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Casper Mattress vs Sleep Number

Casper Mattress and Sleep Number are two bedding options with lots of positive reviews. These two brands generally offer similar price ranges. Well, actually Sleep Number is offering a variety of options with different thickness levels. The thicker the bed, the higher the price goes up. Still, we can find the models that are comparable to Casper Mattress’. So, should you pick a Casper Mattress or Sleep Number? Before you make your choice, make sure that you are aware of the differences and comparisons between the two. So continue reading below!

The Layers and Covers

We will start with Casper Mattress. Casper Mattress is a bed with 10” thickness, featuring a 3” comfort layer that combines soft latex with memory foam to create a superior cushioning. The 7” base layer is made of high-density foam for support. The ultra-smooth cover is stretched polyester blend. Such design has made Casper Mattress very comfortable. It is a quiet bed that stays cool on the warm days. It provides decent firmness and nice resilience/bounce, making it great for bed activities. It contours and supports the sleeper’s body very well, and it has minimum motion transfer.

On the other hand, Sleep Number is available in several thickness options, starting from 8” to 15”. The thickness of the layers varies according to the model. The top comfort layer is available with regular foam, memory foam, and gel memory foam options, whereas the base layer may come with either foam or latex/cotton air chamber. The damask cover makes the bed appears classic. Overall, Sleep Number is generally softer than Casper Mattress. Sleep Number is relatively noisier and hotter.

The Warranty Policies

One great thing about Casper Mattress is that it provides a 100-night trial period. In the first 100 nights since the purchase date, you can try and see if the bed suits you well. If the bed does not satisfy you and the trial period isn’t over yet, you can return the product and get a full refund. In addition, Casper Mattress also provides a 10-year warranty for each of the products. On the other hand, though, Sleep Number offers a 25-year limited warranty for each of their beds.

Casper Mattress vs Sleep Number

Casper MattressSleep Number
- The Casper is one perfect mattress designed for all sleepers- Classic Series models come standard with our fully digital state-of-the-art pump system that utilizes a medically recognized pressure scale with 45 number settings
- 4-layer foam construction for support, breathability, and bounce- 8” Mattress Height - Latest Number Bed Technology
- Open-cell hypoallergenic latex keeps you cool all night- Designed and Assembled in the U.S.A. in a FDA Registered Facility


Between these two options, we recommend you to choose Casper Mattress. It tends to be more affordable, yet it has excellent qualities. It is firmer, giving support and cushioning to your body. It is also bouncier, making it great for your night activities.

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