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Zinus Bed vs Casper Bed

Both Zinus and Casper are popular mattresses loved by many people. Zinus brand was already being in the market for a long time and their qualities is one of the bests out there. Casper on the other hand is quite new, the company enter the market just a few years ago, but now their popularity is surging and belong in the top 5 of favorite mattresses.

in this article we will give you information about:
– Zenus Bed and the Manufacturer
– Casper Bed and the Manufacturer
– Zenus and Casper Products Varieties
– Zenus Bed and Casper Bed Features
– Zenus bed vs Casper Bed

About Zinus

Zinus Bed is manufactured by Zinus, Inc. According to bloomberg, the company manufactures bed mattresses and pillows, their products are being made in South Korea and in other countries. The company sells memory foam mattresses, spring foam mattresses, and latex mattresses; slippers; and other bed products. Zinus sell their products under Vivon, Night Theraphy, and Spa Sensation brand names. Not only mattresses Zinus also offer Bed Frames and Foundations. Zinus, Inc. was founded in South Korea in 1978 and has a base in Seongnam.

Zinus Products

In the memory foam mattresses currently Zenus have three variants, which is Pressure Relief Green Tea Memory Foam, Cooling Gel Memory Foam, and Pressure Relief Cloud Memory Foam. In the spring mattresses they have five variants, which is Cooling Hybrid Gel Foam Mattress, Cooling Euro Top Pocketed iCoil Spring Mattress, Pressure Relief Euro Top, Pocketed iCoil Hybrid Mattress, Pressure Relief Pocketed iCoil Spring Mattress, and Cooling Pocketed iCoil Spring Mattress .

While in the Bed Frames and Foundations Zenus have five types, they are Steel BiFold Box Spring, Steel Premium 18’’SmartBase Frame, Steel Elite 14”SmartBase Frame, Steel Deluxe 16” SmartBase Frame, Steel Compack Bed Frame.

Zenus Bed

Zenus bed is made with 4 layers, the top layer is made up with memory foam and has thickness about 3 inches, this layer ensures that comfort, pressure relief and motion isolation are spot on and at its best. The second layer of Zenus bed is made of a specialized structured foam that designed to contour and offer good support for our neck, shoulder and contouring. The third layer have around 3.5 inches thickness and made of airflow foam which ensures that the heat from our body dispersed away to maintain a comfortable cool sleep without heat buildup. The last layer of Zinus Bed also has 3.5 thicknesses and made of quality airflow High-Density base support foam. The foam acts as the supporting base for the mattress and also made to making it last longer. (You can read also : Zinus Memory Foam vs Tempurpedic)

About Casper

Casper Bed is manufactured by Casper Sleep, an American base e-commerce Company. Casper Bed sells their products online and have a Headquarter in New York City. The Company has two showrooms located in New York City and Los Angeles. Casper Bed are manufactured in both Georgia and Pennsylvania. Casper was launched in April 2014 by Philip Krim, Neil Parikh, T. Luke Sherwin, Jeff Chapin and Gabriel Flateman.

Casper Products

Casper currently not only selling bed but also pillow, sheets, duvet, mattress protector, Adjustable base, Foundation, Metal Bed Frame, and Dog Mattresses. Casper has three types of mattress, which is The Wave, The Casper, and The Essential. The Wave is claimed to be Casper’s signature combination, which made with an additional top layer and Hyper-Targeted Support for spinal alignment. The Casper, which is the most popular mattress from Casper is claimed to be a unique combination of foams and with Zoned Support it can creates an outrageously comfortable sleep surface. The Essential is the most affordable Casper Bed, it is claimed to able to support your body, breathable, and bounce. It all comes together in a streamline three-layer build.

Casper Bed

Casper Beds are built with four layers. The first layer is open-cell foam, this layer will ensure that we will sleep cool at night and never have to worry about sweaty nights. Even though memory foam is known to hold much heat, open-cell technology will eliminate that problem. The second layer is responsive memory foam, this layer will contours your body curves to make sure you are comfortable when sleeping. The third layer is adaptive transition foam, this layer is exist to ensure that your body weight will be transfer evenly and minimize motion transfer. The last layer is durable support system, this part will guarantee you a better service and longevity of the mattress.

Zinus Bed vs Casper Bed

Zinus BedCasper Bed
- Price range from $189-$349- Price range from $550-$1.150
- The cover fabric made from cotton blend- The cover fabric made from polyester blend
- The thickness is about 12 inches- The thickness is about 9.5 inches
- The weight is about 18-35 lbs- The weight is about 55-104 lbs


When comparing Zenus bed and Casper Bed, we have to see it from many aspects. First, the firmness, Zinus Bed is said to be slightly below Casper. Second, a good mattress should be able to minimize motion transfer, between Zenus and Casper there are no significant difference. Zenus is said to have a slightly better motion transfer than Casper. The other important aspects is how long they can be used, both Zenus and Casper give 10 years guarantee and 100 nights trial period. Seeing from their features and prices Zenus is a better choice, they offers good quality beds with far cheaper prices.

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