Spa Sensation vs Zinus

We agree that it is quite hard to find a good sleeping mattress that comes with an affordable price and also passed the CertiPUR-US, however it is no impossible. Here in this article we will introduce you to 2 affordable memory foam mattresses that was manufactured by Zinus, they are Spa Sensations and Zinus itself.

In this article we will give you information about:

  • What is Spa Sensation and Zinus
  • What Spa Sensation and Zinus can offer to you
  • Spa Sensation vs Zinus

About Spa Sensation

Spa sensation is a mattress brand made by Zinus, as we knew Zinus manufactured their mattress in a facility in China. This mattress has already passed CertiPUR-US, which means that Spa Sensations are made without ozone depletes, without PBDE flame retardants, without mercury, lead or other heavy materials, without phthalates that regulated by Consumer Product Safety Commission, and Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emission for indoor air quality.

Spa Sensation Features

The Spa Sensations which are we going to talk about the 8 inch thick mattress. This mattress has 3 layers, however people said that many layers doesn’t mean it will enhance the comfort ability of this mattress. Sometimes, when it comes to memory foam mattress, many layers will make the mattress feel unstable to move around, especially is the layers is not held together firmly.

As it have been mentioned above, this mattress has three layers and the first layer is of course placed at the top, this means that you should never flip the mattress over. The top layer of Spa Sensation is made from bio-foam specialized memory foam, the width is 3 inches and the density is about 3 lbs. per cubic foot. The second layer is a 2 inch of super soft foam, which become the transition between the top layer and the support foam. The last layer is the 4 inches of high density polyurethane foam base that was mean to provide support to all layer and your body weight.

From the smell side, many people have different opinion and experience. There are about 63% consumers who notice either no smell, a light odor or medium odor, however the smell will not stay over five days. On the other hand about 37% consumers notice strong smell and the 10% said that the smell never go away, but there are no reports about chemical smell on Spa Sensation mattress.

In case of firmness, the Spa Sensation has a medium firmness for back sleeper regardless weight. In many cases the more weight you have the firmer the mattress feel, however this is not the case with Spa Sensation. If you are a side sleeper, this mattress might not suitable for you because this mattress is too firm and may cause uncomfortable sleeping. If you are a stomach sleeper, this mattress will felt as medium hard for you.

About Zinus

Zinus name is pretty well known among people who opt for memory foam over spring mattress. Not only it comes in pretty cheap price, but the quality is favored by many consumers. Zinus memory foam mattress is durable, soft and supportive. The mattress able to give an allover well performance for people with medium weight, the mattress also show very little to no sign of sagging over the period.

Zinus Features

Zinus pressure relief memory foam has varied thickness based on the main purpose of the mattress itself. Taken from Zinus site, they currently has 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12” thickness. We are going to take the later as an example. Zinus pressure relief 12” has 4 layers of foam where the two layers acts as the base support.

The first layer is 3” memory foam, this layer will cradles your body weight to allow you to have a good and comfortable sleep. The second layer is the 2” comfort foam, this layer will act as a transition between the memory foam and support foam. This layer is designed to give you pressure relief and to make sure you are going to wake up pain free. The last is 2 layers of support base, each one of them has 3.5” thickness, making them 7” in total. This base support is designed to help you relief pains and give comfort to all over your body. If you are interested on other Zinus mattress you can read our previous article about Zinus vs Lucid here.

Many people stated that Zinus mattress has a pretty great comfort. When you try sleeping on it you will notice that you will sleep faster than usual and waking up pain free. This mattress also done a great job on providing support even if you are sleeping in different kind of position. The last is smell, unfortunately Zinus mattress also has slight odor that came from the mattress when you open it from the package however the smell will go away soon enough.

Spa Sensation vs Zinus

- Is pricier than Zinus- Is cheaper than Spa sensation
- Has no official website- Has their own website
- Is produced by Zinus with different name- Is produced by Zinus using its own name


As it have been mentioned above, both of them is quite similar, it is not strange since they are manufactured by the same company. The one noticeable difference might be the price, you will notice that somehow Zinus is cheaper than Spa Sensation. If you are looking for a great mattress while keeping your wallet fat, we will recommend you the Zinus pressure relief mattress.

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