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Zinus Memory Foam vs Tuft And Needle

So, you are on the market now looking for a new mattress. However, you don’t want to break the bank, do you? No worries. There are budget-friendly options that you can consider, such as Zinus Memory Foam and Tuft And Needle. The two companies have been producing low-cost mattresses for some time. Of course, the mattress industry has changed quite significantly in the last few years. The days of expensive, thousands-of-bucks beds have long gone. Today, you can sleep comfortably with a contemporary mattress available under for a thousand bucks. But, how good are these budget options actually? And, should you choose Zinus Memory Foam or Tuft And Needle for the best mattress? Find out by continue reading below.

Zinus Memory Foam vs. Tuft And Needle: Construction

Despite coming at an affordable price point, Zinus Memory Foam is coming with a decent construction and design. It has a total thickness of 12 inches. It is constructed of three foam layers.
– The top layer is the comfort layer. It is 3 inches thick, composed of memory foam. It provides a soft feel and contouring the sleeper’s body.
– The middle layer is the support and transition layer. It is also 3 inches thick, made of poly foam. It has been designed to provide support to the sleeper’s body. It also acts as a transitional layer from the comfort foam to the firm base foam.
– The bottom layer is the foundation layer. It is 6 inches thick, composed of base poly foam. It functions as the foundation base of the mattress, as well as to provide deep compression support for heavy sleepers.

On the other hand, Tuft And Needle is a foam mattress that has a total thickness of 10 inches, featuring two layers of different types of foam.
– The top layer is the comfort layer, which is 3.0 inches thick. It is composed of polyurethane foam with a density of 2.9 PCF (pounds per cubic foot). It has been designed to provide comfort, support, and cooling.
– The bottom layer is the foundation layer, which is 7.0 inches thick. It is also composed of polyurethane foam, but it is firmer and sturdier. The base foam has a density of 1.8 PCF (pounds per cubic foot). It creates the foundational support and shape of the mattress.

Zinus Memory Foam vs. Tuft And Needle: Cover

Zinus Memory Foam features a cover that is aesthetically pleasing. The cover has two parts that are connected to each other by a wavy seam. The top surface is white, and is soft and pleasant to the touch. It has been decorated with a nice artistic texture. However, the top part of the cover is somewhat loose. Hence, it may create bunched up spots. Meanwhile, the lower part of the cover is mesh, which wraps tightly around the sides of the mattress, thus giving the mattress a modern appeal.

The cover of Tuft And Needle is plain and simple. It is entirely white. It is thin by design. The thinness allows great cooling and breathability. The thinness also allows the sleeper’s body to get a closer contact with the comfort foam. In terms of appearance, the mattress looks very basic. There is not so much of a statement that can visually set it apart from other mattresses. On the good side, apparently, the plain and simple cover has allowed Tuft And Needle to press down the price a little bit lower. (Read also : Casper Mattress vs Tuft And Needle)

Zinus Memory Foam vs. Tuft And Needle: Performance

In terms of firmness, these two mattresses fall in the category of medium firmness. However, if we are to compare the two, Tuft And Needle is just very slightly firmer than Zinus Memory Foam.

On Zinus Memory Foam, you can notice a good degree of sinkage. The sinkage is nothing overbearing; it is balanced throughout the mattress, allowing the lighter limbs to sink slightly as well. However, a heavy sleeper may find the mattress not very supportive due to the abrupt middle layer.Nevertheless, Zinus Memory Foam has managed to deliver a very comfortable hug feel. Furthermore, Zinus Memory Foam also boasts outstanding performance in minimizing motion transfer. The memory foam is very effective in soaking up the majority of the motion energy. Hence you will hardly feel the movements of your partner. Unfortunately, the mattress can be quite warm due to the memory foam as the uppermost layer.

Tuft And Needle apparently wants to be suitable for the widest range of people by making a mattress with the “universal medium” firmness level. The firmness is decent to support heavy sleepers. It has just slight sinkage. It is supportive, indeed. Unfortunately, it may not be the best option for people looking for contouring and pressure relief. Well, not that the contouring and pressure relief of Tuft And Needle are bad; it is good, but just not great enough if you need lots of the two aspects.

Anyhow, the mattress is good enough for most sleeping positions. Back and stomach sleepers can use the mattress just fine. Side sleepers would definitely love this mattress. The mattress is quite responsive. While the response is not instant, it is not slow. At least, it is more responsive than memory foam. In terms of heat retention, Tuft And Needle is pretty good. It does not retain heat very much. It is quite breathable, allowing for a good degree of cooling.

Zinus Memory Foam vs. Tuft And Needle: Trial, Warranty, and Shipping

Both Zinus Memory Foam and Tuft And Needle provide free shipping. That’s awesome. Both companies also provide 10 years of warranty for their products. However, Zinus Memory Foam only provides 30 days of trial period. Tuft And Needle offers 100 days of trial period. So, you can take some longer time to get to know your mattress.

Zinus Memory FoamTuft And Needle
- 12” thick- 10” thick
- Three layers: 3” comfort memory foam, 3” transition poly foam, 6” base poly foam- Two layers: 3” comfort poly foam, 7” base poly foam
- Stylish contemporary cover- Simple and plain white cover
- Medium firmness, but has more contouring, pressure relief, and sinkage- Medium firmness, but with more support


All in all, both are decent budget options. Both have medium firmness. However, if you prefer memory foam, which offers enhanced contouring and a hug feel, Zinus Memory Foam is the way to go. If you are quite a heavy sleeper looking for more support, Tuft And Needle is more suitable.

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