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Ghostbed Vs Sleep Number

Sleep quality can be affected by your mattress because it also plays a role in deciding how comfortable your good night rest will be. If your current mattress is no longer comfortable to sleep on, Ghostbed Vs Sleep Number are two good options to replace them with. We can buy these mattresses from home and they will be delivered to you. For those who are also considering between these mattresses, do check what they can offer here before making a decision as one may fit you better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Rejuvenate an Old Mattress
  • What are Ghostbed and Sleep Number
  • What Ghostbed and Sleep Number Look Like
  • How are the Construction of Ghostbed and Sleep Number
  • How are the Firmness of Ghostbed and Sleep Number
  • Are Ghostbed and Sleep Number Comfortable
  • Ghostbed Vs Sleep Number

Rejuvenating Old Mattress

Getting enough sleep is probably what many of us are struggling from today and this can be a huge problem for our overall health because it keeps your body from being refreshed which we are sure all of us need after a long day at work or at home taking care of our family. What many may not notice is how their mattress is affecting the way they sleep and the quality of their sleep as well since it won’t be comfortable to lay on an old, too firm, too soft, or a sagging mattress.

For those with an old mattress, this can be the cause of your sleeping problems and before it is affecting your health further, it is best to start addressing it. Some may prefer to just throw the old mattress and get a new one but there are actually some efforts we can do before resorting to the last and most effective method.

  1. Softening the mattress with a topper may help you with the comfort level. It is well-known that having an old mattress we also have to deal with a firmer sleeping top and this is not the best feel we want our body to lay on. With a mattress topper we can enhance the softness and comfort without having to buy a new one. They are basically adding a depth into the mattress and making it feels like new depending on how thick this topper is.
  2. Another common issue for old mattresses is the sagging and softness so they don’t provide as much support as they used to be. Check if your bed or platform is using a slated construction because if this is the case then overtime the mattress can mould itself between the slats, especially when the slats are too far apart from each other. To fix this we can just add a layer of plywood or MDF underneath to lift the mattress up again.
  3. Another issue of an old mattress is uneven surface and if this is your problem as well, we may be able to even them out. This is however, only possible if you are using a two-sided mattress because many of them are made with different layers from top to bottom so the feel will be different. If they are one sided only, unfortunately we can’t use the same method but you may want to try rotating them to prevent them from getting uneven on certain spots only.

About Ghostbed and Sleep Number

If none of these methods improve your comfort or sleep quality, our last chance is to replace them with a new one and it is probably what we need to do. Mattress in general is not cheap but they are also long lasting for years to come so we should be investing on something that can still be useful until you are ready to buy a new mattress. The choices are abundant out there following the sleeping style and preference of various users.

You can shop from physical stores or look for them from online sellers because nowadays manufacturers are starting to sell and send their products right to your home to reduce the cost and letting customers buy directly from them. The options may vary but among them, Ghostbed and Sleep Number are highly rated mattress brands you may want to shop from. These two are popular names you can always rely on and many do love their comfortable mattress.

Ghostbed and Sleep Number are very different however because if you are used to memory foam mattresses like Novaform Vs Casper, the latter is not the common mattresses we usually see being sold among the popular bed-in-box. The prominent difference between the two will be that the latter is an air bed and as the name suggests, they are using air as the suspension of the bed which logically make them very convenient for personal adjustment and probably even more long lasting than the cheaper options.

Both of them have several different mattress variants in the catalog but today we are going to compare their cheaper options which are the original Ghostbed mattress and the C2 model from the Sleep Number more affordable range. The two are among the cheaper you will get but there are also many other online mattresses that offer similar products in the same price range. As for these two, they are still below $1000 for queen size and should fit on many people’s budget plan.

Ghostbed and Sleep Number Design

From the outside, both Ghostbed and Sleep Number are very much the same to each other or like any mattress in general. They are rather simple than anything and there are no fancy ornaments on the unit that help them to look even more minimalist. The mattress comes in a standard cover with Ghostbed polyester and viscose blend that feels soft yet a bit thick as well to make sure the foam stays on their shape. The mattress has this dark grey base and a clean white top without much texture to it.

On the other hand the air mattress of Sleep Number or the C2 variant is a bit more elegant with this broken white fashion. The total height of this mattress is only 8 inches thick which is lower than Ghostbed and the cover itself is also flat without any plush topper which we assume because of the affordable price. It seems that the mattress itself is made from a blend of Rayon and polypropylene fabrics.

Ghostbed and Sleep Number Construction

What do you want to know about these mattresses is probably their layers and construction as this what decide how they will perform latter and starting with Ghostbed, from the bottom this original variant is made with 7.5 inches of high density poly foam which is used to become the base and shape the mattress in general as well as preventing you from sinking into the platform. On top of it there is a 3 inches of contouring layer made from memory foam.

This is gel-infused and will not only be used to help contouring the body and pressure relief but also to prevent overheating. The highest layer is made of 1.5 inches latex which is why the mattress is very bouncy and able to give good mobility while also naturally cooling. Sleep Number is very different and to put it simply there are two air chambers here or one depending on the size. The air chambers are connected to a pump and used to inflate the mattress depending on your setting.

Yes, this means you can personalize the mattress to suit how you want it and Sleep Number calls this Dual Air technology. The chamber itself however is made of 24 gauge vulcanized rubber with cotton fabric adhered to the exterior through heat treatment.

Ghostbed and Sleep Number Firmness

Next we want to talk about the feel of these mattress and as you can expect from model at these price range, they are going to fall between medium and firm area or from 5 to 10 in a range of firmness and for a quick comparison, the two are a bit too firm for some people who are used to plush bed or those that will let their body sink deeply into the mattress. In comparison however, Ghostbed will be a plusher in this side.

Ghostbed and Sleep Number Comfort

The last part is for comfort and we want to mention that it is highly subjective so it can vary among users. The feeling of Ghostbed and Sleep Number are very different because while the two feel quite good for back sleeper, we don’t see the same amount of contour from C2 which can be fixed with topper and similar addition. Ghostbed doesn’t feel best for side sleeper but manageable and what sets them apart the most is probably the level of bounce as an air bed is really good on this side.

Ghostbed Vs Sleep Number

These mattresses are similar but different and what set them apart besides price point and definitely material will be the amount of comfort itself. If you are into a bouncy mattress then Sleep Number will probably feel better for you as it is made of air and what’s more convenient is adjustability which can be set to meet your personal taste and your partner taste if you pick the dual size. Ghostbed is better in body conforming especially for back sleepers. Yet, none of them are amazing for side and stomach sleeper.

Lucid Linenspa
- Memory foam- Hybrid
- Thicker- Shorter
- Slightly more expensive- Cheaper
- Firmer- Softer
- Good for back and side sleeper- Good for back sleeper


You can pick any of them based on what you want to experience as memory foam and air will produce a different texture. For those who love springy and bouncy mattresses that can be adjusted and long lasting, the Sleep Number like the C2 is a great choice but if you like a plush mattress that contours your back, Ghostbed is a more ideal option.

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