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Sleep Science vs Sleep Number

The market has been flooded with a lot of mattress companies that each claims to be the best. With the numerous choices of different brands and models, finding the best mattress that matches all your comfort and therapeutic needs may be quite challenging. The following article will help you decide between Sleep Science vs Sleep Number, which are both quite popular on the market. So, what are the differences between Sleep Science and Sleep Number mattresses?

What to Know about Sleep Science

The Sleep Science line is a collection of mattresses which spans from the low-end to medium price ranges. It is produced by the South Bay International Inc. and primarily sold through Costco.Sleep Science’s models are available on multiple price points. The price range goes from $310 to $1800. You can further add an additional folding foundation to the mattress; the additional foundation may cost $200 – $400.

Sleep Science is a collection of gel memory foam mattresses. The material is optimized to optimize air circulation, reduce heat retention, and provide support. Sleep Science also uses some latex which is to give the mattress better durability and longevity. The core is made of high-density memory foam which is to provide support and prevent soreness and back pain. (Have a look : Sleep Science vs Tempurpedic)

Note that, unlike traditional mattresses, Sleep Science needs to be rotated rather than flipped to avoid sagging. So, if you have a Sleep Science mattress, you should not flip it upside down. Instead, rotating the mattress from head to foot is the answer.

The company has excellent return and warranty policies. Since the Sleep Science line is distributed through Costco, it benefits from Costco’s flexible and easy return policies. Meanwhile, the warranty for each mattress goes for 20 years since the purchase date.

Advantages of Sleep Science

The first advantage of Sleep Science vs Sleep Number is the availability of affordable models. Sleep Science can be the choice if you have a limited budget and prefer to save some bucks whenever possible. There are some models that cost less than five hundred dollars, and you don’t need to purchase the foundation if you don’t really need it.

Nevertheless, if you need a foldable foundation, Sleep Science has some foldable foundations that are compatible with their mattresses. A folding foundation can replace the typical bed frame, and it fits all standard beds. The construction is excellent. It is made of solid wood and reinforced metal. It is highly rugged and durable.

The customer service is great. Depending on the model availability and your location, you can get your mattress delivered in five days. However, it may also take up to four weeks if the model you choose is not available or if your location is hard to reach.

Despite the relatively affordable prices, Sleep Science mattresses have very good density. The high density levels allow better support as well as improved durability. They don’t sag easily, and they can save you from back or joint pain. The memory foam used by Sleep Science has the CertiPUR-US certification, which means that it does not have leftover chemicals or obstinate gassing problems.

Disadvantages of Sleep Science

The first disadvantage of Sleep Science vs Sleep Number is the limited options. Well, Sleep Science does have several models with different comfort layers and firmness levels, but the options are not as wide as Sleep Science. So, if you have very specific requirements for your mattress, you may want to take a look at some other brands as well.

The next disadvantage of Sleep Science is the edge support. Like many other memory foam mattresses, Sleep Science provides good support on the center but not on the edge. This is not good for people who often move in their sleep.

What to Know about Sleep Number

Sleep Number is manufactured by Select Comfort, a public company based in Minneapolis. Sleep Number is best known for its adjustable air mattresses, which allow people to adjust the firmness according to their needs and preferences. The name “Sleep Number” actually refers to its numbering system. The higher the number, the firmer the mattress.

Sleep Number also sells memory foam mattresses. Their products are sold in many retail and online stores. Every Sleep Number mattress has one or two air chambers. A pump is used to control the amount of air in these chambers. Inflate it to make it firmer, deflate it to make it softer.

There are several different models of Sleep Number. The I-10 models come with dual air chambers, as they are designed for couples. They come with two remotes so that each person can adjust the firmness of the bed. Depending on the model, a Sleep Number mattress may have multiple comfort foam layers and tops. The C-series has standard options, whereas the I-series comes with the thickest layers and most features.

Advantages of Sleep Number

When choosing between Sleep Science vs Sleep Number, the first advantage of Sleep Number is the great customization. You can choose the most suitable model for your comfort, and you can get the firmness level adjusted to your liking. People with back pain or medical problems will also love the adjustability of Sleep Number mattresses.

Sleep Number mattresses are quite durable. They can easily last for long years and stay comfortable. According to the reviews, Sleep Number mattresses can last for more than ten years.

Disadvantages of Sleep Number

The first disadvantage of Sleep Number is the pricing. Compared to Sleep Science, Sleep Number is quite more expensive. The most affordable models cost more than a thousand bucks. So, this is not the best choice if you have limited budget.

The next disadvantage is the uneven support on mattresses with two air chambers. Since the air chambers are on the left and right sides of the mattress, there is a ‘hollow’ area in the middle where you may fall or slide into. Couples have expressed disappointment due to not being able to cuddle in the middle of the bed because of the hollow area.

Sleep ScienceSleep Number
- Has more affordable models- The mattresses are relatively more expensive
- Fewer options for the materials and top layers- Has more options for the comfort layers and tops
- Good support, no gassing problems- Excellent firmness and support, due to the adjustable air chambers
- Low edge support- Hollow area in the middle


If you are ready to spend a considerable amount of money for the most precise support and comfort, Sleep Number makes a good choice. The adjustable air chambers will allow you to get the most suitable firmness, and the mattress is very comfortable. However, if you have a limited budget, Sleep Science makes a good alternative.

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