Sleep Science vs Novaform

There are various kinds of mattresses in the world, ranging from the type of Innerspring Mattress, foam mattress, latex, until the water bed, no definite winner when it speaks the respective options. The best way to make decisions is to discover the pros and cons of each type. Are you lovers of this type of Innerspring Mattress? Means you are on the right page, why? Because next we will discuss not about innerspring mattress, but directly to the flagship product called Sleep Science vs. Novaform.

Product Description of Sleep Science

The bed science mattress line is manufactured by South Bay internationally, and most of these models are built with memory foam. These mattresses are sold at Costco and through Costco’s website and offer many potential values ​​for those looking for this type of mattress. Some of the key strength sleeping mattresses of science include: Lots of size and price options: with various mattress models and price points, sleep can identify the sleeping mattress the science that best suits their firmness and budget preference. Costco return policy: store warehouse has a strong reputation for service and return, which gives customers the opportunity to test out the mattress for a long time. And the last one is strong motion insulation: most bed science mattresses have a top layer of high-density memory foam comfort, and one of the greatest strengths of this type of motion insulation material. For people who share a bed, isolation movements help ensure that a person’s movement does not interfere with the other.

Layers of Sleep Science

You know that many mattresses are advertised with specific features based on their composition, since the mattress contains some layers inside, then you must know how the layers affect the mattress. There are 2 kinds of thing you must know: First, there is Wedge Support system that uses a wedge-shaped piece of foam near the edge of the other mattress the layers. The goal of this system is to enhance the edge support of the mattress. The second one is an air-channel base is a small grooves are cut into some of these mattresses support foams in order to try to prevent heat retention and allow airflow for cooling.

Firmness and Durability on Sleep Science

Most memory foam mattresses are not considered as corporations due to the sink level that occurs when the weight is applied to the mattress, but keep in mind that these may vary based on the foam density. For sleep science models, most are mid-range firmness levels. However, the softest model is Marina, Dream, and Ara. Firmest is a Black Diamond and Carina model. I flip models have different firmness on both sides, allowing you to choose between a toned or soft mattress depending on how you have matched mattresses.

There is limited hard data about the sleeping mattress of science, and durability may differ from model to model because of the different qualities of the materials used in each. Models that have low density foam support are more likely to suffer from long-term endurance problems, but unfortunately, sleep science and Costco do not reveal the density of all the layers of all their mattresses.

Product Description of Novaform

Novaform mattress is one of the popular brands of mattress that consists of three main layers of memory foam, foam support and basic foam. The upper layer provides coolness and comfort, the middle layer provides breathable comfort, personalized support and a third layer designed for optimal stability. The mattress cover is beautiful. Novaform mattresses have middle level for a little firmness. The average age of Novaform mattresses is over six years. It has excellent motion isolation. Novaform mattresses are made in USA. The dimensions of Novaform mattress are 60 x 80 x 14 inches.

Firmness and Durability on Novaform Mattress

Being one of the latest Novafoam models, Serafina Pearl mattress provides amazing firmness and comfort to sleep. Three layers of foam improve the overall comfort of the mattress too. In terms of assertiveness, much sleep has been quoted mattresses that are slightly firmer than most foam mattresses on the market. Even with additional firmness, these mattresses still work to provide a comfortable sleep with better breathability. On a scale of 1-10, the mattress Score 7.5 in terms of firmness.

Another important feature of this 14 inch Novafoam Serafina Pearl mattress is its long-lasting durability, a long solid construction factor, which presents sleep for long periods of time as possible. It comes with an average age of six, which is quite feasible for a foam mattress However, this may vary depending on the weight placed on the mattress. In other words, the size and weight of the sleep will affect the durability of the mattress. Apart from all, the mattress Serafina Pearl has an average long life. Also, it does not experience excessive sagging and drowning like most of latex foam mattresses.

Layers of Novaform

Novaform comfort class 14 “mattress consists of 3 different layers. It has been specifically built to lighten throw and turn by uniforms distributing weight, and phasing in pressure points. The top of the mattress is a 3 inch gel memory foam lining, specifically designed to provide comfort. The hotel offers a carrying support that ensures you have a restful night’s sleep. The central mattress is a 3 inch air duct foam layer which helps to regulate the temperature. This works to maintain optimal sleep temperature. The base is an 8 inch foam support layer that offers stability. In addition, it ensures longevity and firmness. It is therefore specifically designed to hold its shape over time, thereby phasing out the demands to rotate or flip the mattress.

Sleep ScienceNovaform
- It is manufactured by South Bay Interational- Known with theitr Serafina Pearl mattress
- The mattresses are sold at Costco- It is made in USA
- The most favorite product is memory foam- The most favorite product is memory foam


The big differences on Sleep Science vs Novaform are the blends of foam and order of which they are placed for comfort. Also, the materials of the mattress can make them different especially when you are lying on the bed. Novaform actually sells memory foam beds, with an eye for detail on layering technology and innovation. On the other hand, Sleep Science only builds a line of latex and memory foam mattresses. Their claim to fame is their ‘wedge’ technology that provides edge support to every piece of the mattress.

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