Tempurpedic vs Posturepedic

Tempurpedic and Posturepedic are two of the most recognizable names in the market of mattresses. One fun fact: the companies that produce Tempurpedic and Posturepedic mattresses merged in 2012, but they still are independently operated and produce their own mattresses. Since many people believe that these are the best mattress brands available on the market, which one is the best for you? Which one is actually the best for the money? Below, you can find the detailed comparisons between Tempurpedic vs Posturepedic to help you determine the best mattress for your home.

Tempurpedic’s Mattresses

One important thing that you need to know about Tempurpedic’s mattresses is that they are all foam mattresses – we have discussed about Zinus Memory Foam vsTempurpedic before. However, the company has released mattress products using three different foam types, which offer different advantages and characteristics.

The first type of Tempurpedic is the traditional memory foam. The mattresses that use the traditional memory foam became greatly popular in the ‘90s. They are different from regular foam mattresses that they have been designed to be able to adapt to and cushion your body contours. The adaptability enables traditional memory foam mattresses to relieve pressure points, relieving the joints and improving the blood circulation of your body. In addition, they are also anti-microbial and have little to no motion transfer. They usually last longer than spring mattresses. However, they tend to retain heat, making them uncomfortable for hot sleepers.

The second type of Tempurpedic is the air cool memory foam, which has been designed by the company to solve the hotness problem. This air cool memory foam has been designed to prevent your body from getting overly heated by channeling out the extra heat and improving the air circulation. These mattresses will feel more comfortable for hot sleepers.

The third type of Tempurpedic is the gel memory foam. It is quite similar to the traditional memory foam; it is also antimicrobial and able to stop motion transfer. But it is more supportive, making it a very helpful choice for people suffering body pains or aches.

Posturepedic’s Mattresses

On the contrary, when choosing between Tempurpedic vs Posturepedic, you need to know that some Posturepedic’s mattresses are hybrid models with coils and foam layers. The company does not clearly tell the mattress types that they produce, but the products can be classified into three general categories.

The first type of Posturepedic is the encased coil system. The mattress has encased coils that are fixed inside. Thanks to the coils, the mattress can immediately respond and align to your body curves, creating such a very comfortable supportive feel. And thanks to the encasement system, individual coils can make different movements to adjust to different body parts.

The second type of Posturepedic is the core support center. It has a gel infused foam at the center of the mattress to provide enhanced support on most needed places. It is also highly durable.

The third type of Posturepedic is the solid edge HD system. Each of the mattresses in this category has a 2.5” border fixed around the mattress. It enables the whole area of the mattress to be fully utilized. The perimeter becomes a solid seating surface that won’t sag down.

Sleeping Area

Do you need the whole surface of your mattress to be usable for sitting and sleeping? Tempurpedic’s foam mattresses do not have any border. Although they don’t sag over time at all, they do get compressed down whenever receiving weight. A heavy sleeper should not sleep on the very edge because there is a chance that he or she will slip down to the floor as the mattress goes down. You should sleep near the center.

If you are sleeping with your partner and children, and hence you need the whole mattress surface to be usable, you may want to consider getting one of Posturepedic’s solid edge HD mattresses. It has a strong border, preventing the edge from compressing down too much and making the sleeper slip down to the floor.

Support and Bounce

The next thing that you need to consider when choosing between Tempurpedic vs Posturepedic is how much support that you need. Tempurpedic’s foam mattresses give very good support, especial those with gel memory foam. However, Tempurpedic’s mattresses do not bounce much at all. Instead, the mattress will give you a snug feel, as if it hugs your body. In addition, heavier sleepers will compress the mattress deeper.

Posturepedic’s coil mattresses give more support, which can benefit heavier sleepers and people with back pain. The mattress will not create a snug feel; instead, it is bouncy. It tends to resist weight.


Foam mattresses like Tempurpedic can get very hot, especially in the hotter months of the year. Even so, if you never have any problem with heat, you are probably not a hot sleeper and will not find much of a problem with Tempurpedic’s mattress. If you are a hot sleeper, you can choose the air cool memory foam. On the other hand, Posturepedic’s coil mattresses are generally cooler due to the gaps in the coil system.

Durability and Warranty

Finally, the factors that you have to consider when choosing between Tempurpedic vs Posturepedic are the durability and warranty. If you want something that can last for a life time, you can have a better chance with Tempurpedic. The foam mattresses are very durable. They can easily last for at least 15 years. They are protected by a 10-year warranty.

Posturepedic can also last for a long time if used with care. But the coils can break. The average lifespan of Posturepedic mattresses is between 8 and 10 years. But they are protected by a 1-year guarantee and 9-year warranty.

- All are memory foam mattresses, with traditional memory foam, air coolmemory foam, and gel memory foam- Has encased coil, core support center, and solid edge HDmattresses
- Gives a snug, hug-like feel with good support- More bouncy and more supportive
- Relatively gets hotter- Doesn’t get as hot
- Generally more durable- Not as durable


If you are looking for a memory foam mattress, Tempurpedic is the best way to go. Its mattresses usually last longer, and the warranty is great. Tempurpedic has a variety of memory foam mattresses to suit different needs. Memory foam mattresses are very comfortable due to the snug feel and support. However, people who need more support such as heavy sleepers and people with back pain should choose Posturepedic, which has coil mattresses. These mattresses are more bouncy and usually cooler. You should also choose Posturepedic if you want a bordered mattress.

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