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Nectar vs Tuft and Needle

Sleep has become an important requirement for everyone, because by sleeping you can improve the physical and mental health of your body. In addition, with a good sleep, you will be able to relieve fatigue in the body to appear refreshed the next day. However, there are some people who need up to nine hours of sleep a day, rather than eight or seven.

Good quality sleep can be obtained from healthy food, regular exercise, and regular sleep time. In addition, another thing that can support a person’s sleep quality is by sleeping on a comfortable mattress that can make your sleep undisturbed. There are many types of mattresses on the market today, such as foam mattresses and spring beds.

However, memory foam beds have become a new trend everyone’s been looking for. Memory foam material comes from viscoelastic foam which is so dense, at the beginning of its discovery, this material was developed as an astronaut’s seat because it has the ability to reduce the very strong gravitational force when the plane takes off. However, recently memory foam material has begun to be used as mattress-making materials.

Its solid structure is able to support the body well. In addition, this memory foam material has the advantage of following the user’s body shape. Its elasticity makes it able to return to its original position when not in use.

For those with spinal problems, memory foam is the best choice. Another advantage of memory foam is that it has a high degree of competence that can last for several years of use Sometimes the movement of a bedmate will disturb you, but this will not be felt in the memory foam material. The movement of a bedmate will not affect you, which is great for couples when sleeping.

Among other expensive foam beds available on the market, we can find two names worth mentioning, Nectar and Tuft and Needle or TnN. The two are some of the most popular foam beds, the everyone’s favorites. They have similarities in differences, especially in their characters.

Even though carrying the same multi-layered foam character, the two feel so different. Nectar would give a nice sleeping experience with its highly-praised memory foam, while Tuft and Needle stays with Adaptive Foam, which as the name implies, pretty adaptive against heat and always an alternative to memory foam.

Both of them are valuable and lovable. But even though they’re shining brightly, most customers would pick only one. The one and only “winner” that is suitable in their eyes and wallets. Price and performance could be a deciding factor here. So is there actually a clear winner between these two? Let’s find out.


Many people ask, why should they get a Nectar bed? Well, considering the price that they’ll pay, what they can get may outstand their expectations, if they’re the correct person to get it. Nectar would work pretty well for a certain type of person, since the character of memory foam is mostly suitable for average weight and side sleepers. Read also: Sealy Optimum vs Serta iComfort.

Side sleepers would gladly enjoy the experience of more relieved hips and shoulders. Memory foam will “remember” their body contours thoroughly. The bed gives the classic memory foam feels which is slow, and makes the sleeper’s body sink into the bed. Like falling deeper into your dream.

Another market of Nectar is people who want to get a bed that can cut down the motion. Memory foam beds are also popular due to this aspect. Couples who want to sleep undisturbed by the motion caused by the partner can have this benefit. Motion-reduced features will help to create a calmer sleeping situation.

As said above, both beds have some similarities, one being a non-coiled bed. Coils can be really noisy sometimes, and with their disappearance, you won’t hear any disturbing noise anymore. Nectar also carries multi-layered construction, with using base foams and memory foam as a topping. Firmness range is medium, which shouts a “so-so” quality, and Nectar is also usable for people that are considered as combination sleepers. But since it’s a memory foam bed, it may not be easy for changing sleep positions at night.

Sleeping on Nectar would be best if you have an average weight (130 – 120lbs). It’s following the body shape perfectly, giving enough lumber support, and provides better relief (even better for lightweight). Hips side could be a bit problematic, since your hips can sink way far from the appropriate position.

Cover in Nectar is made for enduring excessive heat. It’s comfortable and breathable, highly removing heat that could affect sleep’s quality. This three-layered foam bed uses slow-moving memory foam as its comfort layer, supported by a base layer and High-Core memory foam which is firmer and works as a transition between the base and comfort layer.

It’s thick, and 11 inches in thickness. But there’s a minus that you would consider, the price. Nectar is way too expensive, with the $ 898 Twin bed to $ 1398 King size. Then again, with its comfortable memory foam character, we couldn’t complain.

Tuft and Needle

Using an Adaptive Foam, Tuft and Needle is more suitable for people who have issues in sleeping positions, and want that “bouncy feels”. Yes, for couples who want to use their bed for sex, Tuft and Needle may provide a better experience through its Adaptive foam. It’s breathable, pretty adaptive against movement, and that little bouncy feeling is surely lovable.

Same characteristics are the medium firmness, that can also be found in this bed, doesn’t have coil construction, and having layered foams. But it only has two layers, and Adaptive foam serves as a comfort layer on top. This special foam is also able to give a more balanced foam feel, rather than too shaky or bouncy.

What’s wonderful about this bed is the price. It’s considered way too affordable when compared to Nectar. For Twin size, you can get with only $ 350, and $ 750 for King Size. You can save a lot of money for something else.

The minus we can find from Tuft and Needle is probably the size, since it has 10 inches in thickness, only one inch smaller than Nectar.

Nectar vs Tuft and Needle

Nectar Tuft and Needle
- Offer one mattress- 10” thick
- Middle firmness- Two layers: 3” comfort poly foam, 7” base poly foam
- Can’t be adjusted- Simple and plain white cover
- More affordable- Medium firmness, but with more support


We can’t say which one is better than another since these beds serve different purposes according to what buyers want. If they want to have a wider sleeping movement, a more balanced foam feel, comfortable and affordable bed, and supporting bed for sex, then Tuft and Needle is the choice.

Couples who want to have calmer sleep should choose Nectar that can give them exactly what they want. Cancelling movements, having the deep memory foam feels, and noise cancelling could take you right to the front door of calming dreams.

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