Novaform vs Casper

Whether you realize it or not, the mattress affects our sleeping quality and all of us want the good night rest to be able to work and be active again the next day. For those whose mattress is no longer comfortable, it is wise to buy a new one such as Novaform Vs Casper. These online mattress brands are high quality and pretty affordable with amazing comfort. If you also are confused on which of them to choose, do check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Sleeping is Important
  • How are the Healthy Amount of Sleep 
  • What are Novaform and Casper
  • What Novaform and Casper Look Like
  • How are the Layers in Novaform and Casper
  • How are the Firmness of Novaform and Casper
  • Are Novaform and Casper Comfortable 
  • Novaform Vs Casper

Importance of Good Night Sleep

Most people wake up in the morning and sleep at night because this is how our body naturally works and while there are times when you can’t sleep due to various reasons such as school work, social activity, or even your office job, it is still very important to keep our body sleeping schedule in check. This is not only because you can feel the direct impact such as tiredness and lack of motivation but in the long term lack of sleep can bring many harmful effects on your body.

We are sure most people ever experience fatigue, short temper, or lack of focus and personally we have them quite often which is due to poor night’s sleep. These are the lighter effect from lack of sleep but over time it will get more serious and affect much further. Our brain will start to fog and make it very difficult to concentrate or make decisions. You may feel lack of motivation or dozed off during the day which can be dangerous especially if you are operating machinery.

When this issue is not handled quickly, the effect may get worse and cause some problems for your overall health conditions because lack of sleep is also related to some issues such as heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. On the other hand, getting enough sleep can give you various health benefits as well. For example it can help you slim down as there are several studies suggesting those who sleep less than 7 hours a day tend to gain more weight.

Healthy Sleep Amount

Because being sleep deprived is not the wisest decision if you want to live a happy and healthy life, it is always recommended to get an enough amount of rest at night which on average is 8 hours yet, some people may need more and some may need less. This is very personal and our body probably has their own way to tell you but, as a loose guideline it is best to notice how you feel when waking up such as whether you feel refreshed or still tired.

For those with preexisting health conditions like sleep apnoea they may have to deal with the underlying issue first but in general many lack sleep due to their bad sleeping habits and even external factors as well such as their sleeping environment, mattress, or bedroom. Different people may have their own personal preferences on which seems the most comfortable so it is just wise to follow your taste such as temperature and brightness of room.

About Novaform and Casper

Among the factors that may affect your sleeping quality, the mattress is probably one of the easiest to fix as you only need to find the more comfortable one. Mattress is something that we have to change over the years as they will not only wear out but also lose the flexibility and support to give the best comfort. Best mattresses are obviously expensive but many are still affordable depending on your own personal preference including sleeping position. 

You can visit a store or shop from home but in times like now when it is best to not go to public places for our own safety, the latter can be a great choice to try. No need to worry because the online mattress selling trend is not new and you can find lots of manufacturers or brands offering an option to deliver the product to your house conveniently. Among those, Novaform and Casper are probably two of the most popular and it is for a good reason as their mattresses are proven to be comfortable.

Online mattresses are also popular for being affordable but they are not always cheap and in comparison between the two, it is also easy to tell that Novaform is the more affordable option yet, for those who are willing to invest more, we highly recommend to check Loom and Leaf in our Loom and Leaf Vs Tuft and Needle here as this bed is the most comfortable in similar price range. Casper on the other hand is like a middle ground between cheap and mid-range online mattresses.

Both Novaform and Casper are carrying more than one mattress in their catalog but for this comparison we are only going to talk about their most popular choice which is the ComfortGrande and Original variant respectively from the two. They are an equally amazing option for those who want to keep the budget low but still get the best comfort. Overall we do think they are great for people who mostly sleep on their back.

Novaform and Casper Design

Just like typical affordable mattresses out there, these two variants are kept simple in terms of appearance and as you can see from the sample picture above, the cover is also very standard. Casper seems to already change their cover to look more elegant but the tops are still flat with very thin texture unlike the Novaform which is drawn with a pattern that you can feel how the texture is. More expensive mattresses like Loom and Leaf may have come with a quilted cover to add its elegance.

For this comparison we are choosing the Queen size for both variant and side by side it is pretty noticeable that Novaform ComfortGrande is taller than Casper at 14 inches thick while the latter is 3 inches shorter. Overall these mattresses are very simple and seem comfortable but, it is a subject for what we are going to talk about later below.

Novaform and Casper Layers

Moving further, the first thing we want to talk about is their foam layers as it affects how the mattress will support your body and provide comfort. Starting with Novaform, this variant is made up of three different layers with an 8 inches base foam. This foam is very dense and the thickest among them for stability and firmness. On top of it they put a 3 inches air channel foam to help regulate temperature while above it there is a 3 inches gel memory foam for best comfort.

On the other hand Casper is also made with three different layers with a very thick base made from high-density foam to give the bed shape and stability as well as being the structure of this mattress. On the top of it there is a transition foam which is made from memory foam with zoned support and it alone has three different zones as well with different thickness to contour your body. The top is made from aerated foam and has a slow response to pressure for better sinkage.

Novaform and Casper Firmness

The next part we want to talk about is their firmness but in general, just like most mattresses in this price range both Novaform and Casper fall among medium firmness and in comparison they are also about the same. We do think they are more towards firm rather than soft but it is great because a firm mattress is ideal for different sleeping positions and the fact that they are Medium allows for a middle ground to allow back sleeper to have the best combination of both textures.

Novaform and Casper Comfort

The last part we want to talk about is the overall comfort of these mattresses and starting with Novaform, it is probably just slightly firmer than Casper and you can find it produces pressure points. On the back it is almost perfect, the firm texture supports your shoulder well while the soft quality will go into your lumbar area. However, we found it too firm for side sleepers and it gets uncomfortable almost instantly which makes it a bit difficult to start sleeping in this position.

Casper is actually very similar to Novaform in terms of firmness so we guess it will offer the same experience as well. It starts great when you sleep on the back especially how it supports the shoulder area and still very well managed to get into your lumbar area for best support. Moving to the side was okay at first but after a while it gets too uncomfortable and the issue is still the same, this mattress is too stiff. As for stomach sleeper, you will need a firmer mattress than these two.

Novaform vs Casper

Getting the best mattress is not an easy task because most of them are very similar but, between Novaform and Casper, they are slightly different. First is on the thickness of the mattress and second is on how firm they are which surprisingly give us an impression that Casper is just slightly softer than Novaform despite being thinner and probably allow for a little bit of comfort for side sleepers.

Novaform Casper
- Very affordable

- More expensive

- Thicker- Shorter
- Slightly firmer- Slightly softer


All in all you should go with which of them that seems to fit your sleeping preference the most. Personally we move from back to side often so if possible we want a rather softer mattress hence between the two we do like Casper better but for prominent back sleeper, we recommend to save the budget and go with Novaform.

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