Novaform Vs Ghostbed

Sleep is important but unfortunately not all of us are getting a quality sleep every night which may be caused by various factors in which one of them is the mattress. For those whose mattress is getting uncomfortable, Novaform Vs Ghostbed are two ideal options to try. These mattresses brands are both very affordable and comfortable but probably not for every sleeper. If you wonder which of them will fit you the most, do check what they can offer below before deciding to choose one.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What Affects Sleep Quality
  • How to Choose for a Mattress
  • What are Novaform and Ghostbed
  • What Novaform and Ghostbed Look Like
  • How are the Layers of Novaform and Ghostbed
  • How are the Firmness of Novaform and Ghostbed
  • Are Novaform and Ghostbed Comfortable
  • Novaform Vs Ghostbed

Quality Sleep

Some people probably answer sleep as their hobby and while as funny as it sounds, sleeping is a very important process our body needs to function properly. We are sure many or most of us have experienced sleep deprivation due to some causes such as a piling up work, school project, or some issues such as insomnia. Having lack of sleep is not fun and chances are you can’t concentrate properly during the day when not sleeping properly or enough at night.

There are just so many factors that affect sleep and they can come from both inside and outside. Internal issues are such as health conditions that affect your sleeping hours including flu and insomnia or stress that cause it difficult to dozed off while external cause is what’s around you. This can be your unfinished task like schoolwork and job, or even the environment or bedroom whether it is too hot, noisy, or how the bed feels.

Choosing a Mattress

If you are here then you probably have an issue against the mattress as well. In general we all love comfortable mattress but this is subjective since personal preference matters the most here so what we thought as perfect doesn’t always sit in the same category to you. In our opinion matching and testing the mattress is necessary when buying this main item in our bedroom. This is because what matches your taste will be the best choice whether it is about the size, thickness, or even firmness of the mattress.

But, how if you shop this mattress from an online shop? Worry not because many companies offer a testing service so you can turn the product in and get a refund if it doesn’t feel great after a certain amount of time. As a loose guide, we may also shop based on the mattress firmness by matching it to your sleeping position. Most people seem to sleep on their back and for this type of sleeper, a mattress with medium firmness like Loom and Leaf Vs Casper are very ideal.

This is because our back needs support while also a slight contour to give the best comfort especially in the lumbar area. If you are often falling asleep on the side such as those who need body pillow or bolsters to sleep, a softer bed will be the most comfortable and doesn’t hurt the shoulders. While it is not recommended, some people may sleep on their stomach and for this position a firmer mattress will support the body better.

About Novaform and Ghostbed

Mattresses need to be changed as they wear out and while the initial price is quite high compared to some of your bedroom’s items, they are not something we change every year so this should be a wise step to consider how many we can spend and how many years they can last. Of course the more expensive the mattress, the better they are but, this is not always the case for comfort as it is very subjective.

If you can’t or don’t want to go to a store especially right now in the middle of pandemic, there are lots of brands that sold their mattress online as well so they will send the product right to your home and many also accept a return in case you are not satisfied with how the mattress work. For those who are shopping on a budget, Novaform and Ghostbed are two amazing choices you want to consider. These are popular brands that are well-known for their good mattress without the hefty price.

Just like most mattresses in their price range, both of them are boasting comfort and ideal for most sleepers but probably not amazing as well for all users. The best thing about these brands is probably how they can create such a good mattress that is not expensive at all and when it comes to product’s quality, they can last for quite some time. As for this comparison however, we are going to talk about their popular variants since there are more in the catalog.

For Novaform we are choosing the ComfortGrande variant while from Ghostbed we are choosing their original or standard bed variant. These mattresses are loved by many people and it is for good reason since it means they feel good for the majority of their users. While it is not a guarantee that they will feel as great for you, it still means high chances are you will like them too. In comparison however, Novaform with its ComfortGrande is still far more affordable than Ghostbed.

Novaform and Ghostbed Design

Moving further, we always see how the bed looks when buying one and because these two are fairly affordable, you can’t find fancy appearance or elegant quilted cover here. Both Novaform and Ghostbed are coming with a standard cover which is pretty thick actually to protect the foam inside. We are not very sure what material is being used for this cover but Ghostbed’s one seems to be made from a blend of polyester or viscose which makes it soft yet breathable.

The Novaform however, looks more expensive in comparison due to the combination of white top and black base. What’s more attractive is probably the cover because here it is textured and has a certain pattern that makes it look elegant. This cover is also easy to clean when needed by using a damped cloth or vacuum cleaner. As for this comparison, we are going to talk about the two in Queen size but you can find larger size too.

Novaform and Ghostbed Layers

Just like with any mattress, what you may want to know is probably their foam and to cover this, both Novaform and Ghostbed are very thick for the price they are sold in with a thickness of 14 and 11 inches respectively. Let’s start with Novaform first, this mattress is made with a very thick 8 inches of base foam which is also very dense as the foundation of the mattress. It is then topped with a 3 inches air channel foam which is designed to regulate temperature.

At the very top of this mattress there is another 3 inches of gel memory foam designed for best comfort and this surface will also contour your body as it comes back to the shape when pressed. Moving to Ghostbed, this mattress is formed with a 7.5 inches thick HD poly foam which is very dense as the base and then topped with a 2 inches gel memory foam for contour thanks to the gel it is infused to so this layer will also provide pressure relief.

The last and top layer of Ghostbed is a 1.5 inches of aerated latex. This foam is very bouncy and gives a good mobility as well for the sleeper to move around and change their position during sleeping. Latex is also naturally cooling which may help if you often sweat at night.

Novaform and Ghostbed Firmness

The next part we want to talk about is their firmness since this will affect the comfort later. But, in general almost all mattresses in this price range are also the same or fall into the medium to firm range. The feeling of Novaform and Ghostbed are also about the same and they are rather firmer than soft while in comparison Ghostbed is probably stiffer than Novaform, especially the ComfortGrande variant. We do think they are ideal for most sleepers but not for everyone.

Novaform and Ghostbed Comfort

The last part is about the comfort but please note that this is very subjective so it may vary depending your preference. The Novaform is quite firm and feels great for back sleepers as it can support your shoulder but still soft enough to fill the lumbar area. Side sleeping on this mattress is not the best and while you can shift with no issue, it starts to get hurts on the shoulder after a while.

For Ghostbed, the experience is very similar to Novaform; the mattress feels great on your back. Moving to the side is quite okay but you won’t last long in this position as the bed becomes too stiff. If you are a stomach sleeper, none of these two are ideal and need to be stiffer to provide the best comfort.

Novaform Vs Ghostbed

These mattresses are amazing for the price they are offered in. In general they are also about the same but if you like tall mattresses then Novaform is probably better and in comparison, the Ghostbed is pretty far more expensive as well. For the firmness we do think Novaform is a bit softer than Ghostbed so you may be able to sink deeper on top of it. The comfort level is also about the same with Novaform just slightly better for side sleepers.

Novaform Ghostbed
- Very affordable

- More expensive

- Thicker- Shorter in height
- Slightly firmer- Firmer


Because there is no bad option between the two, we can pick just any of them but, in comparison we will recommend Novaform, not only because it is cheaper but also because it is easier to maintain and a bit softer for side sleepers.

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