Saatva Mattress vs Loom and Leaf

This article will discuss about head to head in a mattress battle from the same company. These two mattresses are Saatva mattress and Loom & Leaf against each other. A lot of people notice that Saatva brand also runs the brand Loom and Leaf. Therefore, they are wondering which mattress would be better for them. Although in general they are very recommended, you would prefer one over the other depending in your own personal preferences. We hope we will help you through a simple battle review of Saatva Mattress and Loom & Leaf.

Saatva Mattress

Saatva is trying to make a different design, this hybrid mattress as its given name, consist of 2 layers of steel coils and varies in height. The coil’s function is improving comfort and longevity of this mattress. Saatva also utilizes a 100% organic cotton cover as well as a euro-style pillow top for added comfort and softness. The company made the pillow with euro style in order to insert underneath the cover and seamlessly aligns to the mattress and its shape stays over time. The tighter knit in the middle cover helps provide a higher level of support. Towards middle and a little less packed and the head and foot mattress, Saatva has a quilting pattern that’s more packed and dense among others and an advanced edge support system encased in foam that helps to create strong supportive edges. This improves edge performance for both sitting and sleeping, giving you a larger surface of the mattress that’s usable. (See also : Saatva Mattress vs Leesa)

Loom and Leaf

Loom & Leaf is a memory foam mattress because it combines plant-based memory foam layer with medical-grade cooling gel. All of them make the cooling gel keeps excess heat at bay while the plant-based memory foam. In fact, Loom & Leaf has 3 typical types of memory mattresses as its being explained. The cover of Loom & Leaf is made from Quilted with a 5/8″ layer of foam which is more traditionally soft feel. Their newly designed cover contains a tighter quilting and stitching throughout the midsection. First feeling when you are lying down on it is very soft and comfortable. And something great amounts of pressure relief will also come with you. We believe that this mattress really provides you increased support to your mid section.

Saatva Mattress vs Loom and Leaf

Saatva MattressLoom and Leaf
- The top layer is an organic cotton cover, making it breathable and soft- Loom and Leaf provides great value, and is priced well for a mattress competing at the luxury level
- Sitting on top of the edge support layer, but below the cover, is a thin layer of memory foam- The high-density memory foam conforms nicely to the body and supports proper spinal alignment
- On top the support base is a layer of individually foam wrapped contour coils- The high-density memory foam is great for motion isolation


Both brands offer a great feeling when you are lying on it. The biggest difference is only the feel, which would prefer come down to personal preferences. You need to decide whether you are a “memory foam person” or not (if you are in Saatva’s side). For that reasons, it is an unnecessary thing if we say that one brand is better than the other. It really comes down to the type of feel that you like in your mattress.

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