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Sleep Number i8 vs c2

Nowadays, stuffs around us is featured by smart technology so that, every things come with ‘smart’ in their name such as smartphone, smart television, and the current one is smart bed. And the brand of Sleep Number choose the same concept to their product and it is likely a lot of smarter than the mattress you have today, but if you want to see more capabilities and fewer glitches, The Sleep Number is here. As The Sleep Number has a lot of types, we can only have on two reviews of them which is one for Sleep Number i8 and one for Sleep Number c2. What kind of features that they have on each mattress? Who will be your choice among two of them? Read them first before you pick them one into your list.

Sleep Number i8

The Sleep Number i8 series is provided you all guys some good qualities materials on their mattress such as bamboo, Aloe vera Top Panel, Gel-Infused, and foam padding. The used of those materials make Sleep Number i8 are very comfortable and cool enough when you try lying on the top of this mattress such you will not wake up too early. Seems like those are not enough, they added antimicrobacterial agents and woven materials to increase the number of its qualities. You will have such an exceptional quality of sleep featured with luxurious design when you try this mattress especially there is no regret when you buy it directly. The more detail about Sleep Number i8 are equipped by DualAir adjustability, SleepIQ technology, Temperature balancing sleep surface, 13″ Profile, 3″ PlushFit foam comfort layer which offers an exclusive layer of it for enhanced comfort and temperature balancing sleep surface that keeps you from sleeping too hot or too cool, and 7 zones contouring support.

Sleep Number c2

The Sleep Number c2 series is the original model that launched a sleep revolution which provided you with DualAir Adjustability, 8″ Profile, Soft woven fabric, SleepIQ technology, and FlexFit Adjustable Bases with Resists bounciness and Eases movement. The Sleep Number C2 does not have any foam layers inside the mattress but it does have a soft filling sewn into the top of the mattress which has the ability to be zipped on/off, it is not recommended that you remove or wash any part of your mattress. Firmer or softer? Based on the official websites, they offer you both get to choose your ideal level of firmness, comfort and support–your Sleep Number® setting–and change it whenever you like. In short, You’ll both sleep better with individualized comfort and support.

Sleep Number i8 vs c2

Sleep Number i8Sleep Number c2
- Sleepers small in both height and weight- SleepIQ technology on the inside of the bed tracks how well you sleep each night
- An average of both the petite and large scores that applies to many people- Discover your ideal bedtime, wake up time and how many hours you need for your best sleep


Because they are both the simplest model for each series (both i and c series), they offered their best performances and features as well as they can. But, the main difference you can only see from the price. The price between Sleep Number i8 and Sleep Number c2 is far enough even almost double-more-price for one pair of mattress. From those, we think if you are first user for Sleep Number, it is better to choose the cheaper one which is Sleep Number c2 rather than Sleep Number i8 to decrease the possibility of getting disappointed to this product.

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