regular beds.

Sleep Number Variants

Sleep Number have many mattress, 8 in total and each one of them may have additional mattress in the line which different from one another due to some of the features or capabilities.

  • Sleep Number 360 C2, this line have several mattress consisting of the Smart Bed, Smart Bed with Flexfit 1, Flexfit 2, and Flexfit 3. What separate them is because the additional features like the aforementioned positioning options is different.
  • Sleep Number 360 C4, this model is very similar to the C2 and what separate them is mainly on the width because this one is thicker with higher pressure relieve as well as support. As option, it still has several options like the previous model.
  • Sleep Number 360 P5, this model is what you will need to check if you prefer the mattress that provide more pressure relief than support with thicker support and even higher pressure relief. Several options available with additional features.
  • Sleep Number 360 P6, this model is the another option of P5 and what makes it different is now it is added with cooling feature along with the several options to pick on the positioning variants.
  • Sleep Number i7, this model is among the most expensive and besides featured with cooling, along with the i8, i10, and iLE, these mattresses have the ultimate combination of cooling and pressure relieve compared to the other products in the brand’s catalogue.

Sleep Number Features

Just like many other brands, Sleep Number also offer their mattresses in a variants of size to meet you need and overall, their mattresses are very similar to each other in features because in the catalogue, what you will get is the advanced version of the lower line which is why the C series is far more affordable than those in the i lines. They also offer a different level of support and relief to help you decide which will give you the best experience.

However, when we are talking about Sleep Number, the one we should highlight is the positioning features which making their mattresses different from what most brands have to offer offer. All of their mattress lines have the regular version and the one with Flexfit feature which is the positioning we mentioned earlier. Flexfit have 3 options and each one of them are similar yet different as well due to the additional capabilities.

For Flexfit 1, the mattresses features with this capability will be able to lift the head area into several positions to help provide more comfort like when watching television, reading a book, browsing with your phone or laptop and even help preventing snoring if you or your partner have the issue.

The Flexfit 2 is very similar to the Flexfit 1 and what makes it different is because not only you can lift the head area, now you can lift the foot area as well.

The last is Flexfit 3, this model is very similar with the two models above but it is slightly better because it can provide more comfort for those who often have a cold feet while sleeping because the foot area in this bed is featured with a warmer. All of these mattresses are also featured with light under the bed to help you find the way when waking up at night to get water or going to the bathroom.

Since Sleep Number is not a cheap mattress, we must feel concern when spending that much of money on something that we are not sure yet to provide what we are looking for and to help those who are not sure yet, they offer a 100 days trial to sleep on the mattress you want to try. They will also give 25 years of warranty for your purchase, so you don’t have to worry about changing the mattress soon enough.


Now, let’s compare Nectar with Sleep Number. As you may already know, the prominent difference between them is because Nectar is a regular mattress while Sleep Number also offer a regular mattress, the brand is more well-known for the modern adjustable mattress that you can set to follow your need. Another difference is option because Sleep Number have a numerous mattress to offer while Nectar only have one which can be a good or bad news for some.

Nectar vs Sleep Number

NectarSleep Number
- Offer one mattress- Offer numerous mattresses
- Middle firmness- Various firmness
- Can’t be adjusted- Adjustable
- More affordable- More expensive


All in all, both of these brands have a good reputation and are worth your investment. However, we prefer Nectar mattress better because they offer a middle comfort without any further complicated features and works very well as a sleeping mattress while being affordable for many, so we don’t have to spend much to have a good night sleep.

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