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Tuft and Needle Vs Purple

Mattress is something that needs to be changed over the time because they will become less comfortable as we sleep on it. If you are looking for a new mattress as well, Tuft and Needle Vs Purple are two affordable but comfortable brands to renew your mattress. Their mattresses are loved by many due to the comfort and seem ideal for most sleepers as well but, before deciding to choose one, do check which of them will fit you the most so then we can shop wiser.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What to Consider in a Mattress
  • What are Tuft and Needle and Purple
  • What Tuft and Needle and Purple Look Like
  • How are the Layers in Tuft and Needle and Purple
  • How are the Firmness of Tuft and Needle and Purple
  • Are Tuft and Needle and Purple Comfortable
  • Tuft and Needle Vs Purple

Buying a Mattress

While humans spend a third of their life sleeping, somehow we don’t pay much attention to our mattress or the place we spend this time. Your body may notice that the surface they lay on is getting too stiff or too uneven that it is difficult to doze off but we often neglect it and push our body to rest on a mattress that should not be used anymore. If yours are getting too stiff or too uncomfortable, it is time to buy a new one.

Just like anything however, not all mattresses will fit you and here are some factors you may want to consider before getting the new mattress so then we can get the best or at least the one that fits our sleeping preference.

Mattress Type

As you may already know, there are various types of mattress out there. First is memory foam and as the name suggests, made from memory foam which is foldable material that also responds to temperature and weight but has hypoallergenic properties. Since the foam is able to come back into its original shape, it means the mattress also contours to the body by absorbing weight and relieving the pressure on your joints. They may not be for everyone who dislikes the sinkage but good for those suffering from back problems.

Another common material is latex and this one is very breathable unlike memory foam which gets warm often. They are very durable too to last for many years but you need more people to transport them as they can get heavy and actually better for those who prefer a firmer bed. For those looking at a cheaper option, coil mattress is the popular choice with their extra bounce and medium firmness but, the motion transfer is greater than foam or latex which can be a problem if you sleep with a partner.

Mattress Firmness

The mattress material and construction will affect the firmness and this is vary among the options out there but, what’s most important is we have different preferences for firmness and each sleeping position may benefit from a different range of firmness as well. Soft mattress is great for side sleepers and those who change position a lot during sleeping, medium firm is great for back sleeper as it offers support and contour while stomach sleeper or those with heavy weight are better with a firm mattress.

This is because a more rigid surface will prevent their body from sinking too deep into the mattress and for heavy people to make sure the body is still in a relatively comfortable and stable position in order to prevent back pain.

About Tuft and Needle and Purple

If you already have an image on how the mattress should be or what to look on the unit, now is time to see what the market has to offer because there are tons of them out there and in a glance they are looking the same with different details. What fits everyone else doesn’t mean they will definitely work well for you but there is a high chance you will like them too. Personally we often end up with popular names as it eases the shopping process.

You can visit a store to choose and try the mattress first hand but since it can get inconvenient while also less-safe especially now in the middle of a pandemic, it is probably wiser to just order your new mattress from home. With the popularity of bed-in-box, you can find numerous brands out there offering their mattress and two of them are Tuft and Needle and Purple. Among the two, you may be more familiar with Purple but the former is an amazing option as well.

There are more than one mattress in their catalog but today we are focusing only on the most popular variant of these brands. If you are also interested, their original mattresses are what many are going for and it is for good reasons because these memory foam supports feel amazing for most common sleeping positions while price wise, we can be at ease looking at their tag since the two are all starting at around $500 for the Queen size.

However, being a different mattress from a different company also makes the Tuft and Needle and Purple different and while we do think both of them are comfortable, one of them is probably better for you. Especially Purple, this mattress is a bit unique and different from what most bed-in-box out there with their proprietary material which is very elastic and probably feels better for some people especially if you love a springy texture.

Tuft and Needle and Purple Design

Upon seeing the mattresses, both of them are very much similar to each other in terms of fashion or appearance because the two are simple and probably look best in a modern bedroom with minimalist design. The mattress is covered in a white fabric to protect the layers of foam inside and while in real-life the edges are not completely straight or flat like in the picture, they are overall offering a clean and modest sense. If you notice there is no ornamental accessory on the mattress as well.

The mattresses cover seem to be similar as well but in details they probably are different. The Purple has this SoftFlex material which is made from a combination of polyester, viscose, and lycra that allows for a stretchy but breathable surface so it can move with the comfort layer. The Tuft and Needle also use polyester but this one is thinner yet, it can probably do better in order to regulate temperature. Read also: Nectar Vs DreamCloud here.

Tuft and Needle and Purple Layers

Moving further, let’s check what Tuft and Needle and Purple can offer and starting with the mattress’s layers, we are talking about the 7 inches of high density poly foam used by Tuft and Needle for their original mattress. This layer is very thick and dense as well to give support and shape to the mattress. On top of it there is a 3 inches layer of the brand’s proprietary Adaptive foam which has a quick response to pressure and provides bounce.

On the other hand Purple is a bit more complicated with a total of 3 different layers. The base is thinner than Tuft and Needle only at 4 inches which is also made from high density poly foam to help provide firmness. On top of it there is a transition layer at 3.5 inches made from similarly high density poly foam but is less dense while on top of it is where you can find the proprietary Hyper-Elastic polymer. This material is unique and has rooms in the middle to provide flex and relieving pressure.

Tuft and Needle and Purple Firmness

Next we want to talk about their firmness and as you can expect from a memory foam, these two are also pretty much the same to most other bed-in-box variants out there. In general Tuft and Needle and Purple are falling as medium-firm mattresses which are positioned toward firms more. The feeling however, is subjective and for heavier users they may be categorized as soft since their body will sink deeper or even reach the high density foam faster than those with average weight.

Tuft and Needle and Purple Comfort

The last is about their comfort and again, this is probably subjective to the users so it can vary among different people. Starting with Tuft and Needle, this mattress is amazing on the back sleeper because you can feel the material filling the lumbar area and supporting your joints to provide pressure relief but, for a side sleeper we are surprised to see it is actually quite firm which causes discomfort on the shoulder area.

With Purple your hip is actually not too deep into the mattress yet it can align the spine and provide a good support for most people. Moving to the side is nice and easy but we like the bounce they create when you move around as it feels great yet, this position also produces pressure. As for stomach sleeper, we do think Purple which is slightly stiffer than Tuft and Needle feels better because it keeps the spine fairly well aligned.

Tuft and Needle Vs Purple

These mattresses are good for the budget if you want to keep it very low but wish to have the comfort of memory foam material. Comparing the two, Purple looks better in appearance especially for the cover while in terms of layer this variant has more layers as well as slightly stiffer than Tuft and Needle. But, the Tuft and Needle is a bit thicker and softer if you prefer to achieve more sinkage.

Tuft and Needle Purple
- Softer- Firmer
- Slightly taller- Slightly thinner
- Ideal for back sleeper- Ideal for back and front sleeper
- Thinner cover- Better cover


All in all you can go well with just any of them depending on which of them will fit you better but, comparing the two we do like the Tuft and Needle the most as we only sleep on the back and side yet, if you like firmer mattress then Purple is the better pick.

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