Serta vs Sealy Mattress

Are you confused in choosing between Serta and Sealy mattresses? Innerspring mattresses from both Serta and Sealy are indeed very popular on the market. The users generally praise these mattresses for the exceptional, balanced feel and all-around comfort. The Serta mattress boasts the extra deep layer of soft yet supportive foam for the best comfort, whereas the Sealy mattress comes with the proprietary Sealy Embrace Coil technology for full-body support. But you only need to choose one. So, should you go with a Serta or Sealy mattress? Below, we will see the more detailed comparisons between these two great options.

Serta Mattress

The Serta mattress has a super pillow top, which is featuring the advanced bedding technology with an extra deep foam layer. The foam is soft, yet highly supportive, gently cradling the body to relieve pressure points and create the utmost comfort. It has the quilt-fire blocker fiber pillow fill, Serta comfort ad foam, and cool twist gel memory foam. The all new Serta mattress has been improved as well to deliver superior support and cooling. There are several options available, with different overall thickness and comfort layer materials. You can get the comfort layer made from regular foam, regular gel foam, memory foam, or gel memory foam. In general, the Serta mattress tends to be firmer than the Sealy mattress. It is also highly durable and comfortable. It has 10 years of warranty. (Read also : Serta iSeries vs iComfort)

Sealy Mattress

On the other hand, the Sealy mattress is equipped with a specially engineered cover that is made from premium quality fabric with climate treatments for enhanced cooling comfort. In addition, underneath the cover is the proprietary Sealy Embrace Coil technology. This feature offers encased coils that respond to the natural curves and alignment of the sleeper’s spine, ensuring even and full body support from top to bottom. The Sealy mattress is available in more sizes, from the smallest Twin size all the way up to the biggest California King size. Although the Sealy mattress is available in some thicker models, the Sealy mattress is generally softer. It is also quite springy, with good resilience. It also has 10 years of warranty.

Serta vs Sealy Mattress

Serta MattressSealy Mattress
- The super pillow top features advanced bedding technology layers of memory foam - Closest to your body, our covers are made with premium-quality fabric, with climate treatments designed to deliver cooling comfort
- Extra deep layer of soft yet supportive foam that gently cradles the body to help provide enhanced pressure relieving comfort near the sleep surface- Underneath, our specially engineered Sealy Embrace encased coil responds to the natural curves and alignment of your spine, for full-body support
- Quilt- fire blocker fiber pillow-fill 1" Serta pillow soft foam - top upholstery- 2, 3/4" Serta comfort ad foam 1/2" cool twist gel memory foam- This mattress is well-made, comes backed by a 10-year warranty, and includes integrated handles that make moving it very easy


Well, both Serta and Sealy are excellent products. You should choose Serta if you prefer more customizability with different options and more balanced performance. However, the Sealy mattress is great if you prefer a firmer bed in order to get better cushioning.

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