Zinus vs Leesa

Don’t you think it is pretty hard to find a good mattress? Many company offer many different kind of mattress with their range of price. Sleep is very important to our body, so it is important to own a good mattress that can enhance your sleeping quality. In this article we will introduce you to two of good mattress, they are Zinus pressure relief mattress and Leesa memory foam mattress.

In this article we will give you information about:

  • What is Zinus and Leesa memory foam bed?
  • What Zinus and Leesa can offer to you?
  • Zinus vs Leesa

About Zinus

The Zinus mattress that we are going to talk about is the bestseller Zinus Pressure Relief Mattress. Zinus pressure relief claims that it has been clinically proven to improve your sleeping quality and the efficiency of your sleep. The products offer you the right balance of support and comfort no matter what your sleep position might are.

Zinus Features

Taken from their honmepage, Zinus mattress is made with only the highest quality foam, they are all CertiPUR-US Certified for their durability, content and performance. It also featured with the latest evolution of BioFoam. Biofoam here is replacing the traditional petroleum memory foam mattress. The Biofoam used natural plant oil to keep the mattress fresh. Zinus also made and researched their own products at their own factory.

Zinus pressure relief 10” mattress is built with 3 layers of foam, which are the 3 inch memory foam, 3 inch pressure relieving comfort foam, and 5.5 inch high density base support foam. The comfort of this mattress in really good, it can distributes your weight evenly and also prevents any pressure building up, so it will be able to make you more comfortable. If you like to sleep on your stomach you will also enjoy this mattress, Zinus pressure relief mattress able to keep your spine in a proper alignment, and this will result on reducing sore neck, back or shoulders. It also able to produce an appropriate amount of cushioning, so you will feel snugged but not excessively being trapped. Also read our other article on Signature Sleep vs Zinus here.

The air technology located at its bottom two layers works really well for alleviating heat retention. This will also help to circulate the body heat out of the bed instead trapping it inside the bed, which commonly happen in memory foam fabrics.

The motion isolation on Zinus pressure relief is great, basically you will not experience any movement except if you or your partner change your position when sleeping. This will make you have a good night sleep, while changing position throughout the night.

About Leesa

You can say that Leesa is the pioneer in the online mattress industry. This company directly shipped their mattress in a box to their consumers since 2014. The company now has grown to be able to offer different type of mattress and other type of sleep products such as pillows, blankets and foundations. Now you can find Leesa in their retail location located in various places such as, West Elm, and their own Leesa Dream Galleries in New York City and Virginia Beach.

Leesa Features

Leesa mattress is built in three different layers. The exact measurements of those three different layers are 6 inches in the base foam, 2 inches in the memory foam, and 2 inches in the Avena foam. The allover thickness is 10 inches and wrapped in Leesa iconic four-stripe cover that was made of polyester/lycra blend. The cover is removable and below the firesock you can see its three different layers.

Let us start from the Comfort layer first, like it have been mentioned above the thickness of this layer is 2 inches of Avena foam. Avena foam is very similar to Latex and known to have a quick response to pressure, it makes the mattress able to provide some bounce. With this you will be able to change position without much interference that comes from the mattress. The material also has a great cooling ability and combined with the holes in the top of the layer and the convoluted design of the bottom, it should be able to regulate the temperature and keep the mattress cool.

Placed in the middle, there is memory foam that has 2 inches thickness. This memory foam have a purpose to contour the body and allow you to sink into the mattress for pressure relief. Memory foam is known for its retaining heat ability, this is why Leesa mattress place the memory foam in the second layer, so you can still get the pressure relief without the heat.The base of the Leesa mattress is 6 inches, the base is high in density poly foam and placed to support the comfort layers, which placed above it as well as you, who sleep on top of it.

Zinus vs Leesa

- 5x pricier than Zinus- More affordable than Leesa
- The thickness is about 10’’- The thickness is about 11.5”
- Their memory foam is placed at the second layer- Their memory foam is placed at the first layer


When choosing both of them it can be pretty confusing, since both of them is equally good. However there are some difference, especially on the thickness of both mattress, we can see that Zinus is thicker than Leesa, even though both of them is built with three layers. Aside from that Zinus is definitely cheaper than Leesa. Leesa is sold at 5x pricier than Zinus, so we recommend you to pick Zinus over Leesa if you don’t want to spend much on your mattress.

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