Purple mattress vs Helix mattress

The online mattress industry are surging in recent years. Purchasing mattress now is as easy as pushing a few buttons and then the mattress will be on their way to our address. Among those many brands available, here in this article, we will compare Purple mattress and Helix mattress to help you decide your next purchase.

In this article we will give you information about:

  • What is Purple mattress and Helix mattress
  • What Purple mattress and Helix mattress can offer to you
  • Purple mattress vs Helix mattress

About Purple mattress

Purple mattress is one of the best quality mattress you can get in the online mattress category. They are famous for their unique trait that feature a hyper-elastic polymer to make up the comfort layer of the mattress. The company provide their customers with affordable, handcrafted mattress with aesthetic appearance. The product claims to be able to give their consumers a satisfying medium firm feel and with a unique polymer web design, you will stay cool while sleeping. The attractive appearance also attract people attention and making the brand widely known in the industry.

Purple Mattress Features

The Purple mattress is constructed with three layers, similar to many mattress out there, each one of them are designed to provide some sort of purpose and overall makes the mattress more comfortable. The cover of Purple mattress are made from Polyester, Viscose and Lycra blend. The material is soft, breathable and is pretty thin to allow the airflow going through it. Lycra itself, is a common material that you can find in many athletic clothing, this material is very stretchy and helps regulating temperature by removing moisture from the body.

The first layer of Purple mattress is the unique hyper polymer mentioned above, this layer is 2 inches thick and response very quick to pressure, this layer is responsible for the mattress bounciness, which will make you able to change position while sleeping comfortably without interference. When you open the cover and see this layer, you will see that this layer is set up in grid structure to help with weight distribution and pressure relief. Within the polymer, there are columns that are supportive until a certain of pressure is reached, after that the column will release, so the area will sink in to provide pressure relief. The weight then distributed evenly to other areas, this will increased pressure, while still being supportive to overall avoid pressure points. Read Casper vs Purple for other Purple mattress comparison.

The second layer is the transition layer that consist of 3.25 inches poly foam with 1.8lb density. This layer provide the mattress with some compression and act as the transition from the comfort layer to the layer beneath. The base of the Purple mattress consist of 4 inches poly foam with 2lb density. This firm layer act as the foundation support to overall the mattress and the sleeper, it also gives the mattress its shape.

About Helix Mattress

Helix mattress is a unique option for those who wish a personalized mattress but without the pain of spending so much on them. The mattress are in high quality and fully customized to match the consumers demands. When you order mattress from Helix, you will have to answer some questions so they will be able to make the mattress according to your preference. In the Sleep Quiz, you will be asked about various questions related to your sleeping position, potential pressure points and whether you sleep hot or not. In further question, you will be asked about information related to your physical attributes, such as height and weight. All of those information are going to be used to determine the best mattress for you.

As it have been mentioned above, the Helix mattress are made based on the custom request by the consumers, so each mattress will be different. In this case we will use one mattress that was made based on one’s specific information.

Helix Mattress Features

The Helix mattress in this review, consist of four different layer. The cover of this mattress is made of polyester and is very thin, so it is very breathable. Thin cover also will not interfere with the top feeling of the mattress. The first layer is the Helix property dynamic foam, which is very springy and response quickly to pressure. The second layer is also Helix proprietary dynamic foam that feels exactly like a combination of latex and memory foam and response quickly to pressure. The third layer is the micro coils that has a great ability to increased airflow compared to the common foam. Aside from providing a good layer to the mattress, it also enhance the springiness to the mattress. The base layer provide the support for both the mattress and the sleepers above.

Purple mattress vs Helix mattress

Purple mattressHelix mattress
- Has a unique top layer that was made from hyper elastic polymer- Has a unique custom made feature, which made according to the consumers demand
- The overall thickness is 9.5 inches and slightly thinner than Helix- The overall thickness for the same category (Twin XL) is 10 inches, slightly thicker than Purple
- The mattress consist of three layers- The mattress consist of four layers


Both of the Purple and Helix mattress have the same firmness, which fall into the medium firmness category, they also offer their mattress in the same range of price. Their difference are the layers used to construct their mattress. We know that Purple mattress consist of three layers, while Helix mattress consist of four layers. The overall thickness of Purple mattress is 9.25 inches, while Helix mattress thickness will depend on your preference when ordering the mattress. In our opinion, if you want to custom and are picky about your mattress, you may want to try the Helix custom made mattress.

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