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Sleep Number c2 vs p5

The mattress is one of the favorite place for all people. Who doesn’t like the best and comfort bed in this world? Wherever you are mattress always been your destination for rest and lay down my body. For you lovers of luxury mattress must have a named brand is no stranger to the Sleep Number. Sleep Number with a million series managed to occupy its own place in the hearts of devoted users. But, if every series had the same quality? We will prove through battle review 2 series that come from the same brand. Sleep Number c2 vs Sleep Number p5.

The Features

Sleep Number c2 has its own motto about “You’ll both sleep better with individualized comfort and support”. It is facts since c2 is offered DualAir adjustability, 8″ Profile, Soft woven fabric, and SleepIQ technology as its main features inside the mattress. The perfect balance of softness and pressure relief. Zoned comfort layer provides contouring support for restful, restorative sleep. Those sentences are offered by Sleep Number p5. What make its more complete are the features such as DuaAir adjustability, 11″ profile, PlushFit foam comfort layer, 5 zones of contouring support, and breathable knit fabric. As they are all not enough, Sleep Number p5 also provided by filling out the pillowtop are 1 inch of supersoft foam, quilted into the pillowtop, and 2 inches of Intralux® foam. The Intralux® is engineered to evenly distribute body weight. Like the cover and fiberfill, these are also treated to be antimicrobial. (See also : Sleep Number i8 vs c2)

The Benefits

The c2 mattress promises you to have enough budget for buying this mattress especially for Queen edition. You will able to raise the head and/or foot of the bed and in some mattresses because of its FlexFit Adjustable Base. If you are a heavier person, c2 will be such a good but potentially expensive workaround instead it supports up to 400 pounds mattress. The p5 is differently from c2, p5 is proud of having The FlexFit Adjustable Base which can allow sleeper to customize the Performance p5 mattress in more than the level of firmness by enabling selection of the position of the airbed. Not only that, you will be served a massage on this mattress to soothe your sore and your tired muscles.

Sleep Number c2 vs p5

Sleep Number c2Sleep Number p5
- SleepIQ technology- Aloe Vera Smooth Top Panel
- Discover your ideal bedtime- Woven Cotton Zipper Cover


All in all, these 2 Sleep Number’s series actually has different side in their price. Far enough for sure. Therefore, if you think you are on your budget for buying a new mattress, you can choose Sleep Number c2 wisely without leaving the wonderful features offered by c2.

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