Nectar Vs DreamCloud

A comfortable mattress is important for quality sleep and may affect your health in the prolonged time as well. For those currently looking for a new mattress, Nectar Vs DreamCloud are two very popular options that you can purchase from home. These brands offer amazing but still affordable mattresses that will improve your sleeping quality. It seems many also love and feels comfortable using these mattresses as well but, before you buy one, do check which of them will be the better option below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How Mattress Affect Sleep Quality
  • What are Nectar and DreamCloud
  • What Nectar and DreamCloud Look Like
  • How are the Layers on Nectar and DreamCloud
  • How are the Firmness of Nectar and DreamCloud
  • Are Nectar and DreamCloud Comfortable
  • Nectar Vs DreamCloud

Mattress & Sleep Quality

We are sure most people know that we humans spend one-third of our life sleeping and this is because the process is very important for our body to function properly, not just to feel awake but also regain energy and focus while also maintaining our health in general. What many may not realize is there are actually many factors affecting your sleep quality and one of them is the mattress you sleep on every night which should be one of our best concerns when handling sleep issues.

Mattress Age

With the fact that we have spent so much times on our bed whether it is sleeping at night or just napping and taking a rest or relaxing, somehow we don’t pay that much of attention to this bedroom equipment, just like how we see the light bulb; as long as they still lit up, we don’t bother to note when and whether they need changing or not. The thing is all mattresses have average life expectancy which affects their performance or comfort level.

What’s confusing is there are also a lot that affects your mattress life-expectancy starting from the type of mattress itself such as how natural latex and high-density memory foam can last longer than innerspring and low-density foam, quality of the mattress, age and weight, as well as lifestyle or habit.

Bed Mites and Dead Skin Cells

For those who are not aware yet, your bed may seem like the cleanest place in the house but as a living human we are shedding not only hairs but also dead skin cells and as disgusting as it may sounds, there are typically 10 million of microscopic bugs that live in our bed that fed on those skin cells. What’s even more disgusting is they live there, multiplying, and poop too. While most people seem to deal with it just fine, it is not the case for people with allergies.

To prevent the population from getting out of control, it is recommended to wash the sheet once a week with hot water, vacuuming the surface often, and keeping the humidity in the room as low as possible. If the problem is getting serious, there is no other way than dumping the old mattress and getting a new one.

Back Pain and User Age

As we all know, the mattress is not going to stay new for long and in general they will start to sag as we sleep on them. The sag is often in the middle so rather than having a flat surface, we will be ending in a pretty awkward position or body level with a curve in the middle. As uncomfortable as it sounds, this is the cause of chronic back pain as our back is not aligned properly and as we age, the condition can get more serious.

About Nectar and DreamCloud

If you are here then it means you are also struggling with the mattress and currently looking for a new one. We also think that sometimes changing the old into a new unit is just more convenient because we will deal with no fuss and quickly solve the issue as well, as long as your sleeping problem is also caused by the mattress. What’s a bit tricky is deciding which mattress to choose because comfort can be subjective and what’s best for you may be different from other users.

You can shop for the mattress from a store or you can conveniently stay at home and shop online as today there are abundant companies offering their products on online platforms or directly delivering the unit to your house. If you prefer the best convenient and especially avoiding going outside to stay safe from the current pandemic, Nectar and DreamCloud are two good brands to shop from. These companies offer good quality mattresses and it seems many are also loving their products.

Just like many other manufacturers however, they are carrying more than one variant in the catalog so you can choose better but for those who want to balance both comfort and cost effective, their original variants are the most ideal options to consider. In addition, these two do carry another type of mattress in the catalog if you are aiming for the more luxurious bed or want to invest more to achieve a better quality mattress yet, for many people their cheaper options are what’s more attractive.

While we do think both Nectar and DreamCloud are equally amazing options, their mattresses are quite different from each other and the latter is probably what’s so attractive because usually a common affordable mattress is made only from memory foam while this one is hybrid. If you wonder which of them will be the better option, please read this article fully. Read also: Novaform Vs Ghostbed here.

Nectar and DreamCloud Design

When buying a new mattress we also pay attention to how they look and as you can see, in comparison the DreamCloud is also more elegant than Nectar which looks like most boxed mattresses out there. The newest DreamCloud has a navy blue fashion for the mattress’s side walls but the older variants have this dark crème or light brown finish. This mattress also has a textured surface or bumping tops which allow for more comfort if you are into this type of surface.

Nectar on the other hand is much simpler with dark grey sidewalls, featured with a blue list on the rim of the bed. As opposed, this mattress has a flat top and modest, clean look that fits in most modern bedroom settings. Despite the quite different look both of them are almost around the same price at $700-$800 for the Queen size and in addition you can shop for their cover or even platform to put the mattress on.

Nectar and DreamCloud Layers

Just like with any mattress, what you may want to know is the layers of these Nectar and DreamCloud because it will give an idea how the bed will work or provide comfort. Starting with Nectar, this mattress is 11 inches thick in total and the base is made with high-density poly foam to give a shape to the mattress and to stabilize it. On top of it there is a transition area with a layer of memory foam with a quick response effect to provide more comfort.

The top of the mattress is made with a layer of gel-infused memory foam and this one is even slower in responding to pressure but, this layer will also provide you with pressure relief and allow the heaviest part of the body to sink deeper. Moving to DreamCloud, this is where things get interesting because while there is a very thin layer of high density poly foam, the most of this mattress is based on pocketed coils and this will create bounce as well as providing the structure.

On top of this layer there is a transition layer made with a poly foam with a faster response to pressure to provide a bridge between the layer on top of it to the coil base. The top layer is made with gel memory foam and similar to Nectar, it also has a slow response to pressure so you can sink and provide contour for your back.

Nectar and DreamCloud Firmness

The next part we want to mention is their firmness and as you can expect from a coil bed, the DreamCloud mattress is also quite firm in general. The top foam can let your body sink but you can feel that it is stopped right on the transition area yet, the bounce is great when you move while sleeping as it is very soft. The Nectar falls in the medium firmness but in comparison to DreamCloud the fully memory foam bed is very soft or at least softer that it can sink quite deep despite being shorter.

Nectar and DreamCloud Comfort

The last part is for the comfort of Nectar and DreamCloud. Both of them are great for strictly back sleepers as there is plenty of sinkage to fill your lumbar area and align it properly but, when you move to the side it is also noticeable that Nectar is better here because the top is softer and allow you to sink deeper for the shoulders and neck to not feels pressure. For stomach sleepers however, we will need something that is firmer than any of these mattresses.

Nectar Vs DreamCloud

These mattresses are balancing both cost and comfort with DreamCloud also serving look in your bedroom. They are equally comfortable for back sleepers as they are in general fall into the medium-firm range but, Nectar is better for side sleepers or those sleep hugging bolsters as it is still soft enough to contour our shoulders, neck, and hip compared to DreamCloud which is still too stiff for this position.

- Memory foam- Hybrid
- 11-inch thick- 14-inch thick
- Cheaper- More expensive
- Good for back and side position- Good for back sleeper


Overall the two are good options for you who want to buy a new mattress but, we should shop based on what seems to fit you better and among the two, we highly recommend Nectar, not only for the cheaper price but also higher comfort for both back and side sleepers.

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