Casper Mattress vs Ikea

As one of the biggest home furnishing companies in the world, Ikea has been a popular player in the mattress market for quite a long time. However, following the recent trend of selling mattresses online, Ikea has recently joined the competition with its roll-packed mattresses. However, Ikea’s approach is a little bit different than most other online mattress companies. Ikea puts more focus on the in-store experience and less on the online sales. This is understandable if we consider the background of the company. But you are still able to purchase Ikea’s mattresses online.

Then, the question is, how does Ikea compare against Casper Mattress? We all know that Casper Mattress is currently one of the leaders in the competition of online mattresses. It solely sells its products through the online channel, and it has been loved and praised by many sleepers. Are Ikea’s mattresses better? Or should you pick Casper Mattress instead? Read the break-down comparisons below to find the answer!

Casper Mattress: Construction and Cover

Casper Mattress is an all-foam mattress, but it features quite a sophisticated construction consisting of four layers of special types of foam. It has a total thickness of 9.5”.
– The top layer has a thickness of 1.5”, made of responsive poly foam. This is usually referred as the comfort layer, as this is the layer that comes to direct contact to the sleeper’s body and provides comfort, cooling, and bounce.
– The second layer has a thickness of 1.5”, made of memory foam. This layer is placed under the responsive poly foam to put away the heat retention issues often occurring on memory foam. This layer functions to provide support, contouring, and pressure relief. The density is 4.0 PCF.
– The third layer has a thickness of 1.5”, made of supportive poly foam. This is the transition layer that functions to ease the sleeper as the body sinks into the base foam. The density is 2.5 PCF.
– The bottom layer is 5.0”, made of firmer supportive poly foam. As the foundation base of the mattress, it provides deep compression support. The density is 1.8 PCF.

Meanwhile, the cover of Casper Mattress features a two-tone color scheme. The top surface is white, made using 100% polyester. It is very soft, porous, and breathable. It is also somewhat stretchy so that it can snap back to its place, making it appear neat all the time. Meanwhile, the side panels are gray, made from a combination of 51% polyester and 49% polypropylene. However, be careful when you handle and move the mattress because the cover is thin. If you are not careful, it can get torn pretty easily.

Casper Mattress: Characteristics

Casper Mattress has been designed to provide a highly responsive contouring feel for the sleeper by combining a responsive poly foam layer with memory foam. Even though memory foam is notoriously hot, Casper Mattress has virtually eliminated the possible heat retention issues by putting the memory foam layer as the second layer. So, you can get the great support and body contouring while still enjoying a cool sleep.

Casper Mattress’s firmness is medium. However, it can experience quite a considerable sinkage if you are a heavy sleeper. The sinkage is quite dramatic. A heavy sleeper may find the mattress to be quite firm due to the sinkage, which brings the body closer to the firm base. The mattress itself tends to ‘hug’ the sleeper’s body. So, Casper Mattress can be an excellent choice if you like to snug into your bed. It is quite bouncier than a typical foam mattress, though not as much as coil mattresses.

Another great thing about Casper Mattress is that it provides free shipping. It also provides a 100-night trial period and 10 years of warranty.

Ikea:Shared Features

There are several types of mattresses that Ikea build and sell. There are at least 15 of them. Nevertheless, all of Ikea mattresses share several similarities. They are all designed and constructed in Sweden. They all provide a 365-day trial period. If you are not satisfied with an Ikea mattress during the trial period, you can return the mattress and change to another Ikea model. The warranty provided is 25 years. However, keep in mind that you will have to pay the shipping for an Ikea mattress. That is one issue that many people don’t like about Ikea. Even though the prices of the mattresses are low and affordable, the shipping rate can be quite costly, depending on where you want the item to be sent to.

Ikea: Types of Mattresses Available

In general, Ikea mattresses can be grouped into two, which are foam mattresses and coil mattresses. The foam mattresses include Minnesund, Morgedal, Meistervik, Matrand, Morgongava, and Myrbacka. They are generally considered firm, except the latex versions and the Morgongava which has a more medium feel. The coil mattresses, on the other hand, vary quite more. There are Haugesund, Hasvag, Haugsvar, Hjellestad, Hesstun, Holmsbu, and Jomna. The Haugesund, Haugsvar, and Jomna have a more medium feel whereas the others are pretty soft. However, there is no model that is very soft. All in all, although there are multiple variants available, there are just four coil mattresses and one foam mattress that fall in the category of having a medium firmness. Considering that most people prefer the medium feel, your choices are somewhat limited.

Ikea: Characteristics

An Ikea mattress can be an excellent option if the shipping cost to your place is not very high. You can choose the firm models if you like a firm bed or if you want little to no sinkage. Ikea foam mattresses are also not bouncy, which is great if you don’t like a bouncy bed. However, if you prefer a softer bed that is bouncy, the coil mattresses are great.

Casper MattressIkea
- A foam mattress with four foam layers- Available as foam and coil mattresses
- Relatively more expensive than Ikea- Relatively cheaper than Casper Mattress
- Free shipping- You have to pay the shipping!
- Medium firmness, with some sinkage and hug, pretty bouncy- Most models are firm, some have medium firmness


Casper Mattress is an excellent foam mattress that may cause quite some sinkage and give a hug feel. It is great if you prefer a foam mattress that is cool, breathable, and has some bounce. On the other hand, you can choose an Ikea mattress if you are on a tight budget, if you prefer a firmer foam mattress, or if you prefer a bouncier coil bed.

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