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Tuft and Needle Vs Nectar

Choosing the right mattress to get a better quality of sleeping is a must. It is not only about your money waste, but also your concern about your health. That is why it is possible to make some research before deciding to buy the mattress.

Now, we have a comparison review between the Tuft and Needle mattress company and the Nectar brand. Let’s see the comparison below!


Tuft and Needle come in a transitional layer so that it makes the mattress thicker than the Nectar. It has an open-cell polyfoam so that it can reduce the heat from your body. The foam also infused by the graphite and cooling gel for the standard series. For the hybrid series, it has the pocket coils layer for its steady air circulation. Read also: Lucid Vs Tuft and Needle.

Nectar comes in all foam material of mattress so that it gives you the most comfortable foam mattress. It covers the  Tencel Lyocell that helps the foam mattress to maintain a breathable way. These features make the Nectar mattress maintain a comfortable temperature that comes from our body.


The Tuft and Needle consist of three layers with the 12 inches profile of the total size. The top layer has about 3 inches of polyfoam, the second layer has about 2 inches of transitional layer, and the bottom of the mattress has about 7 inches of high-density polyfoam.

Nectar mattress comes with four layers constructions with the total size is about 11 inches that quilted into the cover. The second layer consists of 3 inches of gel-infused memory foam.

The third layer from the Nectar has 1.75 inches of adaptive hi-core memory foam, and the bottom has about 5.25 inches of high-density polyfoam. All of these layers have a perfect combination with the Nectar medium firm. These features will give the mattress the best bounce and reduce the heat from our body.


Tuft and Needle come in a medium firmness of motion and support to give you free in sleeping movements. It is firmness than the Nectar so that you can sleep well during the night.  The adaptive foam helps you to get a responsive movement while sleeping.

Nectar has a medium-firm for its durability with a great point of our movement sleeping. There are no issues with the durability, and our sleeping movement is so soft in motion. These things make our partner wouldn’t be awake while you move your body.


The Tuft and Needle consist of graphite and cooler infused gel so that it comes cooler than the Nectar. Specifically, for the hybrid series, it has the coils system than can help the mattress to get steady air circulation. In the Mint Mattress series, you also can find the mint gel infuse on its so that it come cooler than you think.

Nectar provide the heat reducer with the gel infusions on these mattresses. This means that this mattress can reduce the heat perfectly from our bodies. You will not be feeling too hot during your sleep so that you will get a night of better sleep.

Edge Support

On the Tuft and Needle, the edge support can be perfect on the hybrid series. But, on the standard series such as the mint mattress series, it comes as good as the edge support on the Nectar. You need to be careful while using them since the material not as good as from the hybrid series.

The edge support on the Nectar can be unstable if you are not careful of them. It seems like the polyester and rayon are not matching perfectly. It feels unstable to use and so difficult to bounce once you press it.

Size and Weight

The Tuft and Needle come in two options size for 10 inches and 12 inches for the hybrid series. It comes with six options standard size as the other type of mattresses, such as the twin, twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King size.

Nectar comes in two options size at 11 inches and 12 inches. It also comes with six options standard size for the mattress, such as the twin, twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King size. Each item of these sizes can be weight at about 74 pounds. You can choose the size of your suitable size that fits you the most.


Comparing the price between Tuft and Needle and Nectar can be the most important thing before deciding to buy those of the mattresses. Commonly the price comes at a lower rate at the standard size start from US$799 for Nectar’s Queen size and US$595 for Tuft and Needle’s Queen size.

The price can be higher for the Hybrid series in the Tuft and Needle hybrid that starts from US$1,745 for Queen size. Even so, the Hybrid series has the most higher feature than any other mattress in the market.

Trial and Warranty

Tuft and Needle have about 100 nights of sleeping trial and 10 years warranty. This makes you can decide to choose the mattress and can return easily once you are not into the mattress anymore within 100 nights of trial.

Meanwhile, Nectar comes in a limited lifetime warranty that makes you more comfortable to choose this mattress. Besides, it also has the 365 night of trial so you can turn it back after your trial days if you don’t like the mattress.

Tuft and Needle Vs Nectar

Tuft and NeedleNectar
- Great for side sleeper- Perfect for all sleep types
- Foam feel with comfort bounce- Classic Memory foam mattress type
- Premium polyfoam material- Frimness medium (6) for Nectar Mattress, (5) firmness medium for Nectar Lush
- 100 night of sleep trial and 10 year of warranty- 365 night of sleep trial and lifetime warranty

Our Final Verdict

First things first, before deciding which mattress that suitable for you the most, you need to know what kind of sleeper you are. If you are sleeping in so many positions, then the Nectar can be the best choice for you. It is suitable for any sleeping type, while the Tuft and Needle can be so comfortable for the side sleeping type.

If you love the bouncing type for your mattress, then Tuft and Needle can be your option. The adaption movements technology on its can give you the best responsive bounce.

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