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Sleep is a very important activity for human life. Therefore, the factors of comfort while sleeping, became a very important thing. To that end, the necessary means and a good bed so that the metabolism of the body still function optimally during sleep activity progresses. The bed became one of the main furniture in the room. Therefore, in the selection of beds, in addition to paying attention to the convenience factor also see harmony with other furniture. Then, how to get the right bed? Sleep Number mattress offers you the best fit with your current condition. If we give you a choice between Sleep Number i8 vs i10, which one would you choose? Read reviews more on the page below.

Features on Sleep Number i8
The i8 is one of three sleeping mattresses of the innovation line series of bedding. This series also includes i10, and mattress-LE as well. The i8 mattress has 13″ profiles, which are measured from baseline to the highest attic mattress.The mattresses will come with one or two air chambers (depending on what size your bed is getting). The air spaces will expand and deflate according to the amount of sleep. This will determine the level of support or firmness of providing your mattress The two-room air beds are part of the Sleep DualAir feature of sleeping numbers. This allows you to adjust the firmness and support on each side of the bed for sleeping arrangements of your number Hose to the air pump into the room which is 4 feet in length Directly under the water chamber (s) is 1″ base pad and above the air chamber is 3″ PlushFit foam specially designed for sleeping numbers to help relieve pressure. The relieve pressure on seven specific areas: head, shoulders, lower back, hip, knee, under foot, and legs i8 mattresses made with polyester polypro fabric pylene blends that are designed to be soft and breathable. The top of the i8 mattress is a pillow top blanket that includes 2″ Hypersoft Quilting Foam Padded Surfaces and Outlast Temperature Balancing Technology to Minimize Temperature Changes. (See another discussion about Sleep Number i8)

Features on Sleep Number i10
The i10 mattress has a 15″ profile, measured from the base to the highest attic mattress, the i10 mattress is designed with a pair in mind and can only be done with two air spaces. This means that every i10 mattress will come with the “DualAir adjustment” sleep number that allows you to n adjust the firmness and support on each side of the bed for sleeping your number. Hose to the air pump into the space that is 4 feet in length Directly under water chambers are 2″ foam pad basic. What makes the i10 from the other innovation series mattress is a 4″ reverse foam layer that is directly above the air spaces. This layer foam comfort is separated into two pieces for each side of the bed. It is made with memory foam in one side and PlushFit foams on opposite sides. The foam layers come in two separate pieces so that each one can flip the foam side of their choice – PlushFit or memory foam. The i10 mattress made with a mixed polyester polypropylene fabric designed to be soft and breathable. mattress is also appropriate i8 model. It is a top of the pillow covers which covers 2″ Hypersoft Quilting Foam padded surface and Outlast temperature balancing technology to minimize temperature change.

The Differences and Similarities
Sleep Number i8 has 13 inch mattress profile with 1 inch foam base pad underneath the air chambers and 3 inch of proprietary PlushFit foam for supporting foam is designed exclusively for Sleep Number to naturally conform to your curves. It also comes in Twin XL to FlexTop Cal King for more size options. And also, it has single or dual air chamber options for the queen bed. On the other hand, Sleep Number i10 has 15 inch mattress profile with 2 inch foam base pad underneath the air chambers and 4 inch dual-layer design includes memory foam reserves to PlushFit foam with 7 zones of contouring support. It also comes in queen to FlexTop Cal King and dual air chamber option only.

The similarities include: both come with a Duvet pillowtop model that includes: 2″ Hypersoft Quilting foam for luxurious surfaces and more Hotel life balancing technology to minimize temperature long temperature changes on the map Dr. Temporary, foam plush-fit on both mattresses having 7 zones specifically designed for contours to the head, shoulders, back, hips, knees, down feet, and legs Also, the mattress fabric is made with a mixed polyester polypropylene fabric that is designed to be soft and breathable and sleep IQ technology as well. Sleep number i8 and i10 models have technology Outlast on the surface of the mattress This technology is designed to draw moisture from you and distribute throughout the night. This can be a great feature for those who often get up hot or have difficulty stabilizing their body temperature at night.

Overall Reviews
There are many of them who like about the i8 and i10 models in the innovation series of sleeping mattress numbers. For me, there are three main reasons why you have to choose the best mattress for you. Based on ratings, customer service representatives say that I8 sleeps the highest-rated mattress number. This is important to me because this means that customers really should like mattresses if they take their personal time to come online and write positive reviews. Based on a comparison between Single vs Dual Air Chambers, the i8 sleep number offers more than I10 size options and has the option of letting you buy a Queen size mattress with a single airspace. Many reviewers see a gap between the double air spaces and the separate foam pieces on I10. This makes it uncomfortable for them to enjoy their central bed. I8 has one piece of foam and can be made with one or two air chambers. And based on the price, the number of bed i8 mattresses is between $ 3,499 for the Queen size and I10 is $ 4,999 for a Queen. The mattresses are both investments but, in our opinion, the added features of I10 are not enough to justify between a $ 1,500 price increase.

Sleep Number i8Sleep Number i10
- It is featured with 13 inch mattress profile- It is featured with 15 inch mattress profile
- It comes in Twin XL until FlexTop Cal King- It comes in Queen until FlexTop Cal King
- The options are among Single or dual air chamber- It has dual air chamber option only

Both Sleep Number i8 vs i10 come with a Duvet-style pillowtop that includes: 2″ of Hypersoft Quilting Foam for a plush surface and Outlast temperature balancing technology to minimize temperature swings. Which should you pick? If you want comfort without breaking the bank or budget and you are alone sleeper, Sleep Number i8 is the right one. Whereas, you can choose Sleep Number i10, if you want the ultimate in pressure relief and of course, you have a sleep partner as well or it can be said that you want all the options in only one bed.

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