Sleep Number P5 vs P6

Sleep Number has been gaining a lot of attention lately. Their mattresses are indeed unique and distinctive. They feature adjustable air chambers which enable you to get the most suitable firmness and support levels. In the following article, we will discuss the comparisons between Sleep Number P5 vs P6. Both of these two mattresses belong to the Performance series, whose luxury mattresses are designed to provide the utmost comfort and support. So, what is the difference between Sleep Number P5 and Sleep Number P6? Find out below!

About Sleep Number P5

Compared to Sleep Number P6, Sleep Number P5 is indeed a lower model that is available at a lower price point. Nevertheless, it still falls in the category of luxury mattress, and it does come with premium quality materials. It has a thickness of about 11 inches. See our previous post about Sleep Science vs Sleep Number here.

Sleep Number P5 features a distinctive European-style pillow top, paired with the company’s exclusive breathable knit fabric cover for enhanced air circulation. This advanced fabric ensures that you will have comfortable sleeping temperatures all night long. Additionally, there is the luxurious cashmere and polyester fill as a comfort layer that provides gentle cushioning.

Just like all other Sleep Number air mattresses, Sleep Number P5 features two air chambers which you can adjust to make the bed firmer or softer as desired. You use a remote control to adjust the firmness level. Above the air chambers, there is the two-inch-thick Intralux comfort material for deep-compression support and comfort. So, a heavy user will not immediately get in contact with the hard air chambers.

Sleep Number P5 does come with the Dual Air Technology. This feature basically means that the mattress possesses two individual air chambers that can be adjusted independently. Therefore, you can adjust the firmness level on your area of the bed without disturbing your partner on the other side of the bed. This feature is very useful for couples.

Pros of Sleep Number P5

The first advantage of Sleep Number P5 vs P6 is the more affordable price. If you want to try the luxurious feel of the Sleep Number’s Performance series without committing too much money into the mattress, Sleep Number P5 makes a good choice. It does have many similarities to the higher models, and the superior comfort is true.

The next advantage of Sleep Number P5 is the five zones of contouring support. If you don’t have any particular need for additional support, Sleep Number P5 is probably the best choice for you. It features five different layers of different materials that provide varying firmness and contouring levels. As the effect, you will get excellent contouring without excessive firmness. In addition, the sleeping surface does stay relatively cool throughout the night, ensuring that you will not get drenched in sweat.

Cons of Sleep Number P5

The disadvantage of Sleep Number P5 vs P6 is that it is not as durable. The layers generally have lower density levels, and hence they are more prone to sagging and breakdowns. So, if you have some more bucks to spend, you may want to just go to the higher model for the best durability and longevity.

Just like many other Sleep Number models that use two air chambers, Sleep Number P5 also has a ‘hollow’ area in the middle of the bed. This hollow area is actually the gap between the first and the second air chambers. As the effect, this area is more prone to sagging and may create a ‘trap’ for you to fall into.

About Sleep Number P6

Sleep Number P6 is a step-up from Sleep Number P5 in the Performance series. This is a luxury mattress that offers enhanced capabilities in relieving pressure points and providing an even more relaxing sleep. It has a total thickness of 12 inches.

Just like the lower model, Sleep Number P6 is also equipped with a European-style pillow top and the advanced breathable knit fabric cover. The ability to control the surface temperatures is very good. It is able to stay cool even after prolonged hours.

Of course, Sleep Number P6 also comes with the Dual Air Technology with two air chambers. You can adjust the firmness levels of the air chambers individually using the wireless remote control. If you are looking for a mattress for you and your partner, this is a great choice. The Intralux foam above the air chambers is thicker, with a total thickness of three inches. Hence, this model can provide more deep-compression support.

Pros of Sleep Number P6

The primary advantage of Sleep Number P6 when comparing Sleep Number P5 vs P6 is the enhanced support. This model has thicker layers of foam, which provide more support to the sleeper. The increased support is especially beneficial for people with back or joint pain, as it will be more effective in relieving pressure points. Heavier sleepers will find that Sleep Number P6 is even more comfortable due to the thicker Intralux foam.

The next advantage of Sleep Number P6 is that it is quite more durable. It has thicker and denser layers. As the effect, the layers are able to resist sagging and breakdown better. If you are looking for a durable mattress that can last for a long time, Sleep Number P6 makes an excellent choice. The lifespan is longer than the average mattresses.

Cons of Sleep Number P6

Just like Sleep Number P5, Sleep Number P6 also has a hollow area in the middle due to the gap between the air chambers. This hollow area may be uncomfortable due to providing significantly less support. The second disadvantage is the more expensive price; you need to spend more money to get this model.

Sleep Number P5Sleep Number P6
- 11” thickness with 2” Intralux foam- 12” thickness with 3” Intralux foam
- Good support and contouring- Excellent support and pressure relief
- Low durability- Longer durability and longevity
- Relatively more affordable- More expensive


If you want to try the luxurious feel of Sleep Number’s Performance series without spending too much money, Sleep Number P5 makes a good choice. However, if you need enhanced pressure relief and deep-compression support to prevent back/joint pain, you should choose Sleep Number P6. You may also want to choose Sleep Number P6 due to the better durability.

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