Zinus Memory Foam vs Tempurpedic

If we take a look at the mattress industry today, we can conclude that many mattress companies have shifted their focus to providing affordable, budget-friendly mattresses. This is because of the online mattress companies. These companies sell their products through online channels instead of supplying and distributing to local retailers. As the effect, the prices of these mattresses can be significantly reduced. But we certainly want to know whether such mattresses can actually compare against traditional luxury brands. Here, we are going to put two mattresses against each other, which are Zinus Memory Foam and Tempurpedic. The two are quite different. Zinus Memory Foam is known as a budget-friendly option that you can order online with free shipping. On the other hand, the Tempurpedic mattress is quite expensive, as it is more of a luxury brand. Continue reading below!

Zinus Memory Foam vs. Tempurpedic: Construction Layers

Zinus Memory Foam features three foam layers with different heights.
– The uppermost layer has 3” thickness, made of memory foam. This top layer functions to provide softness and contouring to the body of the sleeper.
– The middle layer also has 3” thickness. It is made from transition poly foam. This is the layer that provides support. It also acts as the transitional layer between the soft comfort layer and the firm base layer.
– The lowermost layer has 6” thickness. It is composed of base poly foam. Besides acting as the foundational layer of the mattress, it also serves the deep compression support needed especially by heavy sleepers.
As you can see, the total thickness of the mattress is 12”. That is quite thick, if compared to many other foam mattresses.

The Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze mattress, on the other hand, has a total thickness of 11.5” from top to bottom. It is constructed of four different foam layers.
– The top layer is the comfort layer. It has 2” thickness. The layer is made of visco elastic memory foam. This layer provides the initial soft feeling, as well as the contouring and hug feel that are the typical characteristics of Tempurpedic.
– The second layer act as the comfort and support layer. It is also 2” thick, made of visco elastic memory foam. It is very similar to the top layer, but it is a little bit firmer. It provides comfort and support for the sleeper, working together with the lower support layer to create a smooth and pleasant transition.
– The third layer is the support layer. It is 4” thick, made from polyurethane foam. It provides an excellent transition from the upper layers to the firm base.
– The lowermost layer is 3.5” thick, composed of polyurethane foam. It is the foundational base that is firm and sturdy, allowing the mattress to maintain shape. It also provides the deep compression support for heavy sleepers.

Zinus Memory Foam vs. Tempurpedic: Cover

Zinus Memory Foam comes with an aesthetically pleasing cover, but there are a few things left to be desired. The top surface is white and decorated with a nice artistic pattern. However, the elasticity has made it somewhat loose. Hence it may have some bunched up spots. However, the mesh on the lower half of the mattress looks very neat and modern, tightly wrapping around the perimeters.

Tempurpedic’s cover is awesome. Made from 94% polyester and 6%, it gives the perfect combination of stretch, softness, and breathability. You can pull and tug the cover from any angle and any direction, and it will not hesitate to snap right back to the original position. In addition, the cover is somewhat thin, allowing great breathability. It looks cool, too. The top surface is white, decorated with a nice diamond pattern. There is a blue line that surrounds the sides of the mattress, as the border between the top white part and the gray bottom part.

Zinus Memory Foam vs. Tempurpedic: Performance

One factor that people usually consider when choosing for a mattress is the firmness level. People may have different needs and preferences. If you like a mattress that is just slightly firm, you may find Zinus Memory Foam to be more suitable. When lying on the mattress, you can immediately notice a degree of softness and some sinkage. It has some hug feel. However, the sinkage is not excessive. Rather, the sinkage is well balanced across the entire surface, allowing the lighter limbs of your body to sink slightly, too. However, the transition to the firm base is not very smooth; because of that, a heavy sleeper may find the mattress to be not very supportive and firm inside.

Zinus Memory Foam also has very low motion transfer. Well, foam mattresses are known for their minimal motion transfer, but Zinus Memory Foam performs a very good job in minimalizing the motions. Unfortunately, the mattress can be somewhat hot, which may not be comfortable for a hot sleeper.

Tempurpedic is noticeably softer than Zinus Memory Foam. If you lie on the mattress, you can feel that it gradually sinks inside. For some sleepers, especially those who like a mattress that hugs. But, if you don’t like such mattress, it may be inconvenient. However, the sinkage is properly balanced. The Tempurpedic mattress is particularly great for side sleepers due to the contouring it is capable of providing.

Nevertheless, the motion transfer on this mattress is virtually zero. You can sleep soundly even if your partner is moving non-stop on the other side of the bed. In addition, it is also very cool. It does not get warm at any point during your sleeping.

Zinus Memory FoamTempurpedic
- Affordable and budget-friendly- Relatively more expensive
- Firmer- Softer
- Some sinkage and hug- Significant sinkage and hug
- Can get hot- Excellent cooling
- 12” thick with three foam layers- 11.5” thick with four foam layers


In general, Tempurpedic indeed offers several benefits that Zinus Memory Foam doesn’t have, such as the better quality cover and the outstanding cooling performance. So, there are reasons to choose the pricier option. Still, the two mattresses have different characters that make them suitable for different sleepers. If you prefer a firmer mattress, Zinus Memory Foam is more suitable. Tempurpedic is only great if you like a soft mattress with a very pronounced hug.

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