Bed In A Box vs Tempurpedic

Having a good sleep is important and to achieve that we do need a good sleeping mattress. A good mattress not only will make our sleep better but will help some of our sleeping problem like aches as well. Among those many mattress, Bed in a Box vs Tempurpedic are two great option you will like. If you also interested in these brands, go check our article below to see which brand will give you the best mattress or with the kind of features you prefer.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

    • Do you need a Sleeping Mattress?
    • What are Bed in a Box and Tempurpedic?
    • How many variants Bed in a Box and Tempurpedic have?
    • What Bed in a Box and Tempurpedic can offer to you?
    • Bed in a Box vs Tempurpedic

Sleeping Mattress

We spent almost the half of our lives sleeping and this is used to rest our body and mind so we can be prepared for the next day to come. Lack of sleep or sleeping problem will bring harm to our body because instead of waking up feeling fresh, we can be much tired than before we go to bed. Beside caused by other problem such as stress, a sleeping problem may caused by your mattress because uncomfortable mattress will reduce our sleeping quality.

A good mattress will help our body relief the pain caused by our activities and provide a nice cushioning to let us have a good rest.

People may have different problem and taste, which is why we need to find the right mattress that match our need and provide us with the best benefit. If what you need are great support, pressure relief and body contouring, then the best option probably picking a memory foam mattress that has a varying firmness level to match your need.

About Bed in a Box

When you look for the brands available in the market that offer memory foam sleeping mattress, you will find a lot and it do can get confusing sometime if we never used one of them before or when we still have lesser experience. Among those many brands, Bed in a Box will be a good option to go because not only they are famous for the quality mattress, this company also offer a wide variant of sleeping mattress in a fairly affordable price. Read also: Tempurpedic vs Purple here.

This company is claiming to make their memory foam mattress from high quality materials to help the users to ease muscle and joint pain while providing the comfort needed for sleep to achieve a good health.

Bed in a Box is not a cheap brand, their mattress are not cheap but are affordable which is hard to see when we are looking for a good product since they are commonly priced so high up there. To make their product better, this brand also continuously upgrading their older mattress.

Bed in a Box Variants

In Bed in a Box site you can find various mattress that you can pick to match your preference or available with the kind of features you want. They may look similar and may have some similarities but different as well to meet your needs. Those mattress types are:

      • Pacbed Original, this is a memory foam mattress and the brand’s flagship product or their most popular. In the new version, Bed in a Box claimed that they enhance the feeling of the previous mattress by softening it slightly to provide an overall better feeling for those who sleep on it.
      • Pacbed Lite, this is very similar to the previous model but just like the name, this mattress is leaner and lighter while still able to provide a great comfort, moreover, since it is leaner, the price is also more affordable.
      • Azul, the brand describe this model as a classic design with a cool twist because they combined the design of Pacbed Original with their other mattress called Serenity to get the perfect reflection of both models. The special feature on this one is the CoolRest adaptive which is used to enhance the surface.
      • Tranquillium, this is a memory foam mattress and the one you may want to pick if you are looking to find the mattress to provide the best pressure relief. This model is combining the two special technology by the brand; CoolRest foam and TENCEL cover.
      • Adagio, this is probably the most unique mattress in the catalogue because different from the rest, this model is combining memory foam with metal innerspring making this model a hybrid mattress.
      • Silk Symphony, if you want the one that can be flipped over and offer a different kind of firmness you may want to change from time to time. Then, this model can be a good option with top sides that provide a soft and luxurious feeling while the flip side is flat stitched and more into the firm side.
      • Serenity, matching with the name, this memory foam mattress is the one option if you want to get the experience like sleeping on a cloud due to the plush firmness.

Bed in a Box Features

As you can see, all of the mattress from the brand are coming in different name and they are offering a different kind of firmness for the users so you can pick the one that match your need or preference. However, they have several worth mentioning features that make the mattresses special and different from many others in the market.

The CoolRest technology, this is an advanced gel-infused memory foam that will perfectly contours your body and providing the pressure relief you want.

This memory foam has an open cell structure to increase the air flow and providing the user a cooler sleep as opposed to the hot sleeping condition which is the main problem in many other memory foam mattress. Not only will keep your body cool while sleeping, the foam will reduce motion transfer so the one sleeping beside you will be less disturbed while the density is good to make the foam back into its initial shape instantly.

TENCEL cover is used on Tranquillium model and this one has a unique moisture management properties to offer. Bed in a Box claimed that the cover will absorbs up to 50% more moisture than cotton making it a high performance fabric. A rapid absorption will help with reducing the bacterial growth naturally without the need of any chemicals. One of their mattress called Adagio is very unique as well with two sides that can be used.

The top side will provide the user with a soft, plush and luxurious feeling while the other side is firmer for those who love sleeping on their side and stomach. What’s more interesting is this model combined metal innerspring with memory foam for those who are not ready yet to completely switch to foam mattress. Not only Adagio, the Silk Symphony is also coming with two sides you can use with different level of firmness to match your preference or sleeping position.

This model is featured with 2” Quilted-top which is made with a silk blend for both beauty and comfort as well as durability. The best benefit of this top is not only they are soft and strong, they have a high rate of absorbency as well and will help to draw moisture from your body to promote sleeping on a cooler condition while when in tandem with memory foam, it can provide a good pressure relief.

About Tempurpedic

It is always good to have another alternative when looking for something because we can compare them and see which brand or item will give us the best benefit or at least will provide us with the kind of features we are looking for and as for sleeping mattress, Tempurpedic is another good option to check if you are looking for a brand that not only offer you a good quality mattress but also a wide range of models and price for you to choose.

Tempurpedic Variants

The brand have many mattress model in their catalogue and different best features to match with your sleeping position and problems or with the kind of firmness you prefer. Those mattresses are:

      • Tempur-Pro Adapt which is the brand’s newest edition with SmartClimate Dual cover system, Tempur-ES comfort layer and Tempur-APR support layer. There are soft, medium, hybrid and firm option for this model.
      • Tempur Contour Elite, just like the name, this mattress is the one you want to pick if you like to find the one that can contour your body. As an option, you can choose this model with their newer technology called the Breeze Cooling. Another version of this model called the Rhapsody Luxe have an EasyRefresh top cover which has a zip, so you can wash it when needed to keep it clean and fresh.
      • Tempur Adapt and Luxe Adapt. The Adapt have Cool-to-touch cover to give you a cool sleeping condition; available in medium and medium hybrid firmness. Luxe Adapt have the Tempur-APR+ support layer and available in soft or firm option.
      • Tempur-Flex Supreme Breeze and Elite. These models have dynamic support layer but only the Elite version comes with the EasyRefresh top cover which can be removed for easy washing.
      • Tempur-Cloud Elite, Cloud Luxe, and Cloud Luxe Breeze. All of these models have similar layers and more into the soft side but the Elite Luxe have the EasyRefresh cover and SmartClimate while the Breeze has the cooling cover.
      • Grand Bed is the most luxurious mattress you can find on the brand’s catalogue. What makes this model special is mostly the design because it has an elegant tailoring that incorporates blended silk-cashmere over fabric and diamond-embossed side panels.

Tempurpedic Features

As you can see, Tempurpedic has many collections in their catalogue and each one of them are designed and made with different combination of layers as well as additional features to enhance some of its best parts.

One of the best and newest technology from the brand is the Tempur-Breeze cover which is claimed to be better in helping the users to sleep in cool condition than those without the cover. This cover is made from lightweight fabric, breathable and infused with innovative cooling technology.

We all know that even though we sleep after bathing, we may sweat while sleeping and it can make our mattress cover have an unpleasant smell after a period of time. Those with non-removable cover will have to deal with it one way or another but Tempurpedic have a solution for this by offering the EasyRefresh top cover that is featured with zipper you can access from both sides to take the cover off. This cover then can be washed or replace with another cover when needed to make your bed stay fresh and clean.

Another worth mentioning feature from the brand is the SuperClimate system which is constructed with two layers and intended to help you to sleep comfortably at night. The fibers on the top will draw moisture away from your body while the inner part will provide a cool to-the-touch comfort. The comfort layer of Tempurpedic mattress are made from TEMPUR-HD material that works with the support layer beneath to allow you to have a personalized comfort and support.

For those who loves a mattress that can return into its initial shape, there is Tempur-Response technology from the brand which will give the mattress a familiar, slightly springy feel. The last worth mentioning feature is the Dynamic Support Layer that is made from innovative, densely-placed precision coils and used to help the mattress to reacts actively to your body movement.


Now, let’s compare Bed in a Box with Tempurpedic. As you may already know, the prominent difference between these brands are the amount of option because Tempurpedic have more variant and option in their catalogue. In term of features, both brands have their own best part but only Bed in a Box have the double side mattress in their catalogue so you can have two different feeling in one mattress.

Bed in a Box vs Tempurpedic

Bed In A BoxTempurpedic
- More mattress variants- More variants
- More interesting technologies- Have removable cover
- Generally slightly more expensive- More expensive


All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are a good option and you can go with either of them. However, we prefer Bed in a Box because this brand have less confusing variants and options which is good to clearly separate one model over the other. Their mattresses also have different firmness, so you can instantly find the one that match your need and preference, moreover, they are far more affordable compared to Tempurpedic.

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