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Sleep Number I8 vs P5

Sleep Number is a signature product from the Select Comfort company, a US-based manufacturer that is making various beds and bedding accessories. Headquartered in Plymouth, Minnesota, the company has achieved a considerable success with Sleep Number. The Sleep Number beds are popular because they are adjustable and customizable, allowing you to set the bed to meet all your personal comfort standards. However, Sleep Number is available in various models, such as the i8 and the p5. Below, we are going to see the differences and comparisons between Sleep Number i8 and Sleep Number p5. So, before you make your choice, continue reading!


We will start from the dimensions. Both models are of course available in various sizes, such as King, Queen, and down to Twin. However, Sleep Number i8 tends to be somewhat bigger than Sleep Number p5. Sleep Number i8 is also thicker than Sleep Number p5. Sleep Number i8 has 13” thickness, whereas Sleep Number p5 is only 11” thick. Indeed, a thicker bed generally gives better support and comfort, but a bigger bed may not be suitable for a rather small room.


The reason behind Sleep Number i8’s extra thickness is obviously because it has more layers. Sleep Number i8 is coming with a bamboo & aloe vera top panel that is extremely soft and gentle to the skin, a pillow top, and a gel-infused Visco foam layer. On the other hand, Sleep Number p5 features a 2” layer of Evolution foam for cushioning and support. Both models have internal air mattresses that are adjustable for custom firmness.


Of course, the primary reason behind Sleep Number’s popularity is the adjustability. Both models are compatible with the free downloadable Sleep Number apps, through which you can easily adjust and personalize the firmness level of the bed. The firmness level goes up to 100, which is the hardest setting. The bed will then pump air into or out from the air mattress layer to suit the selected level. This is a very cool feature that ensures that you will get the best comfort.


With the addition of the pillow top and the bamboo & aloe vera panel, Sleep Number i8 has become a lot more comfortable. It is simply in another class. The surface of the bed is very soft and pleasant, and the bed also has excellent breathability and air circulation that it keeps you cool even on a hot day. Sleep Number p5 is good and usable, but just not as awesome as Sleep Number i8.

Sleep Number I8 vs P5

Sleep Number I8Sleep Number P5
- Sleepers small in both height and weight- Aloe Vera Smooth Top Panel
- An average of both the petite and large scores that applies to many people- Woven Cotton Zipper Cover
- Side sleepers who are above 6 ft 2 inches tall and/or 220 pounds- Gel-Infused Visco Elastic Foam (3.5/15)


If you can afford it, then Sleep Number i8 is indeed worth the money. It is very comfy. However, if you prefer to save some money, then Sleep Number p5 is a viable alternative that is also adjustable.

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