Brooklyn Bedding vs Dreamfoam

As you search through the market for the best bedding for your night sleep, you may find yourself stuck in choosing between the big names. Both Brooklyn Bedding and Dreamfoam Bedding are famous bedding. These two bedding options have been trusted by many people, and their users are generally satisfied with their quality and comfortability. Still, what works with other people may not work with you. So, before you make your choice, it is vital that you first understand the differences between these two bedding options. Let’s see the comparisons between Brooklyn Bedding and Dreamfoam Bedding!

Available Options

Both Brooklyn Bedding and Dreamfoam Bedding are available in various sizes, from Twin all the way to California King. Both bedding options also provide varying firmness levels, from Soft, Medium, to Firm. However, unlike Dreamfoam Bedding, Brooklyn Bedding is only available in one option. The 10”-thick mattress is constructed from three different layers, which are the 2” Talalay latex, 2” Dunlop latex, and 6” Convoluted High-Density Polyurethan foam. The cover is soft and quilted. Compared to Dreamfoam Bedding, Brooklyn Bedding tends to be softer and bouncier.

On the other hand, Dreamfoam Bedding is available in at least nine different options. The latex version comes with a Talalay latex comfort layer and a polyfoam / Talalay latex core, available with bamboo or cotton/aloe knit cover. The memory foam version features a gel memory foam comfort layer and a polyfoam core, available with stretch bamboo or stretch cotton cover. Finally, the foam version has an Energex gel foam and a high-density polyfoam core with a stretch cotton cover. Hence, since there are more options, you may be able to get a cheaper mattress from Dreamfoam Bedding. By the way, the bamboo cover is very soft, comfortable, and gentle to sensitive skin. It is also thermo-regulating, helping you to stay and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Dreamfoam Bedding is somewhat firmer due to the thicker core and middle layers. (See also : Brooklyn Bedding vs Tempurpedic)

Trial Period and Warranty

You may also want to know about the trial periods of both models. Both provide the 10-year warranty for their products, but Dreamfoam Bedding only has a trial period of 90 nights. During the trial period, you can return the mattress if you are not satisfied. On the other hand, Brooklyn Bedding offers 120 nights for the trial period.

Brooklyn Bedding vs Dreamfoam

Brooklyn BeddingDreamfoam
- Compressed and rolled into a 19" x 19" x 45" box your mattress is able to be shipped parcel directly to your door- The Arctic Dreams 10" Cooling Gel Mattress is a medium comfort level on our scale
- 2 inches of comfy Talalay Latex certified by Oeko-Tex 2015- Arctic Dreams Cooling Gel Mattress uses a gel infused, super breathable foam in the comfort layer to provide cool, quality sleep
- 2 inches of Dunlop Latex acting as a perfect transition from latex to the core layer- 75 inch super soft quilting layer over, 3 inches of fast response Energex gel foam, over 6.25 inches of convoluted high density polyurethane foam


Brooklyn Bedding is the way to go if you prefer a soft and bouncy mattress. If you prefer a firmer bed, then Dreamfoam Bedding’s abundant choices may have the perfect answer for you.

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